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How Does Hands of Spirit Give Back?

At Hands of Spirit, giving back is one of the most important principles in operating our family business. We give back in a number of ways. We felt it was important to share this information, so you are aware of what you help support when making a purchase with us.

1. Every Live Sale that we host on Instagram, helps to benefit a small Rescue. These Rescues generally have an individual or at most a few people, usually woman, spending all of their time helping animals.  There is rarely governmental support of any kind. These Rescues use their own money, and often give up necessities in their own lives, in order to ensure that the animals are 1) fed, 2) spayed/neutered, and 3) receive veterinary care for injuries and illnesses. Though these Rescues also try to raise donations on top of caring for the animals, they usually fall short as veterinarians only give a very small discount to rescues, if any.

As an added bonus to the Rescues, we advertise our Live Sales for the week leading up to the weekend's Live. As we post, we also talk about the featured Rescue and help advertise their special needs and services so that they hopefully gain more followers and receive more donations. In the almost 2 years since we started hosting Live Sales, we have featured at least 20 different Rescues. Many of these have benefitted from several of our Live Sales. Being able to help support these Rescues is one of the nearest and dearest things to our hearts. If you would like to follow or donate to any of these Rescues, here are their Instagram handles. Most of the links for donations are posted on their page in their bios. 

Listed alphabetically:     








Cukisproject / Cuki_nikolic



Hoffmeyer Anial Rescue, Inc.

Ilgattonero.onlus / Ilgattonerorescue









2. Reuse and Recycle! As you can imagine, we do a lot of shipping. We have always noticed how other retailers send packages with custom logos, including bright packaging and colorfully printed brochures.  This packaging is brand new, not a second use, and it is usually not recyclable. Though we do want to make our boxes and packaging look beautiful, decreasing our carbon footprint is more important to us. Therefore, a large percentage of our product is shipped in good quality re-used packaging materials, and all of our boxes are recyclable. Thankfully, many of our local clients and neighbors contact us when they have packing material, which we gladly accept and use in our shipping.  We also use the wrapping and boxes in which our miners originally use to wrap our crystal orders. We believe the crystals are beautiful enough to make up for the colorless packing we use!

3. Hands of Spirit pledges hundreds of dollars each week to cats in "Kill Shelters" aka on Death Row as it is know with the Rescues. When a cat is saved, we send our pledges to the Fosters or Rescues who have stepped up and saved the animal from being euthanized.  Millions of animals are killed each year in these Kill Shelters because people neglect to spay and neuter their animals, and thousands get dumped because people move, go on vacations, have kids or other reasons. 7 out of 10 creatures don't make it out of these "Shelters" alive. By supporting the Rescues who pull these animals using our and other pledges, the Rescues are able to save more animals and funds to pay for the vetting and expenses they incur while the animal is in foster care.  

4. Throughout the year we are asked for auction donations for different causes, especially those surrounding students in geology/science programs. We gladly donated to these auctions to help with scholarships and more.

We hope this helps make you feel even better when shopping with us. We could not make all the donations we do, without your support. We strongly feel that #ittakesavillage when it comes to supporting our furry friends. Our deepest gratitude to all of you!


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