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Mineral Healing Qualities A to M


To support you in your stones selection, Karen has lovingly summarized some of the stone qualities listed in Melody’s book, The Crystal and Mineral Encyclopedia. Please remember that what you find below is just a summary, and there is more to be gained by perusing the Encyclopedia. If you would like to purchase one of Melody’s books, click here.

Please use your intuition and guidance as you make your selection, and do remember that stones are a complimentary therapy, and never more powerful than the user, nor are they a substitute for medical treatment.



Actinolite is a phenomenal shielding device and expands the energy bodies (especially when used with sheen obsidian). This expansion provides for a connection to “All That Is” and facilitates the “brotherhood” of all. Actinolite provides a familiarity or openness to the people one encounters, while eliminating any judgement. It can be used to strengthen basic conditions (abundance for example) and decrease unwanted conditions (such as lack) when consciously directed. Black actinolite produces a “wearing-away” of that which is unwanted, in a gradual and easy transition from one state to the next. Thus, actinolite assists you in creating the life that you desire!

Adamite provides for inner strength when dealing with emotional issues and helps to vocalize personal sentiments quite easily. It instills courage to pioneer into the unknown and stimulates the prosperous conduct of business and the attainment of the material aspects of this reality. It also provides stimulus for one to attempt new things. Adamite has been used in the treatment of disorders of the heart and lungs.

Aegirine can assist in following personal conviction and morality – it provides the strength to be true to oneself. It dispenses with the effects of group pressure, bringing acceptance of the self, without conformance. The utilization of this mineral for energy generation is excellent. It can remove emotional blockages and strengthen personal integrity and conviction. It treats deficiencies of the immune system.

Agate, General
Agate it a form of Chalcedony. In addition to the properties of Chalcedony, it balances the physical, emotional, and intellectual bodies with the etheric energies. It also balances the yin/yang energies. It stimulates analytical capabilities and precision, awakening inherent talents and adroitness. It produces connection with and inspiration from entities in the spiritual world. It strengthens sight, diminishes thirst, and promotes marital fidelity.

Ajoite provides a sweet, loving energy that facilitates one in opening to the Presence of All That Is. It is a master healer, eliminating “negative” energies within the self and filling that space with love. It facilitates speaking from one’s heart and brings peace to one’s emotions. It preserves and rejuvenates on all levels.

Alexandrite is regarded as having regenerative power. It enhances the rebirth of both Inner and Outer Self. This mineral can assist in centering the self, reinforcing self-esteem and in augmenting one’s ability to experience joy. It energetically provides for increased stamina in the physical, mental, and emotional bodies. It has been used in the treatment of regeneration of neurological tissue on the cellular level.

Amazonite soothes the emotional processes and nerves, dispelling worries, and fears as well as irritating and negative energies. It rejuvenates the heart and throat chakras, enhancing communications regarding love. It allows one to simultaneously attune to the spiritual dimension and the province of chaos, thus accessing the harmonious center to synthesize duality. It assists one to both manifest and retain the pure energy of universal love. It balances the male/female energies and is useful for general health maintenance.

Amber exudes a sunny, bright, earthiness that enlivens, balances, and revitalizes the user and environment. It can draw dis-ease from the body and joyfully transform it to positivity. Its bubbles of joy support one in the art of manifestation. Amber can be used in the treatment of throat, kidney, and bladder disorders.

Amethyst is a “stone of spirituality and contentment”, which is useful in meditation, transforming lower energies to higher vibrations. It bestows stability, strength, invigoration, dignity, and peace. It assists in freeing one from addictions and is useful in the treatment of disorders of the nervous system, digestive tract, heart, stomach, skin, and teeth. It ameliorates insomnia and pain, especially headaches.

Amethyst Flower
The Amethyst or Clear Quartz Flower has a plate-like structure with softly ruffled lace and garden-like projections. The name for this type of quartz structure was coined in the 1990’s. In addition to the properties of Amethyst and Quartz, it provides a melding and cohesiveness of the yin/yang forces, bringing details and circumstances to a comfortable and integrated bonding. Its energies produce a dazzling splendor, illuminating far beyond what one can normally see, providing for balance of an equalizing nature. It is a “stone of love”, a “stone of healing”, and a “stone of blessings”. It assists one to forgive oneself and others. Placing an Amethyst Flower in one’s environment eases discouragement and despair. When held, it dispels all types of discomforts and feelings of disorder. It also clears fluids in the cells of the body and promotes the release of impurities.

Ametrine is a natural occurring mixture of Amethyst and Citrine. In addition to the properties of Amethyst and Citrine, it enhances universal equilibrium making a clear connection between the physical form and the spiritual state of perfection. It balances the male/female properties and provides an intellectual synthesis of spirituality. It releases blockages in the physical, mental, emotional, and auric bodies.

Ammonite is a protective stone and gives structure and stability to one’s life, allowing one to be aware of the complete picture during the manifestation process. It enhances one’s personal survival instincts and feelings of completion by taking one deep into the center of the Self. It is useful in both birthing and re-birthing.

Ancestralite (according to Judy Hall) is an amazing stone that helps us to reframe the past and heal the family tree. This stone literally sinks down through the layers of the past to reach the core going right down to the racial and collective levels. It clears the ancestral line of trauma, dramas, ingrained emotions, and imperatives that have passed down the family line for generations. At the same time, it preserves the soul’s learning and spiritual insights so that it can be incorporated into present and future actions to literally enlighten the present and future generations. Ancestralite assists lineage breakers to cut the past, so that toxic karmas and attitudes do not carry forward into future generations. It says: “the buck stops here. It’s up to you so get on with it. Now!” It also cauterizes the etheric body, clearing the imprint of that karma and its effect on the present life body. It is particularly useful when a parent needs to release feeling overly responsible for a child, who was ill or in any way disabled during childhood, but who has now grown to adulthood. The stone assists in standing on your own two feet. In scrying, Ancestralite facilitates in accessing and reading the Akashic Records.

Angel Aura Quartz
Angel Aura Quartz is Quartz that has been plated Gold and Platinum. In addition to the properties of Quartz, Gold, and Platinum, it also brings the lovely harmony of the angelic realm to sooth one’s temperament and to remove the ragged edges from the aura and from one’s manifestation of the “everyday” life. Its energy can be used at the throat chakra when one desires to speak “sweetly”. It is helpful in romantic pursuits, child-care, caring for the elderly, and in all healing situations.

Angelite is a “stone for raising conscious awareness”. It provides a protective shield and is an excellent balancing agent. It is a telepathic sender and receiver. It dispels anger and represents peace to the world. It was discovered in Peru during the Harmonic Convergence and is a symbol of the verbalization and communication of love and light to the world.

Apache Gold
Apache Gold is a combination of Pyrite and Steatite. In addition to the properties of these minerals, it can be used to produce a state of mind free from impressions. It allows one to see the duality of one’s nature, rectifying the negative, and building the positive. It is an excellent stone for grounding during meditation, bringing clarity to “no-mind” meditation, while providing a protective environment. It can be used to treat disorders of the teeth and enhance the integrity of bones. It can be used in the treatment of hearing disorders.

Apache Tears
Apache Tears is a form of Obsidian. In addition to the properties of Obsidian, it comforts in times of grief. It promotes a forgiving attitude and assists in the release of grievances held against another. It stimulates analytical capabilities and spontaneity. It removes barriers that are self-limiting. It eliminates toxins from the body and alleviates muscle spasms.

Apatite is a “stone of the future” bringing knowledge and clearing mental confusion. It stimulates the intellect, promoting the realization that one’s strength occurs through both spiritual avenues and via love, hence dissolving aloofness and negativity. It stimulates the development of all psychic abilities and deeper states of meditation. It enhances creativity and allows every chakra to function properly. It suppresses hunger. It treats cancer and disorders of the eyes and lungs.

Apophyllite is a member of the Zeolite group. In addition to the properties of Zeolite, it allows one to make a connection between the body and the spiritual realm, supporting the attunement to both. It allows one to both recognize and act upon the truth in all situations. It facilitates astral travel and the remembrance of information gleaned on the journey. It enhances mindful analysis tinged with universal love, encouraging one to seek, recognize, and correct deficiencies, while reflecting the naturalness of the state of Perfection.

Aqua Aura Quartz
Aqua Aura Quartz is Quartz that has been plated with Gold. In addition to the properties of Quartz and Gold, it can be used to activate the energy of other minerals for healing. It stimulates and opens the throat chakra, encouraging the ability to channel. It has been used extensively to cleanse and to smooth the aura, to activate all chakras, and to release negativity from one’s emotional, physical, intellectual, and spiritual bodies.

Aquamarine emits a gentle, compassionate energy, providing a flow of ease and lightness, while maintaining balance and order. This has the feeling of liquid protection. It encourages the innate ability to “always be prepared”. It supports the throat chakra and enhances communication. It accelerates the reasoning processes and makes one unconquerable through learning – not only about the physical world, but about oneself. It brings toleration to those who are judgmental and is known as the “stone of courage”. It has been used in the treatment of swollen glands, to improve vision, and to maintain the teeth.

Aragonite provides ease in centering oneself during periods of stress and anger, or before meditation. It gives insight into problems and can stimulate communication with the higher planes. It enhances patience and the ability to handle many responsibilities. It also enhances reliability, practicality, discipline, and scheduling regarding commitments. It can be used to alleviate chills and bring warmth to the extremities. It improves Vitamin A & D deficiencies.

Astrophyllite is a “stone of marriage”, bringing blissfulness to the relationship and the home. It promotes commitment, fidelity, truthfulness, and openness in relationships. It produces the recognition of one’s inherent self-esteem and knowledge that “we are, in fact, all stars”. It shows one that as one door closes, another door opens. It has been used in the treatment of disorders of the reproductive system and in regeneration at the cellular level.

Atacamite has been used to prevent assault and to remove one from situations which are potentially dangerous. It brings an energy of warning, which is noticed when one has the potential to encounter danger and furthers an easily accessible escape. It is a “stone of self-motivation”, marshalling the feelings of enthusiasm, zeal, and confidence. It is a healer of the spirit, providing for a soothing energy and peace of mind. It has been used in the treatment of arthritis, disorders of the eyes, convulsions, and seizures, and to promote flexibility in muscular structure.

Aventurine balances and aligns the physical, emotional, intellectual, and auric bodies, making the optimal structure and action inherent in one’s being. The green version clears, activates, and protects the heart chakra. It balances the male/female energies, enhancing creativity and motivation. It reinforces decisiveness and amplifies leadership abilities. It has been used in the treatment of disorders of the lungs, heart, adrenal glands and the muscular and urogenital systems.

Azurite enhances creativity, mellows the intellect with love, helps one to maintain communication for the “heart space”, and stimulates one’s compassionate and empathic nature. It also enhances self-confidence, allowing for invincibility when required. It is a “stone of heaven”, guiding one to the heavenly self via the third eye. It awakens the psychic self, giving insight into all areas of one’s life, while supporting clarity in verbalization. By holding the stone and asking for release of the problem, it eliminates indecision, worries, and impediments. It treats disorders of spinal alignment and releases toxins.  View our Azurite here.

Azurite/Malachite is a copper mixed mineral containing both Azurite and Malachite. In addition to the properties of these two stones, it draws one to touch the depths of their inner world, eliciting flexibility, flow in action, and the daringness to go beyond limitations. It calms emotionally charged thoughts, while generating rationality. It dispels conceit, arrogance, and vanity, while instilling true individuality. It facilitates healing and promotes happiness of spirit. It has been used in the treatment of the circulatory system, bones, teeth, skin, ulcers, and asthma.

Barite motivates going for one’s dreams without restraint. It enhances friendship, harmony, and love, while providing insight into relationships. It allows for the release of trapped emotions and feelings, yielding calm and self-assurance. It creates freedom from the requirements of others and the self! It soothes the nervous system, removes toxins, and assists in the recovery from addictions.

Benitoite is a great benefactor to the well being of the physical, emotional, and intellectual selves; it helps one to realize that the passage through time and space is not arbitrary or indiscriminate and that one is, in the right place at the right time, at all times. It brings lightness and joy with depth of both beauty and thought to the user, enhancing movement and activity. It provides an excellent energy when one is tired or weary.

Black Tourmaline
Black Tourmaline repels and protects against negativity, acting as an energy deflector. It activates grounding between the first chakra and the center of the Earth, providing well-being on the physical plane. It increases physical vitality, emotional stability, and intellectual acuity, maintaining one’s “spirit” even during conditions of “gloom and doom”. It stimulates and balances the adrenal glands. In addition, it has the properties listed under Tourmaline, General.

Bloodstone is an intense healing stone and a “stone of courage”. It facilitates the understanding of mysticism and access to spiritual intuition. It teaches one to “be here now” and provides physical, emotional, and mental renewal, while also revitalizing relationships and love. It supports in the demonstration of selflessness and idealism, improves talents and abilities, enhances creativity, and promotes decision-making. It eliminates toxins from the body and blood and stabilizes blood flow.

Blue Lace Agate
Blue Lace Agate contains the properties of flight, air, movement, and grace. It activates the top 4 chakras assisting one to enter extremely high spiritual states of awareness. It promotes cohesiveness in thought and maintenance of the state of health. It treats arthritis, disorders of the pancreas, and other digestive glands. In addition, it has the properties listed under Agate, General.

Blue Opal (Owyhee)
Blue Opal stimulates communication skills, giving one the courage to voice thoughts and information previously withheld. It provides both the freedom and courage to speak openly, while imparting the wisdom to recognize those who will accept such communications. It stimulates creativity and ingenuity in connecting with others. It has also been used to balance the metabolism, assist in iron assimilation, and to treat fatigue and hair loss. In addition, Blue Opal has all the properties listed under Opal, General.

Blue Phantom Quartz
Blue Phantom Quartz is quartz with a blue tourmaline inclusion. It activates the throat chakra, enhancing self-expression and verbalization of psychic knowledge. It assuages anxiety and dispels anger. It brings an awakening to new alliances and support to relationships. It treats disorders of the spleen, endocrine system, and blood, and stabilizes metabolic processes.

Blue Tourmaline/Indicolite
Blue Tourmaline/Indicolite activates the throat and third eye chakras, strengthening communication and psychic awareness. It assists one in relating to others in a loving manner, and living in harmony with one’s environments – people, places, things. It activates the movement toward service to humanity, and recognition of the rewards of service. In addition, it has all the properties listed under Tourmaline, General.

Boji Stones
Boji Stones generally come in pairs – male and female. They are excellent grounding stone’s which align the subtle bodies and balance and align the chakras, producing overall balance in the body and energy fields. They are useful in the removal of energy blockages, and in cleaning, charging, and filling voids in the aura.

Bornite brings freshness and newness to one’s life. It is a “stone of happiness”. It assists one in recognizing there is no need for deficiency in any aspect of life. It protects from negative energy bombardment and assists in the recognition of the source of negativity. It is an excellent healing stone. It performs a major role in the amelioration of the origin, nature and course of disease.

Botswana Agate
Botswana Agate stimulates exploration of the unknown and furthers one’s quest towards enlightenment. It enhances creativity and releases emotional repression. It encourages conscientiousness and vigilance. It stimulates the crown chakra, encouraging eternal love and its constancy. It removes toxins and ameliorates depression and stress. In addition, it has all the properties listed under Agate, General.

Boulder Opal
Boulder opal provides connections and communications with the star families in a grounded manner. It clears the “muddy” energies in an aura, stimulating healing. It “sweeps the cobwebs” from one’s mind, enhancing mental clarity, emotional security, physical well-being, and spiritual progression towards a perfect state.

Brookite helps one to withstand intolerable situations, and to flow with the moment. It can dispel lethargy and apathy, prompting one’s hidden energy toward responsiveness. It attracts and retains energy. It can be used to energize chakras, energy fields, the environment, and other stones. It is an excellent grounding stone and brings forth a facilitating energy when initiating contact with extra-terrestrial beings. It has been used in the treatment of debilitating conditions, circulation problems, and fertility issues.

Brucite brings “pure energy”, a flame which is eternal, to a new project or relationship, such that one can proceed with strength and acceleration. It provides mental flexibility and supports insights into solutions. Brucite facilitates the “perfect break” when one wishes to break away. It provides a supportive energy to allow one to separate and detach from any unwanted conditions, circumstances, and persons. Brucite can be used to eliminate “heat” from heated discussions and is an excellent energy for communication and group interaction. It provides for the purification, cleansing and elimination of the causes leading to inferiority. It has been used in the treatment of infectious and intestinal disorders.

Bumblebee Jasper
Bumblebee Jasper helps to rid one of unrest in life. It helps to rid one of cabin fever. It has been used to link us to the Elvin Forest. It brings about prosperity. It brings warning when the soul is in need. It helps to stabilize one’s life and soul in areas where there is instability.

Calcite releases electrical impulses when placed under pressure. It amplifies energy and reminds us of our innate perfection by providing an unlimited source of tender loving power. Calcite is a world teacher, providing macrocosmic awareness, and respect for the powers of nature. Placing calcite of the appropriate color on a chakra, simultaneously clears & activates that chakra and then all other chakras via a sweeping action. It supports the kidneys, pancreas, and spleen.  View our Calcite here.

Calcite Fairy Stones
Calcite Fairy Stones are natural shapes that look like ancient earth goddesses, little aliens, or whatever else you can imagine. If one of these adopts you, it acts like a “little helper”, taking care of details while providing a safe and nurturing space for both practical and spiritual work. They have a strong link to the nurturing energies of Mother Earth and to female power. They teach care and concern for the planet and all those upon it at a pragmatic level. They also assist in dismantling one’s defensive walls built around old hurt that lock one into pain. They dissolve conditioned survival reactions (fight/flight/freeze), teaching one how to respond positively to each new situation. They release arthritic pain and dissolves calcifications. (From Judy Hall)

Calcite “Schmoos”
Calcite “Schmoos” (pear-like), also known as Glendonite, is a combination of calcite pseudomorphed after Ikaite and finely grained sandstone. It enhances emotional intelligence, patience, and the development of “people” skills. In relationships, it reduces the impulse to control others. It is an optimistic, delightful stone, heightening one’s state of well-being. It eradicates worries, depression, and anger, while assisting with variations, progressions, and transitions in one’s life. It provides a grounding force, allowing for an increase in mental faculties, while stimulating amiability towards others, and a sense of being in the moment. It has been used to ameliorate physical instability, bone loss, restrictions in the muscular system, and disorders of the pancreas.

Caledonite can assist with public speaking, bringing calmness & clarity. It brings energy to eliminate external restrictions, while clearing ideas & conditions that restrict one’s emotional expression and physical movements. It initiates the opening of psychic powers and facilitates intuition, stimulating the 3rd, 5th, & 6th chakras. It enhances the healing of wounds.

Candle Quartz
Candle Quartz is a “stone for the luminaries” of our Earth, providing for thought transmission between luminaries of other worlds, and bringing insight for the healing of the Earth. It also provides insight into the damage we cause to our physical, emotional, and intellectual bodies while allowing one to stop and heal the causal behaviors. It is a tranquilizing stone, dissipating tedious & oppressive tendencies and environments. It strengthens the entire body, regulates the flow of insulin, and assists in the treatment of headaches.

Carnelian provides inspiration from and connection with the spiritual worlds. Its message is “since one is love, there is nothing to do but offer the love”. It provides insight between one’s emotional state and the inner condition of the self. It increases physical energy, personal power, creativity, compassion, and analytical capabilities. It protects against envy, fear, and rage, and banishes sorrow. In addition, it has all the properties listed under Agate, General.

Cat’s Eye Opal
Cat’s Eye Opal can be used to automatically align the chakras and to provide grounding simultaneously. It stimulates communication and psychic awareness on all levels. It dispels estrangement, resentment, and frustration and induces one to persist in the endeavors/situations which will further one’s progression. It has been used as a symbol for continuation of marriage pledges and to assure commitments in personal alliances, in spiritual growth, and in business relationships. It stimulates the energy of the heart chakra, the crown chakra, and the intellect, providing for love with rationality and no conditions. It stimulates an “outreach” energy to bring love to one and to allow one to recognize compassion and caring when it comes one’s way. The radiant light emitted by this mineral brings an enhancement of one’s aura and a shining reflective nature to one’s being. It has been used in the treatment of broken bones, disorders of the skeletal, nervous, and circulatory systems. It has also been used in the treatment of retinal damage, and near-sighted anomalies.

Cavansite can be used to stimulate the intuition, instill second sight and to activate channeling abilities. It prompts reflection, inspires conception of new ideas, and assists in the removal of faulty thoughts and beliefs. It has been used to bring the physical, mental, and emotional bodies to convergence, such that all are working together to create the reality which is desired. It treats disorders of the eyes, teeth and blood.

Celestite provides access to the angelic realms and assists in the comprehension and advancement of one’s spirituality. It is a “stone for balance”, equilibrating outside forces. It is a “stone of astral travel” and assists in dream recall. It assuages despair, bringing calmness and harmony. It is an excellent healing stone transmuting pain and chaos to love and light. It heightens one’s powers of rationality and organization of project/ideas.

Chalcedony, General
Chalcedony balances the energy of the body, mind, emotions, and spirit. It alleviates hostility, irritability, and melancholy, and enhances generosity, responsiveness, and receptivity. It is a “stone to encourage brotherhood among all”, symbolizing benevolence and good will, resulting from the nurturing energy within the stone.

Chalcopyrite can assist in finding “lost” objects. It possesses an energy which can remove energy blockages and can totally open the crown chakra, cleansing and activating at the same time. It is excellent for use in meditation and assists one in attaining and in maintaining the state. It can inspire the infinite energies of the universe to activate the maintaining energies of the body. Used to treats bronchitis and disorders of the lungs.

Charoite is a “stone of magical properties”, allowing magic into one’s life. It synthesizes the heart and crown chakras, and grounds the spiritual self. It enhances acceptance of others and the ability to perceive self-inflicted lessons. It is a “stone of transformation” transmuting negativity as well as dis-ease. It assists in the realization that as one door closes, another opens.

Chevron Amethyst
Chevron Amethyst is known as one of the finest third eye stone’s and facilitates auric cleansing. It is a “stone for journeying”, and for Inner Self evaluation and evolution. It allows one to gain knowledge in the arts of spiritual healing. It provides positive solutions to any problem. It releases resistance and repels negativity. It eliminates headaches and pain. In addition, it has all the properties listed under Amethyst.

Chiastolite opposes and thwarts contrary actions. It can be helpful during the state of change, assisting one to traverse disquieting situations and to gain a foothold in the new. It can be instrumental in both astral and mind travel. It can be used for problem solving. Also, it assists in both creativity and practicality, balancing one’s perspective in all matters. It can be used to increase the secretion of milk in nursing mothers.

Chlorite is one of the most favorable healing stones, as all the properties are overwhelmingly positive. It is a purifier and quite useful for cleansing the aura, and chakras. It attacks anger, hostility and exasperation and dissipates the dissenting energy. It brings the healing energies of the Earth to all situations and areas of one’s life. It can be used to eliminate toxins from the body.

Chrysanthemum Stone
Chrysanthemum Stone assists in accessing information from the ancient sacred texts and the Akashic records, providing clarity in interpretation. It is a “stone of re-affirmation” assisting in the adjustment to change, the execution of plans, and the acceptance of new responsibility. It is an excellent dream stone, directing dreams towards a pre-determined subject. It treats disorders of the eyes, spine, and legs.

Chrysoberyl provides for an increase in personal power and spirituality. It is a “stone of immortality”, assisting one to both overcome and to progress towards excellence.  It elevates one’s sense of self-worth. It allows one to forgive family members or friends who may have done an injustice. It brings peace of mind to the user.  It allows one to see the good in one’s surroundings and to understand opposing views.  It helps one to release and to discontinue unproductive energy patterns. Chrysoberyl can be used to regulate the secretion of adrenaline and to moderate cholesterol levels.

Chrysocolla provides life-giving and creative feminine energy. It allows for attunement and communication with the Earth to promote healing of self and planet. It promotes inner strength, physical vitality, and support during stressful times. It heals emotional heartache, provides patience, and eliminates negativity. It regulates insulin/blood sugar and supports the lungs.

Chrysoprase opens and activates the heart chakra, sending energy to the physical body from the loving energy of the heart. It instills a loving state of grace, facilitating meditation and compassion. It provides for non-judgmental attitudes and actions and acceptance of self and others. It heals a broken heart, enabling understanding of the patterns of growth. It encourages fidelity in business and personal affairs. In addition, it has all the properties listed under Chalcedony, General.

Chrysotile brings the energy to support one in “finding” the “true” self by clearing the “baggage” of the past and by recognizing one’s individual controlling modes. It assists one in the release of control “over” others, yet assists one in maintaining control with respect to one’s life. It also brings the energy of resourcefulness and integrity and serves to instill honesty and sincerity. It has been used in the treatment of veins, arteries, lungs, M.S., tissue regeneration and chronic fatigue.

Cinnabar stimulates dignity, vitality, and power, and promotes the joy of giving of oneself. It connects one with the source of All That Is, teaching that “everything is, indeed, OK”. It extracts energy blockages and easily aligns the chakras. It is a “stone of the merchant”, assisting in the acquisition and maintenance of wealth and is beneficial in business and finance.

Citrine never needs to be cleansed as it does not retain negative energy, but rather dissipates and transmutes it, bringing forward a happy disposition. It assists in dispensing the fundamental levels of fear, bringing emotional/intellectual balance. It is an excellent stone for clearing the aura. It is a “stone for the merchant”, assisting in acquiring/maintaining wealth. It aids in digestion and disorders thereof.

Clevelandite supports the conception of plans and the necessary steps to actualization, while substantiating one’s plans and goals. Its energy spans the life forces of all realms, bringing knowledge of one’s current condition, and one’s personal perfected state. It furthers relationships and assists one in all undertakings. It ameliorates the deficiencies which underlie bronchial asthma, allergies, skin diseases, ulcerative colitis, and heart disease.

Cobalto-calcite symbolizes unconditional love and forgiveness. It is a stone of self-discovery; it connects the heart with the mind. Psychologically, it helps to transfer ideas into action without forcing the pace. It harmonizes the intellect and the emotions bringing the two into balance. It helps with loneliness, grief, and broken hearts. It helps heal on the emotional level by erasing scars and bringing more love into the physical body.

Copper promotes love, loving thoughts, and loving ways. It is a bestower of good and brings good luck. It stimulates initiative, optimism, diplomacy, and independence. It combats lethargy, passivity, restlessness, and non-acceptance of oneself. It activates the first 2 chakras and directs the energies of intuition, sexuality, desire, and vitality towards the pursuit of one’s evolution.

Red Coral
Red Coral helps one to be in harmony with the natural forces of the universe and with the wilderness within one’s own being. It provides for practicality with respect to one’s avocation. It has been used to protect from both depression and despondency. It has been used in the treatment of hiccups, colic, and heartburn. Red Coral has also been used to stimulate the metabolic processes and to provide for release of impurities from the muscular system.

Cornetite has a very similar chemical formula to turquoise, but it is much rarer. Cornetite is a copper phosphate, while turquoise is a copper aluminum phosphate. Cornetite is a “stone for exploration into the unknown”, providing one with both enterprise and direction. It helps one to maintain freedom and assists one in the process of adequate deliberation prior to decisions. Using it in the area of the head has increased awareness, lessened headaches, and stimulated mental acuity. It also helps one “bear the load” with patience and fortitude, acknowledging problems and advancing towards solutions.

Covellite stimulates the third eye chakra, initiating psychic power. It enhances communication & positive verbalization. It transforms conscious dreams into realities. It assists one in maintaining self-esteem without conceit. It assists in matters of birth and rebirth, teaching that to be born again is to release the past and see the present without anxiety or disapproval. It treats cancer and eliminates toxins.

Crazy Lace Agate
Crazy Lace Agate is also known as Mexican Lace Agate. In addition to the properties of Chalcedony and Agate, it can be used to help one to reach extremely high physical levels. It is also helpful during physical bio-rhythmic “lows” and brings the physical energies into a balanced and steady state while increasing one’s energy level. It helps one to understand the plan of the “perfect human” – providing insight into the many paths which are available to uplift one’s awareness. It allows one to laugh heartily, and to comprehend the games of this world. It has been used in the treatment of the heart and to provide vitality to the vital organs. As an elixir, it soothes, smooths, and treats disorders of the skin.

Creedite aligns the throat and crown chakras, enhancing one’s spirituality. It is a great tool to use in channeling meditations to provide clarity in verbalizing the transmitted messages. It promotes motivation towards an objective and insight into the release of any obstacles. It assists in mending broken bones and torn muscles.

Cuprite stimulates the base chakra, while providing a grounding effect on the total body. It can increase physical vitality and energy. This mineral has been used as a survival tool, attracting that which can satisfy one’s physical needs. It has been used to alleviate worries, especially worries that concern situations where one has no control. It has been used to treat bladder, kidney and reproductive disorders.

Dalmation stone
Dalmation stone is a Microcline with Tourmaline. In addition to these stone’s properties, Dalmation stone provides for a foundation in issues of self-realization and self-love. It sustains allegiance, constancy, devotion, and fidelity while stimulating the playful side of one’s nature. It teaches that as long as we are learning and growing, we are fulfilling our purpose. It cleanses dysfunctional and negative energy from the auric field.

Danburite encourages you to “let your light shine” and assists people in getting along with each other. It rectifies recalcitrant attitudes. It is a powerful intellectual activator, promoting the use of the mind with common sense. It removes toxins from the body. The pink variety activates the heart chakra promoting self-love, while also releasing old “baggage” within the family.

Dark Pink Tourmaline/Rubellite
Dark Pink Tourmaline/Rubellite stimulates the base chakra, providing for a pathway to the heart, which intensifies devotion. It activates all the properties of the base chakra, providing physical energy and vitality. It stimulates the healing properties of the heart and the associated attributes of loving consciousness. In addition, it has all the properties listed under Tourmaline, General.

Datolite can help bring one closer to people that one loves, both in heart and physical distance! It can instill an understanding of transience to those experiencing changes; allowing one to know that all situations will eventually fade into the aspect of selective memory. It can assist one with both problem-solving and with the remembering of significant details. It can be used to increase one’s stature and respect. It has been used in the treatment of diabetes and hypoglycemia. It enhances memory and motor skills.

Diamond is known as the “king of the crystals”, symbolizing the central “sun” a force which never requires re-charging. It can instill the aspect of trust to one’s relationship and situation. When a diamond is freely given, the ties between the “giver” and the recipient have been enhanced. It is known as the “stone of innocence”. It can remove voids from the aura and fill the emptiness with a loving energy of purity.

Diopside stimulates the intellect and provides assistance in math, and analytical pursuits. It enhances academic learning, and couples the practical side of one’s nature to both the sciences and the arts. It helps wield pride objectively, providing humility and respect of the superior exhibition of intelligence. It allows one to realize that the strength of the opposition is less than that which is in oneself. Helps calm pets.

Dioptase is one of the best healing stones of this age. It powerfully gets to the heart of the matter and heals it, relieving “things” that hurt in general. It eliminates feelings and situations of scarcity and oppression. It assists in the enrichment of one’s life, environment, and planet. Living in the moment is the energy of this lovely mineral. It also eases high blood pressure, stress, and tension.

Dumortierite can be used to reduce excitability and to eliminate stubbornness, while assisting in the facilitation of the continuance of “standing up” for oneself. It can also assist in providing the stamina to retain the self when one is subjected to harsh uncomfortable environments. It assists in the centering of the entire being. It is a “stone of patience”, allowing for the recognition of the potential of those with whom one is involved. The blue/violet colors of this stone can stimulate verbalization of spiritual ideas, and the pink/brown colors can provide grounding in love matches, while clearing unsettled areas in relationships. It provides strength in dealing with conditions of dis-ease, and insight into the basis of a condition to assist one in understanding and correcting the cause.

Elestial Quartz
Elestial Quartz is the “enchanted Crystal”, bringing with it the concepts of Lord Shiva, the great transformer. It allows for a flow during changes and actualization, instilling a sense of newness. It assists in overcoming emotional burdens, bringing the heart and intellect into synchronicity so the ever-present love and immortal spiritual being within can be experienced. It can stimulate the chakras, bringing forth indispensable subconscious information and giving support while clearing the issues at the causal level. It can stabilize brain wave frequencies and ameliorate erratic and confused thoughts. It assists in summoning vitality to advance toward the eternal brilliance of the spiritual self. It can stimulate the abilities of clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience. It assists in the restoration of emotional and intellectual stability. It diminishes vertigo and symptoms associated with physical imbalances.

Emerald is the “stone of successful love”, providing domestic bliss and instilling sensitivity and loyalty within the self and others. Emerald opens, activates, and stimulates the heart chakra, while quieting the emotions and bringing harmony. It stimulates greater mental capacity and eliminates negativity from one’s life, bringing forth positive actions to support one’s lifework.

Epidote increases that which one attunes it to. It augments things of the material world – wealth, possessions, relationships, employment, etc., as well as the properties of other stones. It dispels criticality, enhances perception, participation, interaction, and personal power. It treats disorders of the thyroid, brain, and nervous system.

Eudialyte is the “stone of the heartland”, opening and activating the heart chakra. It represents the perfection of the unconditional spiritual love of All That Is, allowing it to manifest on the Earth plane. It stimulates a resonant love of the perfect state of the universe, which can be felt by others. It dispels jealousy and facilitates absent forgiveness.

Faden Quartz
Faden Quartz is a crystal containing an inclusion of one or more white thread-like fibrous formations. Faden means thread in German. It is a crystal of connection - between oneself and the chosen recipient. It is a “stone for astral travel”. It facilitates “mending” on all levels, guiding one to the causal, actions/belief systems, and healing the disorder as well. It provides information for rejuvenating/recovering from any disorder.

Fire Opal
Fire Opal has an energy conducive to mystery, variety, progress, and change. It assists one in reflecting upon the many facets of one’s life and understanding the basis behind the changing tides of one’s existence. It can add brilliance and clarity to the reflective processes and can instill a sense of feeling for the kaleidoscopic mysteries of life. It assists one in maintaining balance during stressful situations and provides an added energy to ameliorate feelings of burn out. It brings hope in the future, faith in the self.

Flame Aura Quartz
Flame Aura assists in traversing the space between a stone and the user, so that the energies meld into an orderly system for use and energy transfer. It enhances one’s ability to “read” people and understand that which is communicated. It assists in meditation and in stimulating the movement of the Kundalini to the crown chakra, aligning the chakras during the excursion. It has been used in the treatment of multiple sclerosis to produce stability.

Flower Agate
Flower agate has a gentle and nourishing energy resembling a field of flowers. The circles and dots represent seeds, and the floral plumes represent the blossom, reminding us that we start out as seeds, then grow and blossom. It assists to envision the process of growth, honoring and appreciating each part of the process. It supports one in reaching our highest potential, protecting us from fears and self-doubt. It inspires one to manifest and nurture our dreams. It has a feminine and maternal presence that is comforting and grounding but at the same time, its appearance is enchanting and almost ethereal. It provides the ideal environment for restoring emotional balance and recovery and in moving forward in life with grace and confidence. (from; follows Judy Hall)

Fluorite, General
Fluorite brings order and structure to chaos while representing the height of mental achievement. It increases the ability to naturally focus and concentrate by attuning the mind to highest mind. It is known as a stone of discernment and aptitude. It provides insight into the balance needed for relationships, while providing a stabilizing energy in which groups and individuals may flourish. It dissipates viral and bacterial infections.

Frondelite is a rare mineral and one of the few stones that never needs to be cleansed. It has been used to smooth the aura, to soothe the chakras, and to open and activate the solar plexus. It automatically aligns the chakras without conscious direction. It assists one in qualifying for employment opportunities. It assists one in being untouched by chaos and brings coherence to thoughts. Melody terms it a “stone of noblesse oblige” (nobility), as it fosters honorable conduct & distinguished & refined action, while supporting one in realizing, without guilt, that “Too much of a good thing is wonderful!” It has been used in the treatment of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and ear-nose disorders, to name a few.

Fuchsite eliminates issues of servitude, allowing one to know their innate perfection. During meditation, it allows access to information regarding one’s physical life, including health, schedules, career, etc. It helps one to “bounce back” after intense physical and/or emotional situations. It facilitates the transfer of energy from other stones and stabilizes the alignment of the spine.

Fulgurite is a rare natural glass tube formed when lightning strikes sand/rock. It initiates and maintains connections between the Higher, Conscious, and Inner Selves. It enhances communication on the physical plane and strengthens the connection with other worlds and their beings. It alleviates distractions and improves concentration. It treats disorders of the ear, nose, throat, intestinal walls, colon, and esophagus.

Garnet is a “stone of health” providing vitality by extracting negative energy and creating a balanced energy flow. It supports the movement of the Kundalini and powers one’s motivation. It is a “stone of commitment”, bringing with it devotion, love, warmth and understanding. It enhances one’s internal fire, bringing creative powers to the stage of implementation. It treats spinal and cellular disorders.

Garnierite is a nickel ore primarily consisting of hydrated silicates of Magnesium and Nickel. It opens one to the magnificence within, bringing recognition and appreciation of self, thus enhancing self-esteem and self-confidence. It activates the heart chakra to support healing on all levels via the heart center. It allows the love of the Universe to permeate the entire cellular structure. It dispels martyrdom, resentment, and despair. It enhances one’s recuperative and regenerative capabilities. It has been used in the treatment of the wrists, forearms, vertebrae, and the spinal cord.

Gaspeite provides success to endeavors. It is said to bring healing powers to the user and to provide protection from all dangers occurring on the physical plane. It can be used to attract friendship or business. This mineral enhances impartiality, facilitates resolution, and allows one to endure individually when conditions demand. It assists one in understanding that it is “okay” to ask for and accept help from others.

Gibbsite is an aluminum hydroxide. It can be used to provide independence in employment and initiative toward accomplishment. It allows one to release inhibitions, bringing power in decisions and spontaneity in actions. It can assist one to see the “big picture” in situations and increase one’s abilities in articulation. It stimulates the receiving nature, allowing for recognition of information from other realms. It can be used in the treatment of disorders of the neck, upper back and arms, and for swelling reduction.

Golden Labradorite
Golden Labradorite is a feldspar also known as Bytownite. It is a “stone of transformation” helping one to see what is hidden to improve decision-making. It provides an excellent energy for expecting miracles in one’s life. It is a “stone for the intellect” facilitating intellectual growth and higher test scores. It assists in determining one’s “life purpose”.

Golden Stellar Beam Calcite
Golden Stellar Beam Calcite emanates the “new” reality of living as a human crystal; continuously manifesting the light force in the physical life. It generates courage and strength, initiating increased vital force. It releases the false security of old patterns. It is a powerful tool to assist in moving beyond the limited preconceptions of the mind and into the infinite possibilities of spirit. In addition, it has all the properties listed under Calcite.

Gold Sheen Obsidian
Gold Sheen Obsidian can be used for “gazing”, providing information concerning the “root” of the problem or situation. It reflects what is needed within one’s life and provides insights into actions which will bring those needs to fruition. It assists in the elimination of ego along with conflicts and feelings of futility. It allows one to attain communion with the source of all being. In addition, it has all the properties listed under Obsidian.

Goshenite is the clear variety of Beryl. It encourages truth in one’s words and brings one toward a state of plenitude and comfort. It assists one to maintain composure and self-control through the “surprises” of life. It is an excellent stone for stabilizing relationships, and facilitates creativity, originality, and aesthetically rewarding pursuits. It can open and activate the crown chakra, bringing one a loving and companionable energy. It can be used in the treatment of afflictions which indicate that one is being influenced by outside forces.

Grand Formation
Grand Formation is defined by Melody as “one which is comprised of, usually, several minerals (or occasionally one mineral which exhibits very unique properties), bringing in the properties of same and the synthesis of the minerals (and/or structure) to produce additional properties; it is one through which we may access knowledge of other civilizations/other worlds and gain knowledge of activities/actions of those times/places; it has come to us at this time to assist in many activities associated with the furtherance of the ‘brotherhood” and the actualization of innate perfection.”

Green Opal
Green Opal can be used to assist one in rational fasting, understanding of healthy dietary habits, and in cleansing the body internally to promote rejuvenation. It can be used to promote a relaxed state similar to meditation. The energy instills knowledge that one is always in control and may command the outcome of one’s life. Green Opal can be used in the treatment of colds, flus, fevers and to strengthen the immune system.

Green Tourmaline
Green Tourmaline opens the heart chakras and assisting in “seeing from the heart”. It holds the essence of the plant kingdom and is useful in healing plants and the study/practice of herbalism. It inspires creativity and attracts success, prosperity, and abundance. It facilitates weight loss and assists in healing psychological problems related with the father or other male forces in one’s life. In addition, it has all the properties listed under Tourmaline, General.

Grossular Garnet
Grossular Garnet strengthens stability in both challenges and lawsuits. It transforms the lower forms of response and reaction to loving forms of reply. It inspires ideals of service, providing for cooperative effort and ingenuity in maintaining the effort. It enhances fertility when consciously directed, and assists in the assimilation of Vitamin A. In addition, it has all the properties listed under Garnet.

Halite enhances good will, elevates one’s moods, ameliorates mood swings, and diminishes negativity. It heals the “mood of abandonment”, inciting initiative and independent thought. It produces clarity of mind and can be used to increase strength during physical activities. Pink halite clears the heart chakra and dispels oppression.

Hanksite is an excellent stone to use during meditation and during advancement towards spirituality. It facilitates the death process and assists in understanding the unwanted changes experienced during this lifetime. It provides insights into the difference between “wants” and “needs”. It ameliorates head colds and stimulates hair growth and general well-being.

Harlequin Quartz
Harlequin Quartz contains red dots/strings of hematite and generally comes from Madagascar. In addition to the properties listed under Quartz and Hematite, it provides a beautiful “dancing” energy, which stimulates the energy flow on all levels. It can stimulate the base chakra and provide a direct pathway between the base and the heart chakras, intensifying devotional proclivities. It provides physical energy and vitality to the body, activating the “will” to progress. It stimulates the healing properties of the heart and the associated attributes of loving consciousness. It has been used in the treatment of depression and despondency. It has been used in the treatment of disorders related to the veins, intravascular coagulation of the blood in the circulatory system, mental acuity, memory, imbalances in the thyroid, and atrophy of the thymus.

Heliodor activates the solar plexus and crown chakras, bringing balance between the intuitive and conscious levels of oneself. It eliminates duality within one’s character, leading one to higher knowledge. It assists one in displaying sympathetic and compassionate understanding and appreciation. It protects by surrounding a white/golden light around people or an object.

Hematite provides grounding and protection, dissolving negativity while transforming it to universal love. It attracts “kind” love and assists one in perceiving the illusion of limitations. It is a “stone of the mind”, enhancing mental capacities while providing calmness. It facilitates the attainment of peace, self-control, and inner happiness. It assists in the focusing of energy and emotions for balance between the body, mind, and spirit. It also supports one to enter a loving relationship. It aligns the spine and treats insomnia, blood and nervous disorders.

Hemimorphite assists the development of egoless self-confidence and self-respect. It relieves feelings of hostility and anger and soothes emotional irritations. It assists in self-transformation, personal evolution, and maintaining and regaining health. Using the energy of this stone, one can truly feel one’s essence as divinity. It also provides support in dieting, body maintenance/shaping, and agility.

Herkimer Diamond
Herkimer Diamond is a “stone of attunement”, attuning oneself with another person, environment, or activity. It stimulates clairvoyant and clairaudient abilities. It clears the body/mind complex of unconscious fears and repressions, allowing for total relaxation and expansion of the life-force. It releases tension and rigidity from body tissues and aligns the energy structure. In addition, it has all the properties listed under Quartz.

Hessonite Garnet
Hessonite Garnet is a variety of Grossular Garnet. In addition, it has all of the properties listed under Garnet and Grossular Garnet. It assists in eliminating feelings of inferiority, encouraging one to seek new challenges in life, while giving courage to pursue them. Hessonite advances the meditative state and assists one in travelling to the etheric realm bringing one to the circumstances and situations desired (so growth can be continued). It supports those dedicated to service and generates actions of directness and good will. It has been used to cleanse the blood and to clear one’s environment of the negative influences that are detrimental to the healthy state. It has excellent energy to stimulate the synapses of the brain such that confusion is dispelled.

Heulandite helps one to diminish those ideas and conditions which are distressing, allowing one to release the bonds of custom, privilege, condescension, conceit, and jealousy. It can assist one in the presentation of “amazing grace” such that one tends to forgive easily. It can bring a soft, sweetness to one’s character such that “everyone loves You”. It can enhance weight loss.

Howlite builds innate decency into one’s character, encouraging attributes which build one’s spirituality. It calms communication, facilitates awareness, and encourages emotional expression. It combines the power of reasoning with observation and patience. It dispels criticalness, selfishness, and facetiousness, bringing both strength and innocence to immediate confrontations. It eliminates pain, stress, and rage.

Hyacinth Jasper
Hyacinth Jasper whose nickname is “Purple Mountain Majesty”, is a mixture of jasper and Opal that is found only in Utah, its exact location being a well-kept secret. Our miner friend named it after his favorite smelling flowers that also grow in his dad’s garden. It is a stone of passion, love, and may enhance your love life. It is a high-frequency stone that activates the crown chakra, opening channels to higher realms. It is a wonderfully nurturing stone and provides comfort and awakening to new ways of living. Karen feels that Hyacinth Jasper helps one to gently dream one’s dreams into reality! (From Sept. 2022 magazine)

Hypersthene quickly brings forward the answers to problems of all magnitudes. It can combat irritability and criticalness, providing for discriminating judgment. Hypersthene helps to maintain business relationships and to further personal relationships. It energizes the aspects of self-respect and dispels the negative facets of pridefulness. It has been used to decrease pain.

Iolite is a key stone for use at the third eye and crown chakras during healings, meditations, and astral travel. It assists one to change painlessly in endeavors of spiritual growth. It balances male/female aspects bringing harmony within, while eliminating dissonance in relationships. It assists in eliminating debts and toxins. It assists one in attaining a constitution that defies physical disorders. Another name for Iolite is Cordierite.

Iris Agate
Iris Agate is a translucent to transparent agate with fine close bands, producing a pattern of diffraction from which is emitted an iridescence. In addition to the properties of Chalcedony and Agate, it helps to awaken the Inner Self (sub-conscious self) and increases one’s receptivity to truth. It promotes happiness, longevity, good health, and friendship. The rainbow effect of this agate brings the serenity and peacefulness of rainbows, brightness, and beauty into one’s life. It increases the abilities required for psychic “seeing”, producing an activation of intuition and inner knowing. It has been used in the treatment of disorders of the eyes, skin, hair, and nails. It has also been used to eliminate dehydration and to promote rehydration of the skin.

Jade, General (Jadeite, Transvaal, and Nephrite)
Jade is known as a “dream stone” assisting dream recall and solving. It facilitates the building of one’s dreams into physical reality. It releases one’s limitations, allowing one to attain limitless achievements. It is a “stone of fidelity”, bringing realization to one’s potential and devotion to one’s purpose. It provides confidence leading to self-reliance and self-sufficiency. It is also known as the “Sovereign of Harmony”, facilitating peace within the physical, emotional, and intellectual worlds. It is said to bring accord to the environment, to transmute negativity, and to instill resourcefulness. It treats disorders of the heart, hips, kidneys, and spleen.

Jadeite exhibits all the properties listed under Jade and in addition, it was exalted as a “stone of magic” by the Mayan and Aztec cultures because it brought forth protective forces and favorable fortunes from the ethers in times of need. It induces the cohesiveness of groups, allowing for understanding between the members and facilitating cohesiveness in both the recognition and actualization of purpose. It can also improve dysfunctional relationships. It can act as a “stitching” agent to re-bind the cellular and skeletal structures and support the healing of surgical stitches.

Jasper including Red, Yellow, and Picture
Jasper is a “stone of protection” – it protects against negativity and grounds one in the stabilizing energies of the Earth. This grounding energy yields functionality and authenticity in life, while providing the knowing that Great Mystery is just behind the veil. It is also known as the supreme nurturer. Shaman frequently used jasper in ritual and ceremony. Red jasper induces health and re-birth, bringing freshness to ideas. Yellow Jasper assists and protects during astral or physical travel. Picture jasper brings hidden thoughts, griefs, fears, and hopes to consciousness so the causes may be addressed. Picture jasper furthers the development and continuance of business pursuits providing activities leading to increase.

Jet dispels fearful thoughts and protects the user from illness and violence. It protects one during the pursuit of business and stabilizes one’s finances. It stimulates the Kundalini and acts as a calming agent. It treats depression, migraine headaches, epilepsy, glandular swelling, stomach pain, and colds.

Kimberlite is known as the “Throne of the King” bringing elevation to one’s spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical being. It engenders a lively spirit in one’s life, bringing newness to the mundane, and assisting one in the attainment of that which is desired. It sustains one during times of overload, overburden, and oppression. It is an excellent stone for gridding one’s environment, providing protection and generating an impenetrable shield of light and an energy conducive to light-hearted, vivacious, sunny, happy, light-filled activities and stamina. It is a “stone of relationship”, bringing trust, faithfulness, and confidence between people. It enhances the speed in completing activities associated with one’s daily routines, one’s plans and dreams. When consciously directed, it inspires efficacious decision-making. It carries an excellent energy for self-evaluation and for sweeping away gloom like a “cosmic broom”. It can be used to cleanse and activate other minerals. It has been used in the treatment of hormonal imbalances, bipolar conditions, retinal damage, to relieve fevers, to assist one in maintaining mobility, and to bring ease to the birthing process.

Kunzite radiates pure love-filled light, dissolving all that is less than this brilliance. It opens one to the inner realms of the heart. Its great field of energy naturally dissolves negativity and shields one from unwanted energies, even removing obstacles from one’s path. It assists in attaining deep peaceful meditative states and in being open, strong, loving, and vibrant. It strengthens the heart muscle and stimulates the secretion of the hormones of well-being.

Kyanite never needs to be cleansed as it does not retain negative energy. Kyanite aligns all chakras automatically and immediately. It dispels anger and frustration, relaxing the brain into clarity, while providing dedication to projects one has chosen. Its soothing, tranquil, and balanced energy facilitates meditation. It balances the yin/yang energies, bringing orderly growth to the intellect, emotions, and physical body. It dispels energy blockages, but one must get to the root of the problem for those blockages not to reoccur. It has been used in the treatment of disorders of the muscular and urogenital systems, adrenal and parathyroid glands, throat, and brain.

Labradorite gives understanding about the destiny one has chosen and transforms intuition into intellectual thought. Its chatoyancy is derived from extra-terrestrial origins and delivers to the Earth plane the energies of highly evolved dimensions. This can be experienced as an increased vibration level that gives a clear and sparkling view of one’s life, while allowing for the release of emotional debris and attachment. It allows one to truly trust in the fact that the light is always present. It reduces stress and anxiety, and assists digestion, regulation, and metabolism.

Lapis Lazuli
Lapis lazuli is a “stone of total awareness”. It unveils the wisdom and mystery of the esoteric world and imparts a deep knowing. It activates the throat and third eye chakras which can be felt viscerally. It makes one aware of a structured plan for self-evolution which directs one towards full unification with divinity, simultaneously supporting organization in daily life. It relieves depression and treats disorders of the thyroid and immune system.

Larimar is a “stone for Earth healing”. It captures the essence of air (thoughts) representing peace and clarity, and the water (emotions) emitting healing and love. It creates synapses between thoughts and feelings, establishing a connection of peace which unites the heart and mind. It helps see oneself objectively, inspiring the improvement of both one’s physical and spiritual realities.

Lazulite is called the “stone of heaven”, bringing clarity and purity of energy from the forces of the universe. It promotes calming and enhances sanctity within the self and one’s environment. It is an excellent stone for the third eye and stimulates vision. It promotes self-worth and helps one to recognize and eliminate deficiencies in both character and form. Treats disorders of the thyroid and pituitary and helps mend broken bones.

Lemurian Seed Crystals
Lemurian Seed Crystals were planted within the Earth during the last days of Lemuria to transmit frequencies to other crystals being created throughout time. They transmit a sense of oneness, unity, equality, and love. They provide the knowledge of maintaining unity while being individualized and living on the Earth. These are very powerful crystals that work with the utmost gentleness.

Leopard Skin/Orbicular Jasper
Leopard Skin/Orbicular Jasper elevates the mood, making the path to the goal straight and easy. Jasper is a “stone of protection” – it protects against negativity and grounds one in the stabilizing energies of the Earth. It brings the “energy of the leopard” as a totem. It assists one in accepting responsibility and increasing patience. It supports pursuits based upon service. It improves digestion and eliminates toxins.

Lepidolite is a “stone of transition” that induces a smooth passage through change within and between lives. It induces honesty, self-love, self-acceptance, and trust. It reduces tension, stress, and tight shoulder muscles through its soft, gentle vibration. It helps locate blockages within the body. It is an excellent stone for business pursuits, providing diplomacy and unimpeded communication.

Light Pink Tourmaline
Light Pink Tourmaline stimulates the heart and crown chakra, synthesizing love and spirituality. It promotes joy and peace during periods of growth and changes. It allows one to trust in the power of love. It promotes feelings of joy and enthusiasm for life by releasing destructive tendencies. It assists in the attainment of peace, understanding, trust, awareness, and love. In addition, it has all the properties listed under Tourmaline, General.

Lightning Quartz
Lightning Quartz is a Grand Formation stone. It rapidly breaks the shackles of fear and domination. It assists in modification of one’s path, cutting through barriers, clearing the way for progression. It assists one in recovery from shocks and trauma, as well as in surviving earth changes. It focuses and transfers light energy as directed. It brings the energy of love like a lightning bolt and promotes suddenly “being in love”. It clears entities with a “go to the light” message. It holds knowledge of healing techniques from E.T.’s. It treats disorders involving deficiency in construction of one’s body, promoting the cellular structure so each cell affected by a dysfunction can singularly and collectively rebuild and align with the state of perfection.

Lineated Quartz
Lineated Quartz has been used in Native American vision quest ceremonies to provide connection between the physical realm and the realm of vision, while protecting during spiritual journeying. It instills a knowledge of “right action” and dispels re-action. It enhances business environments and relationships, promoting adeptness in business. It dissipaters infections, purifies the blood and kidneys, regulates insulin production, clarifies and strengthens the eyesight, and assists in the recovery from Parkinson’s dis-ease, to name a few.

Lithium Quartz
Lithium Quartz contains Lithium, Manganese, Aluminum, Iron, and Kaolinite. It usually contains about 3 ppm Lithium; however, the Lithium energy is magnified due to its inclusion within the Quartz structure. In addition to the properties of these minerals and elements, it provides a calming energy. It can be used to grid localities of unrest and/or potential unrest. It can be used to ameliorate disorders associated the nervousness, undue anger, stress, bi-polar conditions, and dysfunctionality in interpersonal relationships.

Ludlamite can be used to clarify the heart chakra, releasing negativity, destructive tendencies, and insecurity, while cultivating optimistic confidence and love within the self. It assists one in becoming “un-stuck” in both situations and relationships, furthering conscious awakening. It furthers precision and instills loyalty, especially loyalty to what is required to advance the self. It has been used in the treatment of disorders associated with decay and deterioration. It assists in stimulating improvement in vision and can aid in dispelling parasites. It can refine the cellular structure of the skin and body, inducing a soothing and smoothing affect.

Magnesite assists in both visualization/imagery and in the promotion of dynamic, revolutionary ideas. It brings grounding to the intellect and assists in opening the crown chakra. It stimulates passion and heart-felt love. It instills peace during meditation. It furthers the elimination of self-deceit. It enhances the purification of the cells. It can be used in the treatment of convulsions and disorders of the bones and teeth. It lessens PMS and stimulates and soothes the heart and associated arteries. It regulates the body temperature to the optimum conditions and lessens conditions of fever and chills.

Mahogany Obsidian
Mahogany Obsidian’s brownish color results from oxidized magnetite and/or hematite. It stimulates growth of the physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual centers, and provides strength in times of need. It provides vitality to one’s lifework and aspirations. It acts as a calming agent, while eliminating energy blockages and relieving tension. In addition, it has all the properties listed under Obsidian.

Malachite is a “stone of transformation”, assisting one in changes and spiritual evolution. It clarifies the emotions, allowing one to release unconscious negative experiences. It represents fidelity in love, loyalty in partnerships, and practicality and responsibility in business. It facilitates insight regarding the cause of any specific condition.

Manganocalcite is a “stone of love”. It illuminates areas of life where one is coming from lack so they may be analyzed with a loving heart/mind and healed. It dissolves the habits that harm one’s inner peace, providing loving insights and healing. It assists in manifesting a lover when consciously directed. It brings light into the auric field, experienced as fluffing. It stimulates the immune system and clarifies the blood. In addition, it has all the properties listed under Calcite.

Meteorite is a gift from another world. It can be used to balance, align, and synthesize all the energy bodies with the physical body. It enhances communication and emits a trusting energy, helping one to exchange confidences. It symbolizes the aptitude and strength required for endurance. It assists in the total actualization of the purpose of our presence on this planet. It gives deep understanding to bring the body and spirit together as one, hence disallowing malfunctioning within the body from higher planes of existence. It has been used in the treatment of anemia, incoherence, and melancholia.

Midnight Lace Obsidian (Caucasian Mountains, Armenia)
Midnight Lace Obsidian’s pattern is due to the color arrangement that was caused by the initial volcanic flow. It has been used to facilitate privacy and seclusion, assisting one in accomplishing tasks which require concentration and focus. It assists in “seizing the moment” so that one is prepared for all opportunities and situations. It promotes composure, understanding in relationships and during communications, good will from others, and reconciliation. Used in the treatment of insomnia, bursitis, and neuralgia. In addition, it has all the properties listed under Obsidian.

Mimetite is a member of the Apatite Group. In addition to the properties listed in Apatite, it also alleviates the proclivity to imitate the mannerisms and demeanor of lifestyle of another, producing an energy of practical independence. It is used to enhance the spirit of adventure and to smooth all aspects of responsibilities to a “tolerable” level. It is a protective stone.

Moldavite Tektite
Moldavite Tektite is a “stone to serve the inhabitants of this planet”, stimulating cooperation and communication between ET’s and humans. It provides the image of eternity and the energy to translate that image into reality. It creates a strong, clear connection between one’s consciousness and the higher planes of light, directing one towards ascension and illumination.

Mookaite Jasper
Mookaite promotes a plethora of energy, flashes of ideas, and enthusiasm toward fulfilling self-excellence. It assists one in being kind to oneself and others. It helps one to grow emotionally, with change. It assists one in dealing with negative situations and provides for a shield of uncompromising strength when confronting danger. It assists in decision-making in times of dilemma. In addition, it has all the properties listed under Jasper.

Moonstone, General
Moonstone is a “stone for feeling”, allowing one to gain understanding through intuition and emotions/feelings. It provides flashes of insight that can be practically applied. It releases emotional tension, stimulating confidence and composure. It enhances one’s feminine nature, bringing tenderness within the self and happiness to the environment. It is a talisman of good fortune, and “traveler’s stone” bringing protection during travel. It releases toxins.

Morganite activates, cleanses, and stimulates the heart chakra, bringing love into one’s life, and maintaining that love as it continues to grow. It opens the currents which activate and energize loving thoughts and actions, promoting patience and a reverence for life. It stimulates transmittal of impersonal wisdom from one’s guides. It promotes equality in relationships, especially between the sexes and races.

Moss Agate
Moss Agate provides strength in all endeavors, and agreeability, persuasiveness, and efficacy in all pursuits. It improves self-esteem and brings speed to the attainment of one’s tasks and goals. It assists in the acquisition of riches. Place one in your wallet, checkbook, etc.! It removes toxins from the body and releases cold, flu, and fungal infections. In addition, it has all the properties listed under Agate, General.

Mottramite represents transformation and extensive change throughout all times. It assists in understanding and practicing the concept of walk, - don’t run. Mottramite produces a feeling of well-being and energetic control. It provides supplemental energy during competitive sports, great physical stress, and prolonged physical labor. It helps with insomnia and lethargy. It assists in maintaining one’s optimal weight.