Around the World in 12 Days, Days 7, 8 & 9 January 28 2017

 Hi Everyone!

Welcome back. You are in for some more treats.  We have been working very hard to find the best of the best to bring back to Boulder for you all.  Our days start at about 7 when we drag our back sides out of bed.  Once we hit the pavement, we don't stop until about 6 or 7, we grab a quick bite, sometimes left overs in the hotel, and then I sit down to edit, upload and write about each day.  I usually get everything done by 12 at night and then hit the hay.  As you can see below, eating in a hotel room, while trying to plan the next day, combined with being a bit tired, does not always work out for the best...

Thank you to the many people who have been contacting us for some really fun and unique pieces.  I have been having so much fun helping you out.  I'll share a few of the great pieces we have found for you below as well as many other pieces we thought you may enjoy. 

As always, please text me at 720 352 3224 if something catches your eye.  It is the fastest and easiest way for me to work with you.

Alright, we are off to the races!

My leftover Chinese food all over the bed and me...dumped the entire plate on myself after my fork broke.  What a night!  

A difficult picture to capture with our cell phones, but these are rather perfect, gemmy Apatite crystals from Brazil.  Some are double terminated. Great pieces for wire wrapping.

As always, we can't help but bring back some new friends with us.  The next few pictures are of a few new Zimbabwe animals that will we will be fostering till they can find their furever homes with you, (yes furever was intentional). 

New, black bear carvings.  We have never had these before.

Some adorable Cheetah carvings.  We can never get enough of these guys.

New designs in Giraffe carvings. Lunchtime at the giving tree.

Had to share these Meerkats.  They are made out of recycled metal.  I have quite a collection of the different animals that they make every year.  This year, I had to add one of these cuties to the collection.  Make sure to look for the orange Calcite Meerkat we are bringing back this year.  We have never seen Meerkats before, but this year they are popping up.

How can you not say "awwww" to this sweet scene?  More recycled metal made into a family of ducks. I know these are not rocks, but if anyone would like one for their yard, let us know.  They have other animals, insects and birds as well.

Who loves Pietersite? We do! We do! We will be bringing home all of these polished free form tumbleds, and this one heart.  It was the only one we could get with the quality we like to carry.  The small picture is of perfume bottle.  We did not get one, but they come in different sizes if anyone is interested. Odd how small things can be so cute.

Excuse the puddy on the tip of this very rare flame.  Hard to see in this picture, but this flame is filled with Pyrite disks and cubes. If you read the last blog, we had found a smaller flame and two cabs. Karen, happened upon this larger one a bit later.  These four pieces or magical.  The other three are spoken for, but this piece is available. Make sure to see this piece in person if you come to visit us. If you have ever seen one of our Pyrite suns or Pyrite cubes, imagine a very small ones growing in the Quartz, though perfectly flat instead of 3D. 

Though this cab is spoken for, it should give you a better idea of what the Pyrite looks like up close. 

Lepidolite comes in many forms, but this gemmy translucent form is our favorite.  While shopping for a customer, we took these pictures so you could see how fantastic these pieces look. We carry this material in wand form.  Make sure to check them out.

One more set of pictures, this time a sphere.  They come in many different sizes.

We were finally able to find some very nice slices of Watermelon Tourmaline.  I can't tell you how many pieces Bruce and Karen had to dig through to find pieces with such perfect rinds. It paid off!

Many of you responded to the last blog regarding the Lattice Sunstone.  I wanted to show you these three pictures so you could see the Lattice, Adulerescence, Aventuresecens and Iridescence. Pretty cool to have so many phenomenons in one stone.

A very large piece of Cleavelandite.  Not super common and definitely not in this size! 

Inukshuk and Winstone have been having a blast visitng with all of their animal friends. Many will be coming home with us.

Zuni Fetish friends. Many will be coming home with us as well.

This rather large Uruguayan open geode was a special purchase for a lucky client. Deep purple color from this coveted location.

After so many days, we start to get a little punchy :)

These next few pictures are of some special large hand carved bowls  We had a special order from a client for some of these, and thought we would share.  If anyone is interested, this is the place to get a crystal bowl.  They are hard to find when they are this fine, and large.  Pictured above are some bowls that are 14" and 9" respectively.  The 9" bowl has spheres that range from 1.5" to 2.5" in it so you can get some perspective.

Many large chevron Amethyst bowls. They really are quite beautiful. 

Bloodstone with light under it so you can see the glow.

Ruby and Kyanite with a light. 

This is a fluted Rainbow Fluorite bowl.  These are great show pieces for a dining room table or coffee table. 

A side view.  These pictures as usual don't do these pieces justice.

One of our favorites is high quality blue Calcite from Argentina.  We were only able to get one sphere this year as well as 4 of these half circle drilled beads.  We do have some lovely hearts, carvings and bowls back in Boulder as well.  If you have not seen it, make sure to do so next time you visit. 

These two specimens were another special purchase that we thought you all may enjoy.  Look at the colors and banding on this Argentinian Rhodochrosite!

A nice score on a piece of rough Sugilite.  It is more and more difficult for us to find this lighter color.   

Two of these adorable Quartz bunnies will be coming back with us.

Very excited to be bringing back a few more of large slices of Rainbow Fluorite. Some of the edges have natural crystal faces. We also have 3 very large polished six sided points coming back with us. They are beyond gorgeous. 

What a great idea!  These are pendulum sets.  You can change out the crystal ball whenever you want depending on the energy you want. 

Inukshuk and Winston had a blast today.  They met up with friends from all over the world.  Inukshuk convention! 

Hoo Hoo, Labradorite Owl.  Look at that flash!  The flash on Labradorite is called Labradorescense. It is a phenomenon that occurs only in Labradorite. 

This picture does nothing to show how lovely these pendants are.  These are all one of a kind pendants.  There are others as well that are not pictured.    Some are in silver and some are in 18 karate gold plated over silver or bronze. There is a wide variety of stones including cabochons and faceted gems. 

MMouthwatering Tourmaline beads!

Look at the gem Ametrine bracelets we found!  Ametrine is a combination of Amethyst and Citrine so you will have both energies plus the energy of Ametrine. 

One of the best finds ever! Gel Rhodochrosite beads from Argentina. Top quality.  We found a special source with amazing pricing while other vendors were selling much lower quality for 5 times the price. We will have three different necklaces available.

Matching Rhodochrosite bracelets.  Ooh la la!

Gushing over these grape earring.  Apatite, Chrome Diopside and Tanzanite.  There are many other types as well. Some are polished like these, and some are faceted.  If you are interested in a pair, please send us a message as these are pieces that are a bit more expensive and we won't normally carry.

End of day 9, Meerkat attack!!! Yes, it really starts getting a little weird around here as we all work on less sleep than normal.

We hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend.  There will be one more blog coming out in a few days to wrap up our last days on our around the world trip.  We will then be sending out blogs as we start to inventory all of the treasure we are bringing back to you. There will be many more pictures and stories to come.

Thank you all for following us.  We love being able to share our fun with you, it really is the best part of the trip.

Off to bed for me,