About Karen Kuk-Nagle, Crystal Healing Instructor

I began my spiritual journey in 1978, following the pathway of love and wisdom as guided by my Eastern Teacher. My dedication and devotion to this path is fulfilling the “longing to know” that has lived in my heart since high school.

I have spent many years studying alternative healing to support my own health and growth. Through this process, I saw that my soul’s desire is to offer my service to the unfolding of Consciousness. Knowing that I can only take someone as far as I have gone myself, I pursued further training in the VisionWeaving Lifework School. Within the framework of Western Earth-centered traditions, I trained for two years to realize my service and bring it to fruition. In 1992 I began Hands of Spirit offering crystal and energy healing, and a few years later began providing very special stones for sale.

The crystalline world reflects the unfathomable beauty, majesty, and potential of the inner world. This connection sparked me to become a Master of Crystology in 1996, and I was then invited to become a Crystal Healing Instructor through Melody’s lineage. My love for stones coupled with my deep desire for knowledge, allow me to create an atmosphere of wholeness and potential for my students and clients. My ability to communicate Truth through the power of the word is my passion and strength. My joy is to work in service and partnership with those who cross my path.

The crystals and minerals that Hands of Spirit offers are unique, as they are all hand selected with impeccable attention to detail and then imbued with love. I know that as the stones find their true keepers, the love and light that we all seek, consciously or not, is spreading to the world in a tangible way. This is my delight.

— Karen Kuk-Nagle