About Hands of Spirit

Hands of Spirit was created in 1992 by Karen as a vehicle for the conscious growth work she offers clients, using crystals, energy work, and spiritual teaching. By 1995 Karen was so in love with stones and all the capabilities they offer, that she began searching to find special ones to offer to her clients for their personal use.

Bruce was definitely beginning to wonder about all the rocks that were showing up, and had a pretty clear idea that even though Karen was currently working part-time as a chemist, while doing her healing practice, she probably wouldn’t be working as a scientist for much longer.  An inner prompting continued to guide Karen to procure more rocks, so the decision was made to go on a full scale buying trip in early 1998.

Then providence moved Karen and Bruce’s life!  A few days before their trip, the company Karen worked for was sold, and she was laid off with a year and half severance package.  Be careful what you ask for . . . . You may get it!  Thank goodness for this gift, since Karen didn’t realize the time and energy required of being a keeper of so many rocks, while continuing her healing practice.  (See About Karen– to learn more about Karen’s life-long spiritual journey.)

Bruce assisted Karen as he could, but continued working in his school photography business.  In 2006 it began to dawn on Karen, that Bruce was perfectly suited to join full time in Hands of Spirit.  Bruce had figured this out a couple of years prior, as he had always loved minerals, was a great photographer, business man, and imagine this, had even worked in the jewelry industry for 3 years and has a GIA certification in diamond grading!  Sometimes your greatest gifts are right under your nose!

Bruce joined Hands of Spirit full time in August 2006, and developed our website and online store with many beautiful photographs.  He also has lead responsibility for the Shows we do in the Denver/Metro area.  In 2010, Bruce began buying diamonds for a company in CA under the name Denver Diamond Buyers.  Most of his clients enjoy perusing the Crystalline Temple while Bruce grades their diamond.
Mirabai, our daughter, joined Hands of Spirit in a full time capacity in 2012.  She had been working with us since the inception of the business, and even participated in our first big buying trip at the age of 14.  She now has a B.S. in Marketing from CU Business School, but the “rock bug” never dies, so she continued her career in fine jewelry for 3 years. In 2014, Mirabai received her Graduate Gemologist Degree from the Gemological Institute of America.  See “Other Facets” on our website to see how Mirabai has expanded the range of Hands of Spirit.

Visitation to the Crystalline Temple, in our home, is available by appointment.  Alternatively, you can share in the essence of our mission on our beautiful website.  Take a browse through our website and you’ll see the many facets of Hands of Spirit. Here we share the wonder of our lives with you, as we display our crystals as beacons of light in the world.  There are photographs of our Crystalline Temple, and also visit our online store where you can purchase stones while supporting us in spreading Love, Light, and Peace!

Thank you for connecting with us.