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Mineral Healing Qualities N to Z

To support you in your stones selection, Karen has lovingly summarized some of the stone qualities listed in Melody’s book, The Crystal and Mineral Encyclopedia. Please remember that what you find below is just a summary, and there is more to be gained by perusing the Encyclopedia. If you would like to purchase one of Melody’s books, click here.

Please use your intuition and guidance as you make your selection, and do remember that stones are a complimentary therapy, and never more powerful than the user, nor are they a substitute for medical treatment.


Nebula Stone
Nebula Stone has been used to maintain freedom from the rigid and the orthodox belief structure that diminishes the faculties of invention and discovery.  It assists one in realizing that he/she is a creature full of the power of the mind, and subsequently free the mind from the bonds of fear.  It stimulates kindness to the self.  It has been used in the treatment of macular degeneration and bronchitis.

Nuummit provides for grounding.  It is useful for removal of energy blockages and is an excellent energy source.  It possesses a defending quality and has acted as an excellent preventive energy which will shield one from many forms of negative energy.  It stimulates the powers of the intellect, enhancing memory, and promoting recall of relevant information when required.  It’s also useful to relieve pain and discomfort associated with headaches.

Obsidian reflects ones flaws and gives a clear image of how to change them.  It reflects the strength, power, protection, solace, and light hidden with the darkness.  It is a grounding and protective stone, stabilizing internal and external energies.  It clears unloving thoughts which are directed at oneself, and provides a shield against negativity.  It is very useful in healings providing clarity regarding the cause and cure of the specific disease.

Okenite assists in accepting the conscious manifestation of one’s Higher Self, bringing an end to inhibiting denials.  It promotes the correction of faulty patterns, and assists in the maintenance of truthfulness.  It promotes stamina and an open mind in all endeavors.  It produces an understanding of one’s current circumstances by bringing recognition to karmic debts and learning situations which one has previously agreed to.

Onyx is an excellent stone for initiating the processes of centering and alignment of the total self with the higher powers.  It banishes grief, enhances self-control, stimulates decision-making, and encourages happiness and good fortune.  It assists one in seeing the duality of ones nature, synthesizing the yin and yang into the whole.  It assists one in becoming the master of ones own future.

Opal Aura Quartz
Opal Aura has the properties of Quartz and Platinum, as well as a very intense and strong energy of its own.  In addition it cleanses the aura and acts to stimulate, to balance and cleanse all the chakras.  This balance is uniquely related to the body.  It is used to access the personal etheric realm, where information about balance in this lifetime can be tapped.  It is a “stone of romance and love” acting to bring both to one’s life.

Opal, General
Opal holds the mysteries of color, light, and vibrations, awakening these qualities in the user.  It assists one in feeling the creativity within, providing inspiration and imagination to all circumstances.  Its changing play of color reflects the illusory nature of the physical world, while stabilizing one in the moment.  It treats disorders of the vision and eyes, while strengthening the eyes, and regulates insulin production.

Orpiment can be used to stimulate the intellect and to assist one in reasoning capabilities, stimulating the “logic” energies of the mind.  It can encourage dreaming, such that dreams are of the angelic realm which bring guidance.  It is a “stone of change”.  It’s an excellent stimulant for those studying for examinations and for investigating any course of action; analysis is a key factor of this energy. Useful in the remove unwanted cholesterol.

Peridot stimulates the 3rd and 4th chakra, emitting a warm and friendly energy.  It assists in the quest for enlightenment, allowing one to recognize detrimental patterns that inhibit growth.  It heals a “bruised” ego, by lessening anger or jealousy and inspiring happiness within the self and delight in the nature of ones life. It is an excellent healing stone, acting as a “tonic” to both strengthen and regenerate the body.

Petalite is a “stone of the angels”, furthering angelic connection and alliance with spiritual guides.  It is a “stone of Earth-grounding” and high spirituality assisting one to stay grounded during spiritual work.  It improves meditation, wrapping a loving energy around the user. It is a protective stone, rendering negative energy impotent, and a bestower of goodness. It activates all chakras and provides a continual source of energy to the body.  It calms disorderly energy within the body and emotions, and treats cancer.

Petoskey Stone
Petoskey Stone possesses the qualities of both Coral and Fossils.  It helps one towards psychic awareness and enhances the awareness of the emotions.  It provides for protection around the head and also energizes both the crown chakra and third-eye.  This stone can promote actualization to ones creative endeavors.  It also discourages infections.

Petrified Peanut Wood
Petrified Peanut Wood was originally an Auracaria tree which fell to the sea and was “drilled” by wood-borers. The holes were replaced by mookaite jasper. It assists in the organization of ones life, business, all paperwork and income taxes!  It assists in weight loss and amelioration of carbohydrate intake.  It is combative to both mold and fungus.

Petrified Wood
Petrified Wood is a “stone of transformation”, initiating ascension to a higher level of self. It provides access to and explicit information concerning past-lives.  It eliminates worries, grounding one and providing strength in all areas of ones life.  It strengthens the back and provides alignment to the skeletal structure of the body.  It provides insight into the cause of dis-ease so this “learning” may never need repeating.

Phenacite is an expansive mineral, activating the third eye and allowing that energy to flow throughout the body enhancing an awareness of the complete cellular structure.  It brings the way of love and heavenly being into ones physical reality.  It facilitates deep meditation providing knowledge of the functions of the chakras.  It is a “stone for gathering” producing a synergistic affect of all stones used within a healing, to magnify the healing.

Pietersite contains the “keys to the kingdom of heaven” dispelling illusion and allowing one to recognize the beauty of ones soul, self, and world.  It aligns the energy centers while providing grounding to the etheric body, facilitating travel throughout the spheres of existence.  It allows one to see beyond the mirage, providing courage, tenacity, and dauntless effort to create and maintain beauty.  It stimulates the pituitary gland providing the regulation of other endocrine glands to produce the proper quantity of hormones.

Pink Opal
Pink Opal is a “stone for renewal”, renewing the sacred relationship between the self and All That Is.  It assists in releasing old patterns, to deepen insights into psychological issues, and to purify the mind and heart.  It is a “stone of spiritual awakening”, bringing to the user the creative aspects of the universe.  It activates inner healing on all levels, and treats diabetes and hypoglycemia.

Prehnite is a “stone for dreaming and remembering”.  It enhances meditation and ones ability for Divine prophecy. It can be used to multiply energy and enhance ones protective fields.  It teaches one to “always be prepared”.  It treats disorders of the kidneys, bladder, connective tissue, and anemia.

Preseli Stone
Preseli Stone holds the properties of Feldspar, Chlorite, Biotite, Diopside, Ilmenite and Quartz.  Preseli stone is said to represent the night sky filled with stars, and to bring the highest blessings of the universe to the user.  It holds the energies of Stonehenge, Camelot and the Vortex of Carn Meini in Wales.  It enhances poetry, music and the arts. It dispels melancholy, brings honesty, trustworthiness, and peace.

Psilomelane can help one to redirect energy and to analyze one’s own patterns of emotional thinking and development, stimulating remedial actions for over-emotional states.  It can be used to correct unwanted, unloving behavior patterns and emotional reactions.  This mineral provides for a smooth state of meditation.  It assists in the regulation of the proper flow of insulin to the blood stream, and treats chronic inflammatory conditions of the skin.

Purpurite is an “imperial stone”, providing for expedient manifestation. It assists one to break out of old patterns.  It supports one in speaking and acting with confidence and freedom, while providing protection from interfering energies as one expresses their ideals.  It increases spiritual aspirations, provides one with a freedom from the material world, and rids one of undue modesty.  It has been used in the treatment of hemorrhages, bruises, and superficial wounds.

Pyrite is an extremely protective stone which reflects all types of negativity. It viscerally feels like a shield radiating rays of shining energy, as it represents the warmth and lasting presence of the sun. It stimulates the powers of the intellect and enhances memory and concentration.  It promotes and sustains perfection in health, intellect, and emotional well-being.

Pyromorphite is a “stone of victory”, instilling the thought process to initiate vigor in bringing conquest, success, and mastery to one’s goals (physical, mental, and spiritual).  It enhances the energy of the stones around it for uses in healing.  It stimulates personal energy and brings freshness in attitude and direction.  It dispels microorganisms in the blood, aids assimilation of B-vitamins, and alleviates chills.

Quartz, 7 Color Rainbow/Anandalite/Aurora Quartz
This special quartz displays the power of quantum consciousness.  It immerses one in bliss consciousness, and allows one to experience timelessness.  It facilitates kundalini awakening at the highest level while releasing emotional blockages that prevent spiritual awakening.  To cleanse, purify, and rebalance all chakras, sweep from the base chakra to the crown chakra, and back to the feet.

Que-Sera is a stone of “uninterruptible power supply”.  It supports one in being “on” no matter what the circumstances.  It is an excellent energy for groups and organizations.  It is a “stone of the Angel of Air” bringing sparkle to the eyes, a shine to life and a substance to aspirations.  It is a panacea for difficult situations and behaviors.  Que-Sera assists in understanding emotions.  It furthers one to take risks and guides one to avoid consequences. 

Rhodochrosite is the “stone of love and balance” affecting all levels of one’s being.  It allows one to figuratively dance in love while creating the world of ones dreams. It balances emotional and mental processes as well as male/female attributes, and provides understanding regarding the nature of duality. It is a stone for Earth healing allowing the recognition of joy in this service.

Rhodonite synthesizes ones attunement to spirituality and the Earth plane, promoting calm assurance in all activities.  It is a “stone of love”, activating the heart chakra and resonating unconditional love to the physical plane.  It assists one in achieving their greatest potential, while dispelling anxiety and promoting coherence during chaotic situations.  It warns one of fraud in dealings.

Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz is a “stone of gentle love”, releasing negativity from all the chakras while reinstating self-love.  It teaches that there is no need for haste, bringing calmness and clarity to the emotions and harmony to the mind.  It is an excellent stone for spiritual attunement to the energy of love.  It treats conditions related to the emotional body.

Ruby stimulates the heart chakra grounding love into the physical plane.  It stimulates one’s loving and emotional side toward nurturing, health, knowledge, wealth, and sharing spiritual wisdom.  It supports the release of martyrdom, making the choice to suffer or not accessible.  Ruby has excellent shielding qualities, protecting on all levels.  It stabilizes wealth.

Rutile is a “stone for stabilization”, of relationships, marriages, mental processes, and emotional and physical imbalances.  It assists in getting to the root of a problem and provides for access to the reason for a disease so the situation can be remedied.  It dispels unwanted interference from both the physical and spiritual worlds.  Helps regulate mother’s milk, and to stimulate sexuality when consciously directed.

Sapphire is a “stone of prosperity”, sustaining the gifts of life and fulfilling the dreams and desires of the consciousness.  It brings joy and peace of mind, opening the mind to beauty and intuition.  It focuses and radiates energy without conscious initiation. It rids one of unwanted thoughts and eliminates frustrations.  Sapphire comes in many colors and can be used intuitively on the body during healing.

Sardonyx promotes happiness in marriage, allowing one to realize the delight in living.  It attracts friends and good fortune. It encourages self-control and courage, and diminishes hesitation.  It is a “stone of virtue” stimulating virtuous conduct throughout the many facets of ones live.  It treats narcolepsy and an uncontrolled temper.

Schalenblende is a combination of Galena, Marcasite, and Sphalerite.  It is a “stone of peace”, stimulating peace to where it is directed and understanding between people who would not normally communicate. It is an excellent stone for protection, and grounds one to both the stablilizing energies of the Earth and to the universal connectivity of All That Is.

Scolecite emanates an energy which expedites the creation of cohesiveness in relationships and organizations - it furthers the action of the “team spirit”.  It assists accessing the basis of a problem, and serves to support the transformation of the heart to love.  This mineral enables one to exhibit control of one’s life, promoting the actualization of the preferred reality.  It assists in the dissipation of blood clots and enhances circulation.

Selenite acts as a sharp sword of awareness, cutting thru unconscious assumptions and promoting re-connection with the Higher Self.  It provides flexibility to one’s nature and strength to ones decisions.  It provides clarity of mind and access to past and future lives.  It assists in business pursuits. It aligns the spine and provides flexibility in the muscular structure.

Septarian Nodule
Septarian nodule gives much support to aspects of physical life.  It instills patience, endurance, and toleration while supporting one in “being present” and prepared for life’s activities.  It enhances the gift of public speaking.  Septarian nodule generally contains calcite and so displays the qualities of this mineral as well.

Serafina/Seraphinite is a chlorite mineral from Russia also referred to as clinochlore.  It imparts the vibrations and wisdom of the angels and heals and soothes on all levels.  It clears the heart chakra while concurrently promoting protection and love.  It promotes understanding about the stages of ones life and gives insights for further fulfillment.  It also assists in weight loss, melting fat away.

Serpentine enhances the meditative state, stimulating the crown chakra and clearing the clouded areas in any of the chakras.  It opens the pathway thru which Kundalini may travel, assisting in its rise.  Placement of serpentine at the crown chakra initiates the Kundalini movement.  With conscious direction, it stabilizes disorders in all areas of the body, the emotional system, and mental structure.  It treats diabetes and hypoglycemia.

Acting with clarity and sweetness of spirit, Shattuckite brings one’s actions to consciousness, so they can be analyzed to see if they further one’s progress on the path.  It can be used to reshape one’s reality, thus providing for growth in the directions of one’s choice.  It has been used extensively for connection to and understanding of the elements: air and water.  It can be used to assist in the coagulation of blood.

Shiva lingham
The Shiva Lingham is a river tumbled jasper from the Narmada River in India and is a “stone of Kundalini”, the secret serpent energy at the base of the spine. It can be used to raise the Kundalini energy thru the chakras, imparting a super-conscious state.  It represents the cosmic energies of creation and manifestation, balancing the masculine and feminine energies.  It is an excellent stone for meditation, spiritual growth, and healing. It also has all the properties listed under Jasper.

Shungite has been used in the purification of water and the body.  It provides protection and is useful to help with rescue during an environmental disaster.  It protects against radiation.  Shungite has helped to regenerate new cell growth.  It has also helped to treat disorders of mobility, toxins in the body, and chills.

Smithsonite promotes the celebration of new beginnings.  It provides energies conducive to pleasantness, charm, kindliness, and favorable outcomes.  It strengthens ones abilities in the psychic realm, providing for clairvoyance and clairsentience.  It enhances leadership skills, and remedies uncomfortable situations.   

Smoky Quartz
Smoky Quartz dissolves negative energies as well as mental and emotional blockages.  It is an excellent grounding and protection stone, providing for an encompassing barrier of energy around the user.  It is a “stone of cooperation” stimulating the unification of energies directed towards the same goal.  It promotes personal pride and joy in living. 

Snowflake Obsidian
Snowflake Obsidian is a “stone of purity”, both purifying and balancing the body, mind and spirit.  It allows one to recognize unnecessary life patterning and change them.  It stimulates surrender to the meditative state, and promotes a sensitivity to the most vital powers of the universe – love and beauty. It can be used to smooth the skin and clear the eyes.  It also has all the properties listed under Obsidian.

Sodalite encourages self-esteem, self-trust, and trust in others, releasing one from co-dependency.  It is an excellent stone for groups providing fellowship and commonality of purpose.  It enhances truthfulness in emotions and allows for the expression of true feelings.  It allows one to both know and speak the truth.  It assists one in “knowing” sacred laws and dispels insomnia.

Sphalerite provides for the growth of psychic abilities, teaching one to “be ones own psychic.”  It balances the male/female aspect of the personality.  It assists one in changing vocation, and can induce serving aspects as a lifework, if desired. It promotes the recognition of treachery and deceit, providing protections from negative forces when dealing with the public. 

Spinel is a “stone of immortality”, bringing renewal to all endeavors and rejuvenation to that which is degrading.  It exudes the energy of beauty, enhancing ones appearance and positive personality traits.  It assists in obtaining, maintaining, and accepting victory with humility.  It comes in a full range of color, and when it is placed upon the appropriate chakra it heals disorders of that area.

Spirit Quartz
Spirit Quartz enhances the energy and properties of other minerals.  It provides insights into family and community problems, bringing a cohesiveness and willingness to work together.  It also enhances harmony and peace in groups.  It acts to dissipate energy disturbances and replaces disorganized energy with a stable reliable energy.  It allows one to see the duality of their nature.  It is a wonderful companion when experiencing the loss of a loved-one.

Staurolite is referred to as the “Fairy Cross”, and is a talisman of good luck.  It provides overpowering relief from stress, and eliminates depression, addictive personality traits, and over-extension of ones time.  It assists in smoking cessation, as it provides a grounding energy similar to that of tobacco.

Stibnite is a totem for the wolf, bringing fidelity in relationships, stimulating endurance in all matters, and enhancing speed in astral travel – like the wolf.  It increases understanding between oneself and the animal and plant kingdoms. It is a “stone to stabilize ones economy”, providing for fulfillment of ones needs along with some desires.  It relieves rigidity and stiffness.

Stichtite brings a calming peace to the environment where it resides.  It provides for flexibility and openness in opinions and for faithfulness in promises.  It provides companionship for those who are alone and positive behavior modification for children.  Further, it assists one in being gentle with oneself and others.  It is useful in regeneration of skin and increasing the expansion and elasticity of skin during pregnancy.

Stilbite provides for a powerful loving energy in creativity and intuitive endeavors, grounding these in the user. It further synthesizes the manifestation of creativity with actions that are guided intuitively.  It enhances fun during gatherings, and has been used in gridding to stabilize areas of unrest.

Striped Flintstone
Striped Flintstone is found in only one location on the earth – on the Vistula River in Poland.  It is composed of opal, chalcedony, & organic material.  It was used by Neolithic man in ritual and by the ancient Greeks for protection.  It assists one in feeling their connection to nature as well as an increased life force.  It rejuvenates the skin, especially of the face & neck.

Sugilite is the “love stone of this age”, vibrating the spiritual love of All That Is into earth consciousness.  It opens the link between health in the mind and body, and attracts healing power.  It assists in releasing hostility, and in forgiving oneself and others.  It instills inspiration, confidence, and belief in oneself.

Sulphur promotes an abundance of energy and flashes of inspiration.  It stimulates devotion toward the realization of the perfected self, gently melting the barriers blocking progress.  It assists in removing negative willfulness, and eliminates distracting thoughts and emotions.  It synthesizes the energy of the 4 cardinal directions with Mother Earth and Father Sky.

Sunstone clears and energizes the chakras to provide brightness and freshness within them and an overall feeling of being squeaky clean.  It gently removes etheric cords, retuning them lovingly to the sender.  It dissipates fear and stress, and increases vitality, independence, and originality.  It provides “luck” in games, and treats spinal problems.

Tanzanite stimulates the upper 3 chakras, bringing together all aspects of communication and psychic power.  It generates visions of the higher spiritual realms and the ability to communicate these.  It is a “stone of magic” providing perfect symmetry of personal power and actualization.  It brings ones will forward to support manifestation.  It facilitates encounters with other-worldly beings, and elucidates universal mysteries.

Tektites, General
Tektites are meteoritic glass from outer space generally named by the locality upon which they fall.  They encourage the gathering of knowledge from ones travels and travails of life.  They are esteemed as a talisman of great power, bringing magical qualities of the other worlds to the user, and providing protection and nurturing wherever they are placed.  They also provide thought transmission from higher dimensions.

Thulite is a variety of zoisite.  It allows one to examine and integrate ones dualistic nature with love and logic, providing insights into healing the imbalances and recognizing the divine personal nature.  It increases ones focus and direction in action while reducing vanity and conceit, allowing one to realize that outdated behaviors can now be released.

Tiger Eye:  Golden, Red, and Hawk’s Eye
Tiger Eye synthesizes the energies of the Earth and the Sun, providing grounding, practicality, brightness, and optimism, even eliminating the “blues”.  It generates soothing vibrations and peacefulness, providing clarity especially when organizing scattered details.  It balances yin/yang energies and both hemispheres of the brain.  It stimulates wealth and the stability required to maintain it.  Red Tiger Eye is a stimulating stone that overcomes lethargy and provides motivation.  Hawk’s Eye is blue/black tiger eye, and is an excellent grounding stone.  It dissolves restricted and negative thought patterns and ingrained behavior.  It increases vision insight and psychic abilities.

Tiger Iron
Tiger Iron is comprised of golden tiger eye, jasper, and hematite, and has the qualities of each of these 3 minerals.  It also assists in creative endeavors, promoting artistic abilities.  It helps one to find havens of refuge when danger is perceived.  It stimulates physical vitality putting a “tiger in your tank”.

Topaz is a “stone of true love and success in all endeavors”.  It promotes individuality, creativity, and confidence in ones decisions.  It replaces negativity with love and joyfulness. The alternating energy currents within it, act through the laws of attraction and manifestation, to enhance the manifestation process. It brings wealth and health to the user.

Tourmaline, General
Tourmaline clears, maintains, and stimulates all the chakras.  It balances male/female energies, the mind, chakras, and auric field. The striations present in tourmaline allow it to channel and direct energy.  It encourages inspiration and self-confidence.  It diminishes fear by promoting understanding, and balances the left and right sides of the brain.

Turquoise strengthens and aligns all chakras, meridians, and subtle bodies.  It is a master healer and can bring any and all energies to a higher level.  It is a can be used for improved communication, spiritual attunement, grounding and protection.  It improves meditation and furthers peace of mind.  It stimulates the initiation of romantic love.  It strengthens the entire body and ameliorates all dis-eases and disorders, including headaches.

Unakite is an epidote-rich granite containing orthoclase.  It balances the emotional body, aligning it with the higher forces of spirituality. It facilitates the rebirthing process, gently releasing those conditions that have inhibited ones growth and actions. It assists one in going beneath the symptoms of physical dis-ease to find the root cause underlying the condition. It also has all the properties listed under Epidote.

Vanadinite promotes a deep state of meditation, and it creates a clear center flowing from the crown, thru the core of the body, to the feet.  This stimulates all the chakras bringing a deep peace within the soul, and an alignment with the “optimum” self, whose energy is transferred to the cellular structures of the body.  It promotes order, helping one to define goals, and pursue them in an orderly motivated manner.  It treats exhaustion and asthma.

Variscite connects and aligns the ethereal nervous system with the physical one, allowing for the needs of the physical to be met.  It stimulates the heart chakra, bringing love with reasoning to all situations.  It provides courage and tenacity when caretaking an invalid.  It regenerates the elasticity of the skin.

Vesuvianite provides for easy access to the Higher Self and awareness of that which is important for spiritual advancement. It promotes loyalty and cooperation, an excellent gift for newlyweds and business associates.  It assists those endeavoring to invent and discover.  It clears negative thought patterns, dispels anger, banishes depression, and allays fear.

Viking Balls
Viking Balls are siliceous algae and are Fossils formed 65 million years ago.  They provide courage and strength in times of danger.  They have increased athletic abilities to assure winning in competitions and even arguments and to further one’s prowess in action.  One will never be lonely with the energies of the Viking Ball.  They help remove negativity from one’s thoughts and actions, and never need to be cleansed.

The energy of this mineral tends to convey both love and the inspiration for life.  It produces a glowing and pulsating beauty to the user.  It is a “stone for goal-setting”.  It assists one in recognizing that an optimistic goal may always be achieved over the obstacles of reality and the reflections of memory.  It can assist in the alignment of the spine and to treat degeneration of the iris of the eyes.

Waterfall Quartz/Smokey, Rose & Clear
This mineral dispels and protects against depression and despondency.  It assists in stimulating analytical capabilities and precision.  It awakens inherent talents and eliminates erratic and careless behavior.  It is a “stone for dreaming”, bringing flashes of insight through dreams.  It can be used in treatments of motor capabilities, orderly growth of tissues, and to control body temperature and fevers.

Wavellite assists one in looking at the whole picture, prior to making a decision.  It helps one to manage difficult situations and provides information to the Inner Self such that one can recognize both the direct and indirect methods of accomplishing a task.  It is effective during periods of both the new moon and full moon to increase intuitive abilities and to activate inner knowledge.

Wulfenite promotes the acceptance of the existence of the negative aspects in the world, allowing one to recognize the issues and prevent the roadblocks to impede or limit progress towards development. This also allows one to recognize the authoritative game of this plane and to continue in spite of the potential limitations.  It is useful for connecting to higher beings, and the Higher Self.  It has been used for preservation and rejuvenation on all levels.

Zebra Rock
Zebra Rock is a mixture of quartz and basinite.  It is a “stone for the child within” bringing the courage to have fun without thinking about tomorrow.  It brings compassion and understanding for others.  It teaches that the eternal source of energy and love is ever available to increase ones supply.  It is an excellent stone for athletes as it stimulates physical energy, providing stamina, endurance, and the ability to win.

Zincite is very beneficial when working with the lower three chakras as it provides for the synthesis of physical vitality, creativity, and personal power.  It produces electrical currents within the body which assist in releasing energy blockages.  It brings those of like-mind together and assists in building relationships.  It improves the condition of the hair and skin.

Zircon is a “stone of virtue”, balancing ones virtuous nature with universal forces.  It symbolizes innocence, purity, and constancy in ones heart, mind, being, actions, and relationships.  It increases ones hardiness and facilitates continuity in all endeavors.  It treats disorders of the sciatic nerve and the nerve structures which lead away from the spine.