Animal Safety & Protection Month October 01 2014

I find that people frequently define a person by what he/she does as a career.  It is as though their job is the brightest star, outshining all other passions and hobbies.  If this were true, then the only thing people would see about Karen, Bruce and I, is that we deal in minerals, crystals, and jewelry, and are constantly surrounded by “the rock business”.

 On the contrary, we each have our own interests in which we have strong feelings.  One of the biggest passions that I have, and one that is shared by my parents, are animals and their welfare.  Having lived in the mountains growing up, and now working in the mountains, I have seen quite a bit of wildlife over the years.  As a family, we have enjoyed the loving companionship of cats, bunnies, and hamsters.  Recently, I have become more involved in using social media to advocate for the adoption of cats in high kill shelters.  I am also passionate about animal rights, TNR (Trap Neuter Release), and the overall well-being of animals everywhere.  It has been a painful process to see the horrors that occur daily to animals in our world, from the shelters in the United States, to the fur farms throughout the world, to the meat plants in China and other countries.  It hurts me every day to view these images and read the articles, but I feel that if I continue to put my head in the sand, and do nothing, then how will I help the animals?  Therefore, I have committed to doing what I can with my free time, to help end the suffering, needless killing, and pain these animals experience.

 The month of October is recognized as National Animal Protection and Safety Month.  As we are a local Boulder business, I enjoy giving back to the community.  I do this by being a volunteer firefighter and EMR for the Sugarloaf Fire Department.  However last year I felt that we, as a business, were missing an opportunity to promote animal welfare.  After doing some research, I discovered that October is known as a special month to support animals.  I was thrilled and immediately put together a plan to donate a portion of our earnings from our carved stone animal sales during October.  We selected Every Creature Counts, a local charity where I volunteered as a teenager, as the recipient of these profits.  This organization is where we adopted our two late kitties, who filled our lives with more joy, ruckus and love than we can say. It was a blessing to give back to Every Creature Counts, and I am thrilled to do it again this year!

 Please join us during the month of October, in purchasing a beautifully carved animal from the plethora of carvings that we carry, and 20% of the profits will be donated to Every Creature Counts, a no kill organization located in Colorado.  To purchase an animal online please visit: or to set up a time to visit the Crystalline Temple please call us at 303 541-9727.