Holiday Open House November 03 2015


18th Annual Holiday Mineral & Jewelry Showing

Dates:               November 14th – 15th

Time:                11 am – 5 pm

Location:           Hands of Spirit’s Crystalline Temple

65 Betasso Road, Boulder, CO  80302     303-541-9727

Mary Schroeer will be doing Energetic Clearings using Tuning Forks!

Wouldn’t it be lovely to give Holiday gifts, to your loved ones (or yourself!), which provide energy medicine on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level? Crystals, minerals, and natural gemstone jewelry provide vibrations of spiritual significance that give us great support.  They are gifts that keep on giving!  We invite you to do your Holiday shopping in the peaceful beauty of our Crystalline Temple, gathering treasures that will provide the receiver with life enhancing energies. We will be happy to guide you in choices that will be a perfect fit for each person on your list. Our Holiday gift to you is 20% off one item of your choice!  Now is the perfect time to visit with us, and get that special piece that has been calling you all year long.


 We will be featuring the new Hands of Spirit Gemstone Enrichment Collection:  Pouches containing 7 stones, meticulously researched, to assist you in specific areas of healing and self-advancement. We will have the following pouches available:  Brain Power, Business Success, Decision-Making, Depression-Free, Fearless, Healing, Health, Productivity, Romantic Love, Self-Growth, Self-Love, Spinal Healing, and Vitality.  These make fabulous Holiday gifts!

 Our Holiday Show will be set up from November 7th – 16th.  On the actual Show dates, 14th and 15th, Mary Schroeer will be here doing Energetic Clearings using Tuning Forks.  As always we will be providing refreshments – you can’t miss Mirabai’s famous rice krispie treats.  If you are unable to attend during the Show hours, please call and arrange another time that is convenient.  We look forward to enjoying a celebration of this special season with you.

 Mary Schroeer will be doing energetic clearings using tuning forks at out Holiday Show.  Mary has been "playing" with sound and crystal healing for over 15 years.  Her love of crystals led her to energy work with chakras and energy fields, and she is a certified Master of Crystology. Her love of music and sound brought her to crystal and Tibetan singing bowls and other sound healing modalities. She has studied with sound healing masters, Jonathan Goldman and Suren Shrestha.  Mary is also a trainer for the Oneness phenomenon, doing many hours of dedicated training and service, including trips to India.

 During a tuning fork session you may experience soothing peace almost immediately, as the sound resonance begins to balance your physical and energetic bodies.  Many feel sound vibrations kinesthetically because our bodies are mostly water.  Yet sound and harmonics can balance chakras, integrate left-right brain hemispheres, and clear blocks in the physical and etheric bodies.  There may be a release of emotional charge(s) and/or physical pain, or an experience of divine or angelic presence.  Each session is unique.

 I have had two experiences with Mary and the tuning forks.  In the first, which was totally impromptu, Mary visited the Crystalline Temple, and offered to give me an experience with this sound healing device.  I was “carrying” a heavy load from a session I had done the previous day, which I couldn’t quite release myself.  Mary was unaware of this, but found it immediately!  Within a few minutes, I felt like a heavy pack had been lifted off my back – what a relief.

 My next encounter with the tuning forks was longer, and more comprehensive.  The previous day I had done an exercise class that had a negative impact on my neck and shoulders.  Again, Mary found it, and spent focused time clearing it from my body.  She also worked in my field, and it felt like I was receiving a loving and caring energetic massage.  She even used a Lemurian Seed Crystal gently on my body with the tuning fork next to it, and it was a lovely experience.

 Mary’s tuning fork sessions will be 20 minutes, and your investment is $20.  I hope you will treat yourself to this wonderful sound healing experience, and feel the lightness and clarity of your Soul, as I did.

 Please call 303-541-9727 ASAP to guarantee a session with Mary!

 Our New Treasures – Please Read It’s So Much Fun!


Amethyst Elestials – 2 rare crystallizations – Brazil

Amethyst Sculptures – rich color – Uruguay

Apatite Hearts, Spheres, & Wands – brilliant blue – Madagascar

Aura Quartz – Aqua, Flame, Opal, & New Tanzine - AR

Beautiful new bowls in assorted stones

Blue Calcite in Many Shapes – calming – Madagascar

Blue Kyanite – wonderful crystals – Brazil

Blue Phantom Quartz – tourmaline inclusion! – Brazil

Bolivianite – new find, purple & green – Bolivia

Cabochons in many new stones – beautiful

Calcite Crystals – new find! – Mexico

Cavansite Specimens – magical – India

Celestite – beautiful new pieces – Madagascar

Chalcedony Roses – a favorite – Brazil

Charoite in Many Shapes – getting rarer - Russia

Chevron Amethyst/Prasiolite Elestial Crystals – Wow – Canada

Chrome Diopside – spectacular green color – Russia

Chrysocolla after Barite – new find! – DRC

Chrysocolla/Malachite – nature’s designs - DRC

Cobaltocalcite Cabochons – stunning – Morocco

Copper in Many Shapes – rejuvenating & loving – MI

Creedite – amazing crystallization - Mexico

Danburite Crystals – pretty pink & high vibe – Mexico

Diamantina Clear & Smoky Laser Wands – powerful - Brazil

Dioptase – premier sm. clusters – Tsumeb, Namibia

Elestial Rose Quartz Crystals – what color – Brazil

Etched Aquamarine Crystal – gemmy – Brazil

Etched Goshenite Crystals – glimmering – Brazil

Fire Opal Cabochons – colorful – Mexico

Giant Clear Quartz Cluster – a must see – AR

Glittering Azurite – haven’t had this from China in ages!

Hematite Crystals w/ Rutile – what a combo – Brazil

Hematite Iron Roses – unusual crystallization – Brazil

Herkimer Diamond Fairy Bottles w/ Vera Cruz Amethyst Stoppers

Iolite w/ Sunstone – gemmy – India

K2 Jasper in many Shapes – new – K2 Mtn. Pakistan

Kunzite – amazing specimens in all price ranges – Afghanistan

Labradorite Spheres – colorful flashes – Madagascar

Lapis Lazuli in many Shapes – great quality – Afghanistan

Larimar Cabochons – AAA quality – Dominican Republic

Lemurian Seed Crystals in amazing colors, even new manganese phantoms – Brazil

Lithium Quartz – rare & the best we’ve had – Brazil

Magenta Fluorite – crystal clusters – Mexico

Malachite in various Forms – a favorite – DRC

Moldavite Tektite – great specimens – Czech Republic

Natural Selenite Wands – rare – China & Mexico

New Gemstone Jewelry - lovely

Orbicular Ocean Jasper – found the new mine owner – Madagascar

Phenakite Crystals – high vibration & rare – CO & Russia

Pink Fluorite Jumbos – tender & rare; new must see! – Peru

Polished Flatstones – in many new minerals

Polished Selenite in Many Shapes – a favorite – Morocco

Pyrite Cube Clusters – natural art – Spain

Rainbow Fluorite – best quality in Many Shapes, even Animals – China

Rhodochrosite Specimens – the mine is closed – S.A.

Rhodochrosite Spheres, Eggs, Jumbos – what a find – Peru

Ruby in Granite – Many Shapes & beautiful – India

Ruby in Kyanite – Many Shapes, the last of it – India

Shattuckite Specimens & Jumbos – rare – Namibia

Shungite, Many Shapes even Platonic Solids – protective - Russia

Smoky Quartz Elestials – amazing variety – Brazil

Spinel in Basalt – great prices in Many Shapes – India

Steller Beam Calcite – precious & lustrous – TN

Sugilite on Manganese Specimens – yeah! – S.A.

Sugilite, Serafina, Blue Apatite, Chrome Diopside, & Chrysoprase beaded necklaces – one of a kind & beautiful

Sulfur Included Quartz – new find! – Brazil

Tibetan Quartz – what a find & some with enhydros

Tourmalines in Many Colors – great prices & variety – Brazil

Vera Cruz Amethyst – fabulous selection – Mexico

Directions to Hands of Spirit’s Crystalline Temple

65 Betasso Road Boulder, CO     303-541-9727

 Take Highway 36 (turns into 28th St. in Boulder) or 93 (turns into Broadway in Boulder) to Canyon Blvd. (Highway 119).  Proceed west on Canyon.  At the corner of Broadway and Canyon, continue west on Canyon for 5 miles until you reach the Sugarloaf Rd. turnoff.  Turn right on Sugarloaf and proceed 1 mile to the first right turn which is Betasso Rd.  Take the 2nd left flat driveway, which is marked with a green arrow sign with 65 Betasso Road.  Proceed 0.1 mile and you will dead end into the Temple location, which is in the lower level of a taupe and green house.  Park in the pullout below the house, and enter at the lower level entrance. For additional parking, continue on Betasso Rd. until just before the road curves right and just after the mailboxes.  There is a large shoulder on the left with a lot of space to park.  You can also visit for more detailed directions to the Temple.  Please call if you have any questions.  We will have a parking attendant to assist you during the Show.