Tourmaline November 09 2014

Tourmaline is such a wonderful mineral – it comes in a rainbow of colors.  The unfortunate part about tourmaline is that it is usually expensive.  During our last buying trip, I came upon a dream come true – Brazilian tourmaline in many colors at affordable prices.  We haven’t had stones like these in about 12 years, and some of them, never.  Below is a description of this lot of tourmalines along with some of their properties from Melody’s Encyclopedia:

  • Black tourmaline is foundational, and every collection should have some of these. In a nutshell, it is grounding and protective.  We procured a few lustrous pieces from this grouping, some containing mica, and we also have black tourmaline from Madagascar, Namibia, and China.
  • Green tourmaline teaches us to see with our hearts. It inspires creativity and attracts success, prosperity, and abundance.  We found beautiful pieces in quartz, some with black or pink tourmaline, and some with clevelandite or lepidolite.  We also have green tourmaline single gemmy crystals from Afghanistan and Brazil.
  • Pink tourmaline brings trust in the power of love, and promotes feelings of joy and enthusiasm for life by releasing destructive tendencies. Many of the pinks we just procured also contain green tourmaline, along with quartz, clevelandite, or lepidolite.  We also have pink combined with yellow tourmaline from Russia.
  • Rubellite, dark pink tourmaline, stimulates the base chakra and provides physical energy and vitality to the body. It provides a direct pathway from the base to the heart chakra, which can intensify a devotional nature, while strengthening the will to understand love.  Many of our new rubellites are found in quartz or an amazing glittery purple lepidolite.  We also have rubellite tumbled pieces from Africa.
  • Watermelon tourmaline is traditionally composed of a pink center with a green rind, and is difficult to procure. It is the super activator of the heart chakra as it stimulates, energizes, and connects one to the heart chakra of the Higher Self. This new lot contains watermelon tourmaline clusters with clevelandite, quartz, and/or lepidolite.  What a find!  We also have gemmy watermelon tourmaline slices from Brazil
  • Indicolite, blue tourmaline, activates the throat and third-eye chakras, strengthening the skill associated with communication and psychic awareness. It also assists one in relating to others in a loving manner, and promotes the desire to serve humanity’s highest good.  Our new indicolites come with some quartz, clevelandite, magnesite or mica.  We also have indicolite cabochons and single crystals from Brazil.
  • Neon or Paraiba tourmaline is a neon turquoise-blue color that carries all the properties of indicolite. Additionally, it electrifies transmissions and enhances the properties of all the minerals with which it contacts.  It brings an intense energy which fills the body and soul with both the knowledge and feelings of wellness, healing, and the ideals related to ones journey toward the enlightened state.  Many of our new specimens also contain tourmalines of other colors, including lavender – a powerful stone.

 We also have brown dravite tourmaline from Australia and Nepal, which can clear the aura and stimulate the auric body to align the energy of the optimum self to the physical body.  It is also a protective stone on the subtle levels.

 Tourmaline, no matter what the color, has some basic properties.  Be sure to see our recent video to experience a guided meditation with your favorite tourmaline!  Click here to view.