Christmas Blog – Ruby/Dioptase December 08 2014

We were brainstorming what to blog about for December, and we ventured into the colors of Christmas:  red and green.  These colors are so traditional, that we decided to bring further depth to their festive presence by representing them with two of our favorite minerals:  Ruby and Dioptase.  When you place these two stones together, you can’t but think of the Holidays and their magic that are now upon us.

 The rubies I’m writing about are actual opaque hexagonal crystals from Mysore, India.  Many of these crystals often have triangular markings, called record keeper, which yield ancient wisdom to the user.  To me, this type of ruby has a dense, grounded energy, with a solid presence of Love.  This is a perfect anchor to receive “the coming of Light of the world”, which we celebrate at this time of year.

 Dioptase crystals are one of our absolute favorite minerals, and relatively rare.  We often refer to the green color as “better than emerald”.  Some of the most beautiful specimens are from Tsumeb, Namibia, and we also have lovely pieces from the Congo and Russia.  Melody refers to dioptase as “one of the best healing stones of the age”.  In keeping with the Holidays, it activates, opens, and energizes the heart chakra, while bringing energy to the body, through the loving energy of the heart.  It also is an excellent stone for spiritual attunement.

 What could be better at this time of year:  an open heart, a vital body, a mind attuned to Spirit, and a connection to the Earth to manifest the Light?  Like the colors red and green, ruby and dioptase will enhance your celebration of the Holiday Season.  Take a glance at our website; you’ll get an eye-full of Christmas cheer from both Ruby and Dioptase.