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Amethyst Elestials from Kenya

I have been working rather closely with minerals and crystals since 1992. I remember way back when, as I read various books, authors would mention that a particular new mineral had recently been found because its energies were sorely needed on the planet.

I remember thinking that was cool, but in all my years with crystals, I never felt precisely that way until now! This is not to say that I haven't come across many incredible new mineral configurations, colors, and combinations that embodied energies that were highly useful to humankind. Now however, a new find of Amethyst Elestials has screamed to me about huge growth potential for humanity. I can honestly say, I internally know, that these beautiful stones have just been unearthed to support us at this time on our path to consciousness.

For those of you unfamiliar with Elestials, these crystals are a special type of quartz configuration and are generally smoky in color mainly coming from Brazil, though you will find them from India and Namibia at times. Elestials are naturally terminated over the entire body of the crystal, often exhibiting layers of crystalline markings and etching. They are also referred to as skeletal quartz because of this crystalline form. If perchance you find an Amethyst Elestial from Brazil, it will be mostly smoky with a small amount of amethyst.

On a recent buying trip, I stumbled upon some amazing, both large and small, amethyst Elestials with only a little bit of smoky in some of them. Some of the crystals even contained water bubbles. I have never seen Elestials so purple before, and found that these crystals were from a new find in Kenya. At the time, I was quite overwhelmed with the grace and blessings of such a find, and knew instantly that these crystals could have a great impact on our consciousness.

Elestials are very powerful crystals that can be used to overcome emotional burdens, synchronize the mind, heart, and emotions, and ultimately bring us to cosmic consciousness - the foundation of our very existence. Try reading that concise sentence again to make sure you have the full impact of it. Both Melody and Katrina Raphaell profusely discuss these attributes and both are worthy of your time. As I have been reviewing the information on Elestials from these two authors, I just became acutely aware of why I am so drawn to these stones and felt the need to write an article about them.

With awe, I must say that these crystals and their energies are a physical representation of the healing work I facilitate in my private practice. Bruce, my husband, wanted me to write about my healing practice, but I told him I preferred to write about something more concrete, like a stone, and here you have it, I'm writing about my practice. I sometimes find it difficult to express what happens in my sessions worrying that it may sound trite, but I will do my best.

I am well versed in the realm of emotions and their role in becoming a conscious being. The energies of my sessions come from the highest spiritual planes, similar to the amethyst energy in these Elestials. Like the multitude of crystalline terminations, layers, and etching on Elestial crystals, I have the roadmap to navigate the intricate structure of emotions and self-limiting beliefs that block a person from realizing their own Divinity. The layers of crystalline structure in these Elestials are a good representation of the tortuous path we have created for ourselves, as souls in physical form, that ultimately guide us home. With continued work and the client's willingness, I assist them into conscious states of awareness where they can begin to distinguish the difference between self-imposed limitations and the true nature of their Selves. Step by step, as we experience and free the limited emotional patterning, finding the valuable gifts within them, they move into an authentic experience of their true Selves. As their power grows, these changes are not just an experience we have together in my healing room, but begin to reflect and expand into their life in the third dimension. The resonance of the Amethyst Elestials reflects that as we heal our emotional burdens, we can truly anchor in the foundation of our Divinity. This is the purpose of the work I do in Hands of Spirit.

We still have some small Kenyan Amethyst Elestials. Contact Us if you are interested in them.

-Karen Kuk-Nagle