New Crystals, Minerals, and Carvings 2019 at Hands of Spirit Chapter 1 February 19 2019

Hi Ladies and Gents!

Well, we are back from our travels and we have hit the ground running. We are working hard to get all of your special orders and reserved items ready for you. It's a shame that cats can't help unwrap and login inventory, otherwise we would be further ahead... The lack of opposable thumbs and napping all day get in the way I guess. 

Regardless of the lack of help from our furbabies, we have made a small dent in the new inventory and the pictures below are a small preview of what we will have at our upcoming show at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds Feb. 22-24th.  If you are not able to make the show, but are interested in something you see, please feel free to text me at 720 352-3224 or send us an email at Lets have some fun!

We showed you this angel during out trip, but now that she is in Colorado, we thought we would share her again, enjoying the mountain air.  She will be at the show for you to see her radiance. We have never had an angel this large offered in our collection.

We have high quality, high polish and crazy amazing flashes with these new Labradorite Hearts and Palm stones. Into the blue!

Loving this disk or saucer shape! Feels really nice to hold as well.

Celestite heart geodes are back!  We have four of these special pieces. They come from Madagascar and range in sizes as you can see in the above photo.  

The one on the right even has a peep hole! This is helpful for those who like to play I Spy with their crystals...;)

What is all that noise you may ask?  It is more new Zuni Fetishes having fun playing together! Back by popular demand, we have Lady Bugs for you!  We found them last year for the first time and could not keep them in stock.  He is hard to see, but on the left, we have an Armadillo, our Piggy Bank Pig for the Year of the Pig, Bone Owl, Corn Maiden in shell, Turkey that you can't eat, Mother of Pearl Wolf, and a Whale with a blow hole.  

Fluorite Octahedrons! We have some in purple, green and teal. Also, here is a picture of the Rainbow Fluorite bunnies we shared with you in a previous blog.  We have a 3 bunnies, 1 bear and 3 deer still available.  They have been very popular. The colors, stripes and quality of carving are some of the best we have ever seen in Rainbow Fluorite. 

Here is another slice of Rainbow Fluorite that came back with us. We have three of these large, and rather thick pieces available. They are spectacular, look at the zig zags! Really great pieces of natural art, that look even better in person. These along with the Octahedrons and animals come from China. 

Polychrome Jasper Sculptures!  The colors and designs on these pieces are AAA Grade.  It is very difficult to find pieces this beautiful.

I fell in love with this Orbicular Ocean Jasper sculpture. Ocean Jasper is difficult to come by because it is not being mined currently and is one of the most dangerous stones to mine due to where it is found. The pink colors seen here, are not as commonly found in this stone. It displays well from all angles. 

We have not stocked up on Ammonites in the past few years, but were in need of them this year.  There are some really pretty pairs this year!  This pair above glows from the front side, and the back has a leaf like design of what we believe is manganese dendrites.

Many of the pairs have iridescence on the outside skin, like this pair that displays an iridescent rainbow circle! 

I know many of you love Iolite with Sunstone.  We have some spheres and palm stones along with the small gem lingams we showed in a previous blog.  It is hard to see in a picture, but when these stones are moved under the light, you can see the glints or aventurescense from the Sunstone. 

Some of you may have remember the pictures and explanation of the  Dauphine Quartz wands we were bringing back with us.  Dauphine Quartz comes from Malawi and is a very special form of twinned Quartz along the C axis that creates extra "faces" called "Z faces".  The two pieces we brought back have sold, but we wanted to share one of them with you in the mountain light.  The luster is some of the best we have ever seen on a Quartz crystal. Better than if it were polished!  Some of these crystals in the group were very long, about 18 inches, and as high as $5,000!

Karen has been working with her crystal, and achieving amazing results.  If you are interested in a piece of this for next year, please let us know, as this is the only lot that has been mined. 

We brought back some old stock, hand selected gem rough Sphalerite. I honestly can't get enough of these!  I think I may need an intervention. The rough have not been polished, but if you prefer polished, see the pictures below.

These are gem Sphalerite that has been polished into free form sculptures. Molten Lava! They all come from Spain. The color ranges from red (rare) to oranges and yellows and on occasion an olive green. 

Lepidolite disks!  We found these two little space ships.  Really great shape and glitter to them. 

For those of you who love animal carvings, here is a combination we have never had.  Malachite with Pyrite and Chrysocolla carved into good luck Elephants.  Elephants with their trunks up are always good luck.

African animals roaming the Mountain Jungle.  We have a herd of Lepidolite and Verdite Elephants, as well as Lepidolite and Verdite Hippos and Lepidolite Turtles.  These are hand carved in Zimbabwe. They don't eat too much, we promise!

This female pride of Lionesses was carved out of Leopard Serpentine.  It is a rare variety of Serpentine. The energy around these majestic animals is incredible.  They really embody the spirit well. These big kitties also are carved in Zimbabwe, but you won't need to worry about losing a house pet to one of them. 

A little birdie told me..".feed me, feed me!" 

We made sure to bring back more adorable owls carved in stone.  Some are single and some are doubles. We think they are the cutest thing ever.  I especially like the one that looks like Jabba the Hutt! 

To end our blog, I will share with you our three sweet Pangolin Carvings that we have available.  2/16/19 was National Pangolin Day.  We donated $100 to the Pangolin Conservatoin group who is working to educate and protect these animals which are the most illegally trafficked animal in the world.  To learn more, please visit or follow them on Instagram at @pangolinconservaton. We have a big spot in our hearts for these guys.

We can't wait to see you at the upcoming Shows.  If you can't make the show this weekend, we will be at the Denver Merchandise Mart the next weekend, March 1st through 3rd. To get your free tickets to this show, keep your eye open for our Show Reminder email or on our Facebook page. 

Signing off,