New Crystals & Minerals at Hands of Spirit! February 16 2016

We have been back from our buying trip for almost two weeks now.  It took a good week to dig out and get our bearings after our adventures. Our laundry room is packed to the gills with new crystals, minerals, carvings and jewelry instead of the expected laundry. Karen always wanted a house that had a beautifully clean, large laundry room.  She did get a big room, but as for it being "tidy" or used for laundry, well, she will just have to keep dreaming.  The rocks have taken over for the last 19 years.  Maybe in her next life she will get her wish... haha

Please know that many of the photos do not do the following pieces justice.  I have only snapped quick shots with my phone, where the crystal may not have the best background, or lighting. We will be bringing many of these new items to our show at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds the last weekend in February. If you would like to see them before then, or can't make the show, please call us at 303 541 9727 to set up a time to visit them all.

As many of you have emailed and called asking for pictures and info on the new items, I am excited to share with you the first grouping of new additions to the Hands of Spirit collection. 

Let's kick it off with the ever popular Amethyst in the form of Spirit Quartz from South Africa.  We selected about a dozen large clusters and quite a few single points.  We don't usually carry as many large clusters but we have had many requests for them, so we made a point to bring back a nice selection.

One Sunshine Spirit Quartz large cluster in there as well.

 Karen showing off some of a large cluster and points. 

A darker small point and one gorgeous Amethyst geode sphere from Brazil with Agate backing.

Next, are some of the Fetish carvings.  There are more to come, but this is the first batch for all of you collectors and animal lovers. Most of these are Zuni, but the two white marble pieces are Navajo carvings. 

Next, we have a very special lot of Fibrous Shattuckite from Shaba, Zaire.  We have only had 4 pieces this in the past.  The mine was open for about a minute and then shut down immediately due to the scarcity of these crystals. This material is what many collectors refer to as "true specimens". We enjoy them for the rare mineral they are, as well as their gentile beauty and energy. 

While we on fibrous crystals, here is an up-close shot of the new fibrous Serpentine from Quebec.  I am not usually a huge Serpentine fan, but I can't get enough of this!  It has an incredible look to it.  It is unlike anything I have seen before.

If you were following us last year, we had told you that it was the last year our Malachite artist would be carving animals.  Sadly he has mostly stopped carving except for a few pieces here and there.  He did bring some of his old collection of hand carved Malachite animals, so once again, we stocked up with what we could get.  There are other artist that carve these animals, but none of them have the ability of this talented man. His detail and elegant carving style is second to none.

Another special treat that I mentioned on our trip blogs, was the Drusy Chrysocolla!  Here are a few close up shots.  These pieces sparkle well in the sun. We have not had the fortune of having Drusy Chyrsocolla for as long as I can remember, thus, I am thrilled to have a small amount on our tables again. 

We have some well polished Ruby and Kyanite Spheres and wands with great contrast of color, one of which I will show you in a minute, but have you ever seen a Kyanite sphere on it's own???  Well now you have! Check out this baby.

And here is the large Ruby and Kyanite Sphere.

This next pictures is something we have never had before.  Twelve point Quartz stars!  I wish I could hang hundreds of these from the ceiling.  We only have two available, please let us know asap if you are interested in one. 

Next we have our beloved Zimbabwe animal carvings.  These are Bruce's babies, but we all have a blast picking them out together. I know the pictures are a bit dark so make sure to see these in person.  They are quit affordable.

Big cats! These powerful creatures are carved out of Serpentine.  They are more green in person than the photos show.

Giraffe and her baby, Leopards, and a new one to us, a Pangolin. If you don't know what a Pangolin is, I suggest you Google it.  They are pretty adorable.

Hippos, Rhinos, Turtles, Alligators and Leopards.

Here are the rare Star Hollandite in Quartz crystals.  If you look close, you will see the black star bursts growing in the Quartz.  We cannot get enough of these, though they are next to impossible to get. 

We selected some lustrous wands of Aegerine which I don't have pictures of here, but while doing that Bruce found some pieces that had Aegerine growing with Feldspar and Smoky Quartz.  This next picture is one to see in person.  There is actually a blue Phantom in this highly lustrous Smoky Quartz.  The Phantom is made of tiny needles of what we believe to be Aegerine.  The white crystals are Feldspar. 

Here is a thumbnail cross of Smoky Quartz and Aegerine.

To wrap up, I have some pictures of the Kammererite and Serpentine slices I spoke about in our Tucson Blogs. 

Here is a basic photo of some of the pieces laying down, but wait till you see what happens when a light is put behind them!  The dark purple turns to a vibrant magenta!

Alright, that is it for today.  We hope you have enjoyed. Stay tuned to so much more! Please email or call if any of the pieces in the pictures catch your eye.  We are happy to put them aside for you.

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