Azurite Article


Azurite is a dark blue/indigo stone that crystallizes in masses, nodular forms that I call roses, and more rarely in tabular crystals. As its color indicates, it is a perfect 3rd eye (6th chakra) stone, providing openness to intuition and guidance. Azurite draws me deeply into myself, into a place that I love. Have you ever had states of consciousness where you say to yourself, "I could stay here forever."? That's how I often feel when I'm working with Azurite. Melody confirms my experience by stating that Azurite provides for relaxation and an easy entry into the void of the state of "no-mind". This stone can then be useful for those with overactive minds.

Katrina Raphaell states that Azurite allows subconscious thoughts and beliefs to surface in the conscious mind for re-examination. This can sometimes be an intense process, as one of my clients found out while holding two pieces of Azurite. She experienced intense nausea and then had the courage to purchase both pieces! Azurite also renews the belief in our own inner source of light, thus assisting in the release of outdated belief systems while bringing healing energies into all levels of ones being. Katrina suggests placing Azurite upon the body to remove any blockage or congestion. This often allows the psycho/emotional causes for the blockage to surface. Melody agrees that Azurite works well in releasing energy blockages, and provides for a free flow of energy.

Melody outlines two easy and effective uses of Azurite that are both accomplished by holding and focusing on the stone. Then, to release worries and nagging thoughts, simply request that the troublesome thoughts disappear. To release blockages that are impeding ones progress, direct the intention that all barriers in ones path be released. These are quick and easy "housecleaning" methods to use in everyday life!

As always, there is much more to be learned from Azurite. I invite you to investigate and experience it. We have crystalline Azurite with some malachite from a relatively new find in China, some crystals from Morocco, and cabochons from Arizona that may also have combinations of Chrysocolla and/or Malachite.

- Karen Kuk-Nagle