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It's All Happening at the Show 2019 Days 7, 8 and 9

Hello Everyone!

Welcome once again, we have three more days packed full of pictures and new treasures for your viewing delight. As with the two previous blogs, if you see an item you would like, or want to get on the reserve list for, please text me right away at 720 352 3224.  Many of these items are moving quickly and we don't want you to miss out. Especially on items we are only able to get one or two of. I have been having a blast texting with many of you. You all have great taste! 

Now, let's get on with the good stuff!

Imagine getting up in the morning and sitting in the newly rising sun sorting through a tray of polished Pietersite. Sounds nice right? Well if you would like to experience it for yourself, then come visit the 1 kilogram worth of assorted sized tumbled and flat Pietersite stones that we are bringing back! 

These were the only Pietersite hearts and wands we could find in a good quality. The top two hearts are spoken for, but the bottom heart and two wands are available. Pietersite comes from Namibia.

We are bringing back only a few pieces of my favorite Blue Calcite from Argentina. The big special pieces are two of these bowl that are about 5 or 6" in diameter. This is a new type of bowl they have never made before, so we are very excited to have been able to get them. Argentinian blue calcite is the highest quality blue Calcite available. 

While Luke and I were off doing our thing, Karen and Bruce were actually hitting the pavement and hunting down some really fun pieces that we have not had in a while. What is really cool about about this Chalcedony is that it comes from Turkey instead of the usual location of South Africa! 

Chalcedony is a species of mineral that has many varieties that you may not know are actually Chalcedony.  Some examples are: All Agates, all Jaspers, Carnelian, Bloodstone, and Chrysoprase. All of the pieces we are bringing back glow when held up to the light. The word to describe these is; Jelly!

Here is a very exciting find for us, and we hope for you as well.  In the last 10 years, it has been next to impossible to find good Rainbow Obsidian. Most of the material that is being carved is gray. Well.....not this year!!!! Get ready to drool.

Rainbow Obsidian really comes alive under the sun, you can see how these wonderful colors jump out at you.

We have butterfly's, hearts, stars and more!

Opal Turtles??? We got em'! We used to carry these years ago, but the quality has not been up to par in the past years so we have passed on getting them. This year, the four we are bringing back are incredible. A good rule of thumb for Opal is, if you can see fire when it is in bad light, then it is good Opal!  I can promise these were taken in atrocious lighting and they is still plenty of fire!

Here are some close up pictures of the top two turtles. A video would show them even better, the fire changes as they are rotated. 

Sooo....anyone want a brick of Seraphinite??? Because it just so happens we have one :)  We also found 6 good sized spheres!  We are stocking up as much as possible this year while we still can.

Back to Luke and I...So our day consisted of me on my phone, head down from 10am to 6pm working on special orders, with a 30min lunch break at 3pm when we thought we were going to die of starvation. I went through two phone batteries and a charge in the car!  After inhaling some sustenance, for us and the phone, we had to get back for more special orders, but while walking from the car, a hint of green caught my eye.  I grabbed Luke and went to investigate. Pictured above is what we found! Chrysoprase Owls and Elephants!  Can you even believe it?

Two of the baby elephants. 

Two of the small owls. Hoo, Hoo, don't worry, I won't make you read anymore bad owl jokes.  For those of you who have not seen our very cheesy owl jokes, see the blog for days 4, 5 and 6.

I begged Karen for more of these magical Chrome Chalcedony specimens. They come from Turkey, and you are lucky I'm even showing them to you, because I would keep every last one if it was up to me! For those of you who didn't see last years blogs, these little gems have drusy (small) crystals over the Chrome Chalcedony.  They shimmer and glisten as they are rotated in the light. Make sure to reserve yours, they are truly special, and the more time you spend with them, the more they come speak to you. 

To close out day 7, we have five fun new Zuni Fetishes to share with you.  This is Bruce's specialty.  He presides over our Zuni Fetish collection and finds all of the special spirit animals that we carry at Hands of Spirit. We have all of the artists names for each piece for those of you who collect these spirit animals. 

I believe this is the first Pelican we have ever had.  On the right we have a fox.  We receive many requests for foxes, but they are hard to find.  This guy has a great snout on him. 

 Hello Mr. Moose!!! He is sporting a lovely pair of Abalone shell antlers. 

Okay dokey, folks, I'm headed for a little shut eye, don't worry though, I'll be back before you know it...

Wa La! I'm baaaackkk! OK, this is, day 8!  I'm starting to lose count.  The days go by so quickly, and I have to tell ya, we have seen a lot of rocks. Lets start out with some fun pieces we saw today. 

This is a geode that was carved into a bird of pray. It is about the size of a humans head. 

The pictures above really caught my eye.  These carvings are only a few from a collection of around 100. This is a private collection that consists of all gel Sugilite, Gem Silica and Gem Chalcedony.  All the carvings are very small.  In some cases a quarter of an inch high!  They are carved by master carvers. They are for sale, but the prices are pretty steep.  It was a joy to see them and appreciate their intricate beauty. 

OK, remember the Kammererite in Serpentine in the previous blog?  Well those come from India and are in large rough form, which is then polished.  Kammererite specimens come from Turkey but have been mined out for a long time.  If we are lucky, we can find one or two every few years. We have one larger specimen back in Colorado, but we found this sweet little gem that will be coming back with us as well. 

We found 3 looong wands earlier during our trip, one out of Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz and Smoky Quartz.  They sold quickly and many more of you were interested.  Thankfully, Luke was able to find a box that had not been touched and he found these additional treasures!  For a reference, the two business cards together, measure 7" long!  If you want on the reserve list for one, please let me know quickly. For those of you who like Harry Potter, they produce good Patronus's. 

This is a rare specialty quartz configuration"" called Convoluted Sheet Quartz.  Karen has only seen two pieces of it in her life.  One was given to her by Melody and the other she unexpectedly found for a very special customer/friend many years ago.  So you can imagine how excited she was when she came across this new find that also contains green diopside on some of the pieces!  These crystals are from Brazil and they are a wonder to experience as they are very purifying.

You may not be able to tell from these pictures but one heart weighs 3.58 kilograms and one weighs 2.27 kilograms. We got the 3.58 kg. heart for a client. They are deep dark pink. Pretty incredible. <3

Last year we had a few of these Green Man aka Pan carved out of Preseli Stone from the Stonehenge region. Many of you wanted one but we did not have enough.  We were able to get 4 more of these special carvings this year. Reserve yours now if you would like one. (Bottom left is spoken for)

Any guesses on this stone?  It looks similar to Rhodonite but it is actually Thulite from Norway. One Angel is sold but one is available. 

Here is another stone that may throw you this is the highest grade Sunstone we can get in polished stones. I cannot begin to tell you how truly lovely this sphere is. The shimmer you are seeing is called Aventurescense. 

To end the night I will leave you with this piece that is unlike any others.  Any guesses?  Hint it is Quartz.  OK I'll tell you.  It is a giant crystals composed of many faden crystals joined together - one heck of a Faden Crystal!  For those of you who are not familiar with Fadens they are usually flatish crystals that are pretty clear and have a natural thread running up the length of the crystal. Melody states that Fadens are a "Stone of Connection" and they are one of the important tools used in her Workshops.

When Karen held this she had a huge kinesthetic response.  She felt multiple channels of energy pouring into her body and conjoining at her solar plexus.  It was really quite the experience for her.  We will get better pictures when we are back but needless to say WOW...

Day 9...Today we were able to meeting with some of our favorite carvers! We also had a lot of fun finding bracelets.  We are bringing back many new styles of bracelets in many different stones.  They seem to be the new trend! Bracelets are nice because they can be mixed and matched stacked and are affordable.  The other nice thing is you can actually see them on wrist during the day unlike earrings and pendants so you can actually enjoy looking at them!


Here are three types that we are bringing back Blue Apatite Mixed Beryl (Aquamarine Morganite Green Beryl) and Rainbow Tourmaline! Sooooo pretty!

Eye candy! Gem rainbow Tourmaline necklaces. Remember those candy necklaces that you used to get as a kid that you could nibble while wearing it? They were pretty awesome but I promise these are better. If you want one they are at a show special of $480.  Please let us know ASAP. 

These gems will be coming back with us! Stunning. They are mixed Beryl faceted briolletes. If you are interested in adding a necklace like this to your collection let us know.  The beads come in different colors. Strands this size start at $800 

These and the Tourmaline above come from one of our absolute favorite bead cutter.  They have mouthwatering gems in many different stones. If you are in need of beads of the highest quality and sparkle please let us know right away so we can help select a strand for you. 

These Tourmaline gems are matching angel wings. They would make a spectacular pair of earrings. 


Lunch break! Enjoying a few minutes off our feet in the shade of a big rock! We just can't get away from them.  This brings me to joke time. Today the joke comes from Bruce. For breakfast we usually have hard boiled eggs. So today we got on an egg kick and the next half hour consisted of finding words we could use that included egg.  For eggzample: Eggxit (exit) Eggcellent (excellent) Eggciting (exciting) well this went on for some time as you can eggmagine. Then Bruce hit the jackpot.

"What do you call two metaphysically eggs?"  I answered Egglightened? Well his answer was eggistential...but he agreed it could go either way.

 OK enough of a break. Haha thanks for hanging in there with us. 

I told you we were meeting with some of our favorite artists today. The man who carved this sculpture is a long time stone carver and he never disappoints. As some of you may know drusy Chrysocolla is next to impossible to find. We are lucky to have a few from a pocket that was found in Peru over the past few years. The premier mine for drusy Chrysocolla and Gem Silica (the gem version of Chrysocolla) is the Ray Mine in AZ. It is a hot rare and very valuable commodity. This sculpture happens to come from this locations!  It has a large section of the gem silica in the center and drusy Chrysocolla sprinkled throughout it. It is a one of a kind piece for your collection. 

I thought this was a fun little display. The trees are all made of Columbia Emeralds and the waterfall is made of Kyanite. 

I have been on the hunt for Baltic Amber jewelry.  Baltic Amber is the oldest Amber on earth.  It is approximately 100 million years old you know give or take a few years.  Look at these beautiful pieces coming back with us!

I will tell you this is the most outstanding set of Amber I have ever seen. They just glow.  I cannot say enough good things about them.  They are light enough that when they are worn the color and glow still comes through. 

These six strand necklaces are a combination of Baltic Amber and Caribbean Amber.  The Caribbean Amber is the green beads you are seeing. 

One of our vendors enticed us with these long and lustrous quartz crystals before we left on our trip.  They are dauphine (a type of twinning along the C-axis of the crystal) smoky quartz crystals and come from Malawi.  The crystal above is at least a foot long but there are smaller pieces as well.  These crystals are very rare and expensive.  They range in price from $100 for a 3"" piece to $4000 for the very long thin pieces that are over a foot long.  We will only be purchasing these for special orders so get in touch ASAP if you want one.


To close out our third blog we will leave you with these mined out Ukrainian Heliodor crystals.  Heliodor is the green/yellow variety of Beryl.  See the piece that is second to last on the right?  Just assume it costs more than your house...Pretty though!

Alright everyone only one more blog left after this for our "It's All Happening at the Rock Show"" adventures. We hope you are having fun and enjoying all of the interesting things we have been seeing and sharing with you. 

Signing off for another day




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