Mineral Lovers Appreciation Week January 06 2015

2015, the New Year, has rolled around again, sooner than imaginable.  It feels good to me, bringing lightness, space, and freedom from the depths of 2014.  Best of all the New Year is a time of thankfulness for us at Hands of Spirit, because in just 10 days, we will begin Mineral Lovers Appreciation Week.

 I coined this name many years ago at the inception of our crystal and mineral business.  I was so grateful for the opportunity to offer the beauty and light of the mineral kingdom to the world, that I wanted to thank all the people that made this possible for us.  Thus, these 8 special days of Mineral Lovers Appreciation Week, acknowledge you, our faithful friends, who support Hands of Spirit in all that we do.

As our gift of thanks, we offer you 15% off any and all crystals, minerals, and jewelry that you purchase at the Crystalline Temple or online at www.handsofspirit.com .  This year we are also giving a special offer to those of you that visit the Crystalline Temple:  20% off one mineral or jewelry item of your choice.

 The dates for this Event are January 17 – 24, Saturday through Saturday.  This is a true rock hounding experience as you’ll be able to “dig” through all the boxes of our stock.  We find that people enjoy this almost more than looking at our beautiful tables!  Please give us a call as soon as you can, 303-541-9727, to arrange a time for your visit.  We look forward to seeing all of you!