Crystalline Temple

We at Hands of Spirit have a deep and abiding love for the mineral kingdom, and the beauty, perfection, and resonant capacity contained within it.  Over the years, we have become aware that the human expression of love, for the pervasive Light of All That Is, can be imparted into the stones to amplify and thus emit a field of healing and consciousness that affects humanity in a profound manner.  Hands of Spirit, in all of its venues, is a vehicle of this healing and consciousness.

We have a space in our home, a healing sanctuary that is dedicated to this purpose.  We call it the Crystalline Temple.  Crystals and minerals from across our beautiful planet are imbued with the purest vibrations of love for the Light, and presented to create a temple of healing.  We offer this special gift of our hearts, to those of you who are seeking healing and self-advancement through the use of the crystalline world.

At The Crystalline Temple we also make available information about spiritual growth and healing.  We have many resource books on the subject of Crystal Healing.  Karen has been a conscious seeker since she was 17 years old, and also has much wisdom to share.

The Crystalline Temple is available by appointment.  Please call Bruce or Karen at 303-541-9727 to schedule a visit.

The Crystalline Temple: