New Crystals, Minerals, and Carvings 2019 at Hands of Spirit Chapter 2 and Bruce's 65 Birthday Fundraiser! March 11 2019

Hey Everyone!

Can you feel it? Spring is right around the corner. Though I really do love cold,  snowy weather, I am rather excited for some warm weather. With the coming of Spring, we have multiple shows coming up that we hope you can attend.  The most exciting for us will be our Open House, April 6th and 7th. This is when I completely re-design the Crystalline Temple. Everything gets taken down, cleaned and rearranged to change up the energy for another year.  In the lead up to this big event, we are working tirelessly to get our new inventory ready for you to see.  Our next show, the Body, Mind Spirit Celebration being held the 15th through 17th of March will have all of the exciting new pieces you are about to see. We will also be celebrating a milestone event on the 18th of March.  Bruce will officially join the group that does not have to pay for private health insurance...for those of you who are not old enough to understand the reference, I mean he is turning 65! He is having a Birthday Fundraiser for Pangolin Conservation for a week on our Facebook page. If you would like to donate, he and the Pangolins would greatly appreciate it!  Now,  on to the new items!

White Onyx Angels that are light, glowing and elegant.  Adorable St. Bernard White Onyx pups for all our dog lovers. 

We are always fans of the Sherbert colored Orange Calcite.  It often glows in  the light as you can see with this dinosaur. We have owls, spheres, pyramids, hearts and bowls as well!

Herbivores meat... Carnivores, hahahah

We love crystal bowls, and can't get enough of them.  They prove to be useful and lovely in the home.  You can enjoy their healing energy and they can hold small treasures. The bowl on the top right is sold, but all others are available.  We didn't forget our cat lovers.  We have White Onyx cats as well as Zebra Onyx cats that are not pictured. 

We have a few of these free form half polished, half rough rainbow Fluorite pieces from Mexico.  Their color is as brilliant as the Chinese material. See how they light up when held up to the light in the picture on the right. 

Bears, bears and more bears! Just in time as the hibernation season ends.  These guys are all different types of Onyx. They can bring you, "strength, family, vitality courage and health".

Some of you may have seen our post of these deep purple, polished Brandberg Amethysts on Facebook before our last show.  We have a few of them available and will have them at the Body Mind Spirit Show.  Please ask to see them if you come to the show! They are truly scrumptious. 

Brandberg Amethyst is one of the highest quality Amethysts in the world.  It is known for the color and clarity. It usually comes in natural crystals, of which we also have a great selection, but 3 years ago, we found them being polished, and now grab them when we can!  They often have clear and smokey Quartz growing with the Amethyst.

Our new selection of Charoite is ready!  We have three of these slices available as well as many of the pieces below and more.  We have bead pendants and spheres as well!  All display their own unique swirling or flower pattern with chatoyancy. The pinkish color you are seeing is a very rare mineral called Fedorite. The black you are seeing is Aegerine,  which assists one in removing emotional blockages and is an excellent energy generator.

The piece above has little star or flower like burst, it does not show well here, but you should see it! 

We have a few of these grounding Hematite wands.  They actually sparkle slightly as they move in the light.  They get into the hard to get spots if used for massage. 

We brought back these four unusual cabochons.  The top left is a Gem Blue Apatite, the top right is cabochon with mini Pyrite Suns!  The bottom two pieces are the only two genuine Super 7 cabochons that we brought back with us.  They come from the only place in the world that Super 7 is found - Espirito de Santo, Brazil. 

Turquoise lovers! We have a few select free forms pieces. Intense colors!

Some of you may be familiar with Peanut Wood. We don't often find this form of petrified wood from Australia anymore, but we did get our hands of two cabochons this year!  This is our favorite type of petrified wood. 

Here is a real treat for you.  Siberian Green Jade comes from extremely remote locations in Russia. Mining is also extremely challenging because of the rugged terrain and severe weather conditions.  It can take 4 to 5 days to reach the mines!  When they mine, they insert an agent into the crevasses instead of blasting so the Jade is not damaged.  Once they insert the agent, they wait a year while the changing of temperatures fracture the rock and get it read to be mined. 

Siberian Jade is known for its bright green color and transparency. You can see the great example of that in these four cabochons. 

I can't tell you how difficult it was to come by these Zambian Citrine!  They come from old stock. We had a stunning selection last year and wanted more!  There were only a few remaining pieces from this old stock and we gathered up what we could.  Here are a few of them.  These are all natural in color, no heat treatment!

Some are light and some are dark.  Some pieces are polished crystal points. 

Malachite is a mineral that we always have in stock, but we don't often have spheres.  We found and stocked up on smaller spheres this year, some of which have some pretty fun patterns. Karen and I especially liked the bottom left piece that looks like a spider web even though we are both terrified of spiders. 

Speaking of Jade, we have always been a big fan of Vonsen Blue Jade from CA. We occasionally find large polished free forms, though we could not find any this year, we did find 5 small sculptures.  One even has dendrites on it (the center piece pictured here). The darker swirls on the pieces to the left and right almost appear chatoyant!

Here are two pieces that are one of a kind.  This electric blue lapis free form would make an incredible and artistic pendant!  The piece on the left is an Agate with markings that look like swirling sulfur smoke from a volcano.  

For those of you who love stripes, we have some Botswana Agate cabochons with interesting patterns and more stripes than a Zebra. 

Who likes Phantoms! The Amethyst points I shared from our blog during our travels are read and will be at the show.  The prices range from $7 to $16. Very affordable and they have a lot of energy packed in them!

We have carried Malachite animals for many years, but don't often find or see angels.  This year we found two!  We know many of you love to collect Guardian Angels. Malachite assists in Spiritual Evolution, so what better to assist with this, than an angel on your shoulder?

I'm very excited to present these Amethyst flowers at our upcoming show!  They are angel gardens in solid form! Very few are mined and released into the market each year.  Finding pieces with little to no breakage also jumps up their rarity to another level. These 6 incredible pieces are now available. 

These three are smaller, more like real life flower size growing in the new spring grass.

Here is a new one for us. It is called Catchalong Opal. It is as white as the winter snow. We only have these three wands.  Their is something calming and soothing about their energy. 



And more Pietersite!  We have eggs, spheres, wands and tumbled stones and boy do they come alive in the sunlight. 

I am very excited to share these Pyrite geode pieces with you.  They are highly polished with a mirror like reflection on their surfaces.  You can even see my phone cover being reflected in the Obelisks. You can also see the many small geodes with natural little crystals that glisten like gold! 

We have obelisks, pyramids, wands, palm stones and one heart.

The Stichtite with Serpentine are ready! Look at that deep purple color.  We have never had Stichtite with this intensity. Stichtite is not a well known stone, but it is pretty interesting.  It almost reminds me of chalk. Some of you may be familiar with the Stichtite and Serpentine from Tasmanian known in some circles as Atlantasite. These pieces have the same combination of minerals but come from South Africa. 

Our veeerrrry long crystal wands are available.  We have 7 available, smoky and clear.  Some are over 12" long! They are $98 and under. They are six sided.  Some are single polished points and some have double polished points. 

We have some really incredible pieces of Auralite 23 that will be coming soon, but in the meantime, we have these wands ready.  These pictures are taken with the afternoon sun shining through them.  Mesmerizing.  Auralite 23 comes from only one location in the world: Thunder Bay, Boreal Forest, Canadian Shield. It is a combination of 23 different minerals.  

We found out that the Blue Lace Agate Mine has been closed, though rough that was previously mined is still being polished.  We gathered some of these AAA grade massage wands while we could still get them.  Look at that banding!

We have some new gemstone earrings as well.  Kunzite, Citrine and Amazonite with faceted Blue Topaz. 

To end our blog, I will leave you with this purple eye candy!  This beauty comes from another of the best locations in the world for Amethyst, Uruguay.  Uruguay is known for their geode and flower bud Amethyst. The colors are beyond rich! They make the Crown Royal bags look pale ;) 

That wraps things up once again. Come say hello to us at the Body Mind Spirit Celebration this coming weekend, and make sure to wish Bruce a Happy Birthday. He needs the support ;)

Signing off,