New Crystals, Minerals and Carvings at Hands of Spirit Chapter 4 May 09 2018

Welcome to Spring and the promise of new and exciting things! Our Spring show season has come to an end, but we are available all Summer by appointment! We have many hiking and biking trails close to the Crystalline Temple for those of you who enjoy the outdoors. To set up an appointment, please call 303 541 9727 or email

I also want to share some exciting news for those of you who have followed our rescue kittens for the past year, or anyone who loves rescue animals. Oskar and Oliver's 1st birthday is coming up on May 23rd. Starting today, May 9th, we will be raffling off two beautifully carved cats and a dog to celebrate the kittens and raise funds for the rescue where these guys came from, and where I am a Board Member. United Paws Rescue Inc. is a 501c3, Nonprofit Rescue.  We pull animals from high kill shelters, many of which are seniors that were dumped, and seriously injured animals.  We also save animals off the streets while providing TNR (Trap, Neuter, Release).  Thus, our vet bills tend to be very high. We give animals a second change at a furever home and loving future.  Our rescue is based in Florida, but we help re-home animals all over the United States.  We flew Oskar and Oliver to CO when they were just two weeks old because their Mom had no milk and was a kitten herself. They were what we refer to as, "bottle babies", which means we had to bottle feed them around the clock for the first 5 weeks, before they started eating on their own. 

The raffle will be posted on our Facebook page: Hands of Spirit.  Tickets are $5 each.  You can purchase as many tickets as you like. I will put your name on one ticket per $5 donation.  We will select the 3 winners on the kittens birthday, May 23rd. I'll post the winners on Facebook and email as well.  If you are not on FB, here is the PayPal email to donate to:

All donations are tax deductible and will help us give veterinary services to these animals. In celebration of Oskar and Oliver, please purchase raffle tickets and support our hard working animal rescue!


With that, lets get started on more new gems!

Rainbow Fluorite comes from China, Mexico and Argentina.  You can usually tell the Argentina material because of the yellow coloring, rather than clear color.  Most of what is on the market these days, comes from old stock.  We have never had faceted Fluorite before, but we found a few incredible pieces. The banding is beautiful.  The smallest piece in my hand has sold, but the other two are available.  They would be lovely in a pendant. 

If you love Beryl, then you will love these Morganite, Aquamarine and Green Beryl Necklaces. We have matching bracelets as well.  There is only one necklace left, so get it before it is going, going, gone! :)

This piece is another that shows better is person.  It is a graduate strand of gem Tourmaline!  Look at all the different shades of color. Yum yum.

All of the new Shiva's have been inventoried and are set up in their villages. There was a nice selection of stripes this year.  They look similar to Zebra stone which comes from Australia, while these come from India.

The pink / imperial Topaz is also ready.  These pieces are very affordable for natural pink Topaz, and great sizes for crystal arrays, pocket stones or wire wrapping.  If you are ever purchasing a pink Topaz gemstone, be very very careful.  Most have been treated and are far from natural. 

Though we mainly carry crystals and minerals, we could not pass up these St. Lucia shells.  The front and back have delicate patterns.  They look like guitar picks. 

And speaking of Zebra Stone from Australia....we have a nice new lot of tumbleds in!

We have not had Emerald sculptures in many years, but were fortunate to find some nice quality ones this year.  Just in time for those of you born in May as Emerald is the birthstone for May. Very reasonably price and artistically carved. 

We are rather excited about our yellow Fluorite.  Yellow is one of the rarer colors for Fluorite, and come from Spain.  These are a rich gold to light yellow.  There are more not photographed as well.  They have nice cubic crystals, great luster and clarity.

For those of you who collect Jasper, you know that Polychrome Jasper boasts some of the prettiest patterns and colors of all the Jasper's. 

This adorable little specimen is a Spinel Crystal in Marble.  I love the contrast of colors. Spinel forms in octahedrons, just like diamond crystals.  Though this is not a perfect crystal, you can see the octahedron formation pretty well. 

Orange Kyanite is probably the rarest color in the Kyanite family.  It comes from Tanzania.  We have rougher pieces and smoother pieces.  The smooth pieces are thinner and rather translucent as you can see when I hold them up to the light.  You can see the price tag dot on the back!

Jade is often an expensive and difficult stone to procure.  We do however have a great selection of hearts and a few small eggs.  They have extremely high polish.  They look like tiny bird's eggs...though I think the color is off a bit:)

 We have a robin's egg blue lot of Turquoise this year.  Though this material comes from the Kingman Mine in AZ, it looks like the Sleeping Beauty Mine material which is some of the most sought after because of it's color.  These pieces also have very high polish, which you don't see often in Turquoise. 

These three incredibly cool crystals are Diamantina Laser Wand clusters. Karen uses the single terminated wands when she teaches the Melody Crystal Healing workshop, but they also come in clusters which is pretty rare.  These have especially high luster.  Quartz is truly amazing.  It is hard to pick which of the three is the best, they are all so neat!

This is our last very large Tsavorite Garnet crystal.  Tsavorite is a variety of Grossular Garnet and comes from Tanzania.  Some of you may have seen my FB video a few weeks ago on Tsavorite.  This gemstone lends itself to many feather-like inclusions, which makes faceting this stone difficult.  It is hard to find a stone larger than 1 carat.  The crystals themselves also do not grow very large, however this beauty and the two other crystals that came with it (now sold) are the largest we have see in person. We also have a few smaller specimens that are more affordable and also very pretty. 

Along with our Tsavorite we also have some new Tanzanite crystals.  Great combinations of colors with the purple and green. 

To close out the show, we have two new custom made necklaces.  One necklace features Rainbow Moonstones with Apatite and faceted Black Spinel, while the other features Moonstone and faceted Black Spinel. 

Thank you all for following along.  Please feel free to share the blog and the raffle with anyone.  It is kitten season and many lives can be saved with the funds we raise.  If you would like to follow United Paws Rescue on Instagram, our handle is @unitedpawsrescueinc

Again, we look forward to seeing you this summer if you would like to come visit the Crystalline Temple!

Paws and Purrs, 


P.S. Hint for the next blog, inexpensive stones, that rhyme with jumbled.