Golden Lemurian Seed Crystals September 14 2014

I have a new favorite stone and I kept 7 of them!  I meditate with them, do crystal arrays with them, sleep with them, feel them, and look at them whenever I have the opportunity.  Most of you know that I have always loved Lemurian Seed Crystals (the name coined by Katrina Raphaell).  These beautiful crystals come from Serra do Cabral mountain range in Minas Gerais, Brazil.  Recently a new pocket was opened in this area, and the crystals within it were golden, thus we now have available to us golden Lemurian Seed Crystals!  From what we know, there was only one pocket of these fabulous crystals, which are now my favorite.The golden Lemurians amplify the gentle power of the clear or pinkish crystals, and from my experience also provide us with something more precious than gold – our Soul.

 Those of you, who are on the path, know that what we are seeking is the larger part of ourselves, the spark that we are, that joins us with the infinite Light.  The seeking ends, so to speak, when the spark merges in the Light, or put another way, when we live 24/7 in our Soul-filled Presence.  As a seeker of consciousness, we learn and eventually heal the many impediments in our lives that keep us from experiencing our Soul or Light.

 Due to the difficulties and traumas experienced in life, an experience of our Soul can be quite elusive.  When life gets hard, Soul is one of the first things to go because survival skills take over.  Enter:  Golden Lemurian Seed Crystals.  I have become aware, with the assistance of my daughter, that these crystals allow us to override the impediments that block our own feeling of our own Soul.  I believe that this is why I am so attracted to them – they allow us to feel our Souls, our beloved Selves.  What a gift!

 I hope you have the opportunity to experience your Self with them.

Karen Kuk-Nagle