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It's All Happening at the Show 2019 Days 1, 2 and 3

Welcome My Fellow Crystal and Mineral Lovers!

It is so nice to be blogging our adventures for your enjoyment again in 2019!  As some of you may know, our theme this year comes from one of our favorite Musical Duos, Simon & Garfunkel. For those of you who know their music, you may enjoy when we attempt to be cleaver by adding in our own version of the lyrics ;)

As in years past, I will be doing real time buying for you via Facebook and Instagram. Please make sure to follow our pages if you are interested in this offer.  Our handle is Hands of Spirit for all our social media.  You can also text or call me at 720 352-3224 for an item you want. We move fast, and items can be snapped up quickly, so if there is something that catches your eye, please contact us right away.  If you are interested in items we are bringing back, again, just text, call, or message me and I'll put your name on a reserve list.  When the item is inventoried in the coming weeks, we will contact you with prices and info for you to select your new crystal friend. Now, I do believe it, I do believe it's true, it's a light and tumble journey, from Colorado to the Rock Show. Just a fine and fancy ramble to the Rock Show.


Due to some scheduling issues, Luke and I had to fly into sunny Tucson instead of driving.  We have never seen Tucson from the air before.  It was very pretty. Quite different from flying into Colorado, and less turbulence to say the least! 

We hit the ground running, and we ran right into a nice selection of Brandberg Amethyst polished crystals.  If you like purple my friends, then you may want to snag a piece. The picture above is the largest piece we found. It is so purple, it is almost magenta in some angles. There is a wide range of sizes and some even have Lepidicrosite in them!

We are in Arizona, so it is only fitting that we come home with some Turquoise...thought this is not from AZ, but hey, who minds when it is this pretty and comes from Africa?

Here we have a VERY special treat for you all.  Transvaal Jade, also known as Grossular Garnet is a mineral that goes for around $30/ct. We have some cabochons at the Crystalline Temple that are in the $700 range.  This mineral is now so rare, that we are lucky if we even see a piece while on our travels. Due to pure luck, we happened upon a small bag of these cabochons. They will be listed at special prices that will hopefully allow you to add a piece to your collection without breaking the bank.  There are also two pieces of Siberian Jade in these photos.  The green free form and round cabochon are the Jade. Stay tuned and if you are interested, please contact us to be on the reserve list. 

Siberian Jade (green) and Transvall Jade (pink). 

We also lucked out by finding a few lone Charoite massage wands. They contrast so beautifully with one of the Transvaal Jade cabochons. 

This picture is a little scratchy looking as it is taken through a plastic bag. No, they are not candy treats, they are however, party colored Tourmaline tumbled stones.  These yummy looking stones are small and can be used in crystal arrays or put in a small crystal bowl and enjoyed for their lovely colors. 

Also taken through a plastic bag, we got our greedy little paws on some long, flat charoite stones. Remarkable coloring, chatoyancy and length. Wait till you see them outside the bag!

Every year, people ask us for angels in Larimar, and every year we purchase one or two for special orders. This year no one asked for one, but we happened upon the most stunning Larimar angel I think I have ever seen. This breathtaking piece normally would be running $458.  For this special show find, we will be offering her at $289.  

By popular demand, we found some Larimar wands finally!  We often receive requests for these healing tools, but can rarely find them, let alone in a good quality.  This year we will be bringing 4 back with us!  

King of the Jungle times two!  These two large beasts are carved out of Malachite and are done by the best artist in the trade. There are intricate details to each lion and the patterns in the Malachite are mesmerizing. These two are not coming back with us unless we hear from you, but we thought you would enjoy the artistic beauty.

Did I hear someone say they liked Koala Bears? Ok, you are right, everyone likes Koalas! How could you not when they look this darn adorable.  The artist who used to carve magnificent Labradorite Owls and Elephants retired last year.  Thankfully this year, we found a new artist who is carving some animals in Labradorite, and I promise, they don't disappoint.  We have this darling Koala with a golden flash, as well as a larger Elephant with a teal blue flash pictured below.

The monkeys stand for honesty
Giraffes are insincere
And the elephants are kindly but they're dumb"...we don't agree with the description of the gentle giants but hey it's a song right?

The above two items are to show you how fun our job is.  Though we don't carry rings at Hands of Spirit unless they are custom made pieces we still get to enjoy seeing large selections of these pretty designs.  If you are interested in a Larimar or Sugilite ring please contact us with your ring size and price range and we are happy to help select one for you.  These are all in sterling silver. 

Here is another artistic and beautiful piece to enjoy.  This is a 2.93 kilogram piece of blue opal.  The colors are thrilling. Often cutters buy this rough to make cabochons from. 

If you are following our social media then will have seen this picture.  The two middle strands of bead are actually mixed colors of Fluorite. Fluorite is one of those stones that comes in many different colors and from many different locations.  I wish we could bring back every single strand.  These really caught Karen and my eye. 

Any guesses on what these may be?  Well if you said purple Labradorite you would be correct!  Labradorite is one of the most popular stones on the market but Labradorite with purple flash?  Good luck finding one in this lifetime. We stumbled upon a small selection of pendants and jumped at the chance to bring a few home.  Three will be coming back with us.  These two are not unfortunately as they are rather large and expensive but we thought you may enjoy seeing them.  We are bringing nickle to quarter size pendants home but if you want a larger one like these you know what to do. (text me :))

Some of you may have heard of Tiffany Stone.  It is a fluorescent purple opal that under a black light turns bright green!  The designs often look like a Jackson Pollock painting.  Though they are truly beautiful I am more of a clean cut argyle wearing tradition gal so when I saw this particular Tiffany Stone I snatched it up faster than Michael Phelps swimming the 200 medley. I hope one of you likes it as much as I do!

 I promised myself that I would try to decrease the amount of pictures I posted each day so the blogs would not be too long but that is like trying to stay on a diet during the holidays.  Just an impossible goal. So to end day 1 I am signing off with this rather adorable drusy Chrysocolla and Malachite cluster. It has two small botryoidal formations growing out of the top of the specimen.  Does it get any more adorable... yeah yeah OK it is not a fuzzy kitten but we are talking rocks and this is darn cute!

Day two! We are lucking out with the forecast. The weather is absolutely purrfect which is making our job all the much more enjoyable. 

Today we split up for a bit and while I was hunting for some blue Apatite cabochons I looked up and there was a table of angelic Amethyst flowers that looked like they came direct ordered from fairly land.  Enjoy the pictures. These specimens have high luster and excellent formations. 


As usual these pictures don't do these flowers justice but hopefully you can get an idea. These pieces are not coming back with us unless we hear from you but the cluster below is. 

This piece is a must see in person. It is more purple than the pictures show.  It has small crystals of hematite on the Amethyst. All of the crystals are terminated and there is next to no breakage.  It is pretty perfect in all ways.

We showed you some Charoite yesterday but we will also be coming back with these four slices as well as some free forms that are not pictured. Pretty enough to frame on your wall!

We don't often get much Stichtite but we found a few polished large tumbled pieces some that also have serpentine with them.  Great mix of colors! 

For your enjoyment a cave of Okenite fluff balls!  They look soft and fuzzy but are actually made of thousands of tiny crystal needles. If you touch them you will crush them.  These come from India. 

Fluffers the viscous guard dog...try not to laugh he was trying really hard!

If you look closely you will see triangles on the face of this crystal.  Normally when these triangles are facing upwards towards the point of the crystal they are called Record Keepers. On the very rare occasions that they face towards the base of the crystal it is then called Trigonic Quartz. This Quartz was mined out in 2005 and the only pieces that remain are from one collection.  We had a special order for one but are also bringing an one back for the Temple.

If you missed getting a piece of Auralite 23 last year we will be coming back with a new selection this year!  This is a large bud cluster.  We will also have many elestialated points in different sizes and pendants and pendulums for the very first time!

Some of the Auralite also has Prasiolite in it! (Green Amethyst see above two pieces)

This is where the day took a turn and things just started to get weird.  Karen and Bruce found these very long "Hemitrine"" crystal wands.  Karen turned into a Unicorn and Bruce...

Well Bruce turned into a giant alien bug. 

These crystal points as you can see are very long.  They look like Ametrine (a combination of Amethyst and Citrine) but the yellow coloring comes from Hemitite! These are a new find. 

Many of you may have seen the Pink Opal hearts we had this fall because they sold out so quickly we did our best to find some more.  We are excited to say that we will be coming home with some Eggs and Hearts that are just as lovely for those of you who missed out the first round <3

Dinner time!  We don't take much of a break while we are here as it is 11:27 and I'm still working on this blog but dinner is sacred for us all.  We have our favorite meals that we eat every year.  This is Magpie's famous Pizza!

These pictures don't remotely begin to show the beauty of these Sagenite Cabochons/Palmstones which come from Indonesia. Sagenite is a rare Quartz formation where another mineral of a needle-like structure dissolves and is replaced by Quartz holding the acicular structure. In this particular case Quartz replaces Anhydrite crystals. Therefore these pieces are pseudomorphs of Quartz after Anhydrite producing a Sagenite formation.

According to Melody Sagenite can be used to cleanse other minerals and also in  Shamanic healing to remove any negative spirit residing in an area of the body that is dis-eased . It will also clear a "muddy"" auric field. Best of all it can help one to painlessly learn  life lessons.

This is how most of the cabochons look when held up to the light! TBD


That ends day two. Feel the love!  Or the really heavy Chrysocolla heart...;)

Day 3 starts and we seem to have a theme running with Unicorns!  This may have to be a family Holiday card winner!


What you are seeing are Calcite Stalactites from Mexico! Pieces like these with naturally terminated drip-ends rarely come along.  We were only able to get 9 of them as many had breakage.  Healers get them while you can - they are powerful tools!

Karen had one of these in her collection for many years and mostly just admired it.  A couple of years ago she was guided to use it in one of her healing sessions running it through the auric field while rotating the wand to wind up any unwanted energies.  Then she immediately cleanses it using white and violet light and generally repeats the process.  She has found that this makes the remainder of the healing session much easier to do as it easily clears difficult stuck energy. The client can usually feel the difference after one pass with the wand!

Last year a new find of Rose/Pink Amethyst was introduced to the market.  It comes from Patagonia.  It was well received so we are bringing back 18 new pieces.  This pocket has darker crystals than the previous year.  Each geode formation is unique and some have dogtooth calcite crystals in them.

We had a blast at our next stop because we found more Zebra Onyx a new favorite of ours since it was introduced last year.  The black and white stripes mixed with orange Calcite in some cases create a dynamic look that is very appealing. The two lights on the left are sold but there are others available. 

We also have angels plates and bowls coming back with us. (middle and top left angel sold)

We went a crazy cat lady with the cats how could we not??? They were pawsome! Let us know if you want on the reserve list. Best part they don't shed!

I even found one that matched my cat Leela.  She is a Siamese I adopted when she was 1 years old.  She is now almost 15 and yes her eyes are crossed. 

We had to share pictures of this large bowl that is headed to one of our customers in Canada.  Spectacular. 

Each blog we will be doing Luke's Joke Corner.  Today's joke:

Q:What do you call a dinosaur with an extensive vocabulary?                              A: A Thesaurus! Hahahaha (insert eye roll) 

I just about died of excitement when I found these gem rainbow Fluorite bowls!  I would describe them as small candy dishes. They are about the size of a palm or small hand. 

We thought some of you may enjoy seeing these Zebra Onyx Buddha heads. 

Bruce was the winner for the day with his find of beautifully carved Rainbow Fluorite animals.  We will be coming back with a few of each carving you see above: deer rabbits and bears...oh my!

Here he is looking very serious as he displays one of the three large Rainbow Fluorite slices with natural crystal rinds that we will be bringing back.

Beads! Beads! Beads! Carnelian Apatite Gem Kyanite Peridot and mixed Beryl faceted and smooth beads

50 shades of Purple anyone? Charoite and Sugilite pendants! yum yum!

And to match our many shades of purple we have Karen and our friend Claus  looking fabulous in Fuschia!

Well folks that wraps it up for us for days 1 through 3!  Thanks for hanging in there I know this was a lot of information and pictures. We thank you for following along with us as we make our way through the show. Thank you to all who have contacted us already and we look forward to hearing from more of you as our travels continue.

Signing off



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