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Tucson 2016 Days 5, 6 and 7

Day 5: Things are well under way by day five. The shows have still not officially opened, but that does not stop us from getting first picks on many different items while people set up. 

As always, if something catches your eye, please send us an email to reserve the item, or leave a comment.  We will put your name on a list and when we get back, we will contact you. Please send emails to or text me at 720 352 3224.

On the morning of day 5, we split up so that we could cover more ground and get first picks on more minerals and crystals.  I was dropped off and ran about a half mile at top speed so that I could get in line for Larimar!  There are pictures further down.  I had some special orders for customers that I needed to get, as well as trying to get first picks on some stunning free form bead pendants which I luckily did. In the meantime, Luke went off to get us some bright yellow Bumblebee Jasper, while Karen and Bruce went to a 3rd location to visit with many of our contacts. 

What makes shopping Tucson so difficult, is the many different show locations all over town, with many of them opening at the same time.  As we have explained in the past, getting first picks in this business are almost a matter of life and death.  You may think I am joking, but try getting Rogerley Mine Fluorite, when the opening of the door is only  2.5" wide and you have 50 people trying to get through it all at once.  People get trampled!  It is like telling a classroom of 2 year old's that there are free kittens and puppies in that room and first come first serve!  You would think people in their 30's, on up to their 80's would understand not cutting in line, or pushing, but that goes out the window the second the vendor opens their door! 

OK, on to the pictures!  We did not purchase everything I have put up here, but many are for your enjoyment as they are quite incredible! 

Karen sorting through new jewelry. Brilliant Sundstone, Chrysoprase, Chrysocolla/Shattuckite, Orbicular Ocean Jasper and much more!

Can you believe this Orbicular Ocean Jasper pendant??? They eye is upon you!

Bruce sorting through Rainbow Moonstone cabochons.  Have to make sure that flash is outstanding.  Look at that artistic Chrysocolla/Shattuckite pendant. Wow!

Me, freezing my back side off, next to a crystal that weighs 6 times as much as I do! Go Broncos!

Karen with a LARGE Smoky Elestial Quartz crystal. 

 This piece is the size of a dining room table!

This is another incredible Smoky Elestial Quartz that is about 4 feet tall.  The Clear Quartz is also the size of a dining room table.

Large Ganesha carved out of Rainbow Fluorite.  This piece is already spoken for, but it was too good not to share with you!


Bruce next to a pair of Amethyst Geodes with calcite.  I wish you could have seen this in person, as it looks a tenth as good in this photo as it did in person.

This is the inside and much more accurate to how this piece looked in life. 

Me barrel diving for Kyanite!  Look at the large beauty!  We also found many other large stunners in the next picture.

Well formed Calcite crystal from India.

Here are some pictures of Larimar from my morning. The carving is beyond rare, and was too good not to share with you.  We did get the sphere next to it.  Yum!

Here are our free form beads.  They are drilled and slide onto a chain easily.

Large Larimar geode, again, too pretty not to share. 

This geode was so large, I could sleep in it!  Another super large Quartz cluster. Beautiful formation.

One word: AMAZING!

Day 6 started out with a line of about 200 people waiting in line for one of the biggest openings of the show.  This is always a fun day as there is live music, food and beer supplied by the vendor.

The biggest find was Epidot crystals with high luster!  We also stumbled upon Iridescent Rainbow Ammonites, and Chrysanthemum Stone.

The Vanadanite was meant for my private collection, but a customer on Instagram was so in love with it, that I let it go to her. 

We then headed off to to pick up some orders when Karen found the find of the century! She found a full flat of Drusy Chrysocolla!  As many of you know, this material is mined out and next to impossible to find, unless it is old collection.  Let us know if you would like a piece.  The pictures don't do this justice.

Prehnite from Australia: We found two carvings, as well as small eggs and points.  This material also is no more.  I picked out the last pieces available. 

I also snagged a flat of the most adorable Chelcedony geodes.  Check out these two little angles. They glitter like crazy.

These Golden Selenites were another goody that I had to share. 

The last part of our day was filled with many special purchases, some of which included a Sugilite sphere, large Lapis display piece, many Amethyst points, and geodes, as well as some Quartz and Amethyst Flames. This Amethyst sphere is one piece that we saw and could not pass up.  It is available. 

By day 7 we are all a bit blurry eyed.  The days are starting to run together and it is hard to remember where we went and what day we did it on. Don't get me wrong, it is beyond fun looking at rocks all day, but it takes the most organized person to be able to get everything planned out to a tea so that we can get everything we need.  Thank god for Karen!!!!!!  I think the rest of us would be running around in circles trying to figure out what on Earth we should be doing if it was not for her. 

As you will see in the pictures, we got a bit punchy today!

Gotta love the ornamental orange trees, but trust me you don't want to eat them.

The gang swimming in flats of crystals. Luke was making fun of Bruce and his magnifying head piece. :)

Now, a few pieces of eye candy from the day.  Uruguayan Amethyst, and Rainbow Aura Amethyst.

Crocoite from Australia.  The piece on the left was $30,000! 

That is it for now, but there will be more, much more! Stay tuned to FB, and Instagram for daily updates.  

Best to you and your loved one's,







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