Healing Sessions

Karen offers private healing and growth sessions both in person and on the phone.  What is most important in any work of this type is not so much “where you are”, but “where you want to go”.  If your will is to heal and advance your consciousness, this in fact will occur no matter where you are on your journey.

Karen will always be directed by your intentions and goals.  If the work is done over a period of time, Karen may suggest areas where much power could be gained, but will always be guided by your choices.  Your session belongs to you.

These sessions can take several forms:  Crystal Healing / Energy Work, Self-Mastery Training, and Color Journeys.  All these sessions are nicely supported by a monthly custom mineral and floral elixir if the client desires.

Please take the time to peruse more detailed descriptions of each of these works by clicking on any of the crystals buttons on the left.  Also, Karen is available to talk with you and answer any questions you might have about these sessions, 303-541-9727.

 To schedule a private session with Karen, contact her at

 (303) 541-9727 or karen@handsofspirit.com.