New Dates for Mineral Lover's Appreciation Week July 09 2015

Have you ever done something at a scheduled time every year, and it works well for a time?  Then the years move on . . . . . . you continue to do it year after year, even though the timing isn’t working comfortably, just because it’s tradition or how it has always been.  Finally one day an important moment arises and you think, wait a moment, I can change this.  Well, it’s kind of hard to admit, but that’s just what has happened to me.

 We have always had our annual Mineral Lovers Appreciation Week (MLAW) during the third week in January.  In the last several years, as the dates of our winter buying trip crept earlier and earlier, MLAW started to be quite a crunch for us.  But it was tradition, so we suffered through all the busyness, which included our annual inventory – quite a task with all the stones we have.

 Finally consciousness shined through habituation!  I realized that I could change the dates of MLAW to make our lives easier.  I think this change will make your life easier as well, and bring along with it a couple of added bonuses.  We are moving MLAW to the second week of August.  To celebrate this change, we will actually be having MLAW, normally an annual event, again this year.  We didn’t want you to have to wait over a year and half to buy the minerals you love at a reduced price.  Also notice we moved this special week from January to August, winter to summer.  We all love summer time in the Rockies, so when you visit, driving will be easy, the landscape will be beautiful, and you might even decide to take a hike at the Betasso Preserve (half a mile up to road from us).

 So from August 8th through the 15th, ALL of our minerals and jewelry will be discount 15% as our way of thanking you for your continued support of the work that we do.  Visitors to the Crystalline Temple will also receive 20% off one item of their choice.  We hope you are as happy as we are with our new decision, and we look forward to your call to set the time for your visit!