Sponsor a Crystal Healing Workshop

Sponsoring a Crystal Healing Workshop


Have you ever thought about sponsoring a Crystal Healing Workshop in your area or even in some great vacation spot like Hawaii?! Karen loves to travel to teach, and each workshop that she has conducted has been very well received. You, the Workshop Coordinator, have much potential to prosper financially and spiritually, while sharing in the expansion of higher consciousness. Please read below for a detailed description of this opportunity.

Karen has thought through the responsibilities of this endeavor carefully (that's why she's such a good teacher) so don't be overwhelmed. Having clarity at the beginning of a working relationship such as this is what makes the event a great success for everyone. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you should have questions.

Crystal Healing Workshop Contract

This is a contract between Karen T. Kuk-Nagle, a Melody trained and certified Crystal Healing Instructor, and _____________________ (otherwise referred to as Workshop Coordinator).

Karen T. Kuk-Nagle (otherwise referred to as Instructor) agrees to teach a maximum of 24 students Melody's Level I and II Crystal Healing Workshops in _________________ on the following dates and times:

Level I: 2 days __________________ 9:30 am - 5:30 pm

Level II: 1 day __________________ 9:00 am - 6:30 pm

The terms of this Contract are as follows:

Instructor will:

•· Teach the aforementioned Crystal Healing Workshop on the above dates and times.

•· Provide chakra stones, faden crystal, and laser wand to all paid students.

•· Provide a sample brochure that the Coordinator can then modify with the pertinent date, time, and location information.

•· Provide a sample confirmation letter to send out to students that the Coordinator can then modify with the pertinent date, time, and location information.

•· Provide general information regarding marketing the Workshop.

•· Receive phone calls from potential students to give information regarding the Workshops.

•· Provide crystals, minerals, and books for sale if the Workshop Coordinator desires.

•· Mail Certificates to all students who successfully complete Level I and II.

Workshop Coordinator will:

•· Pay the Instructor a non-refundable deposit of $450.00 to reserve the teaching dates.

•· Modify the brochure and confirmation letter provided by the Instructor with pertinent date, time, and location information.

•· Market and advertise the Workshops.

•· Procure and pay for the workshop space. The workshop space MUST be large enough to accommodate the number of students. (i.e. approximately 10' x 7' for each pair of students, plus enough room for stones sales if desired.) Let's make sure we discuss this!

•· Collect a tuition payment of $450 or greater from each student. The Workshop Coordinator has the choice to increase the tuition payment, if it is felt the charge is reasonable and customary for their location.

•· Provide transportation for the Instructor while at the teaching location.

•· Pay the Instructor $3000.00 (less the $450.00 deposit) for up to and including 12 participants, plus all travel expenses including airport transportation, airfare, hotel, and meals.

•· If there are greater than 12 students, the Workshop Coordinator will keep half of the tuition from students 13 through 20, and pay the Instructor the remaining half of the tuition payments.

•· If there are greater than 20 students, The Workshop Coordinator will keep all of the tuition from students 20 through 24.

•· Provide the Instructor with a roster containing the name (as they would like it to appear on their certificate), address, phone number, and email address of each student.

•· Determine how the students will procure the Love is in the Earth-Laying-on-of- Stones book by Melody. Instructor can sell these if needed.

•· Ensure that there is an even number of students in the Workshop, and provide a "swing" person for the entire workshop just in case a student does not show or needs to leave before the completion of the workshop. Let's make sure we discuss this!

•· Provide the items listed on Attachment A, which will be needed to conduct the Workshop.

•· If the Workshop Coordinator wants stones to be sold during the workshop, the instructor reserves exclusive rights to sell stones, unless the Coordinator owns a rock/metaphysical shop.

•· Ship the stones back to the Instructor at the Instructor's expense, if Coordinator desires for stones to be sold.


Attachment A

Materials Provided by Coordinator for Crystal Healing Workshops

· Drinking water for students

•· Incense or sage with matches

•· Name tags and a marker

•· Drum

•· Small basket for distribution of stone gifts

•· A person available during the entire workshop to fill in just in case, for whatever reason, we don't have an even number of students.

•· 8 foot table and a few lights if Workshop Coordinator requests Instructor to sell stones.

•· Some chairs in case some students need them during lecture time.

•· Snacks if the Workshop Coordinator desires.

Does the Workshop Coordinator want the Instructor to offer stones for sale during the Workshops? _____________

Does the Workshop Coordinator want the Instructor to offer Melody's Love is in the Earth Laying-on-of-Stones book for sale at the Workshops? ______________

The Undersigned agree to this Contract.


__________________________ _________________________________

Karen T. Kuk-Nagle, __________________,

Instructor Workshop Coordinator


__________________________ _________________________________

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