Borate Trio Article

The Amazing Borate Trio

A mineral dealer, who has been in the business for years, kept  contacting us to show us his wares, and in late August we finally agreed to have him visit us at the Crystalline Temple.  What we learned is  that he deals in rare minerals, that I might add, are of high potency. 

He is originally from California and had many rockhound friends, so we  were able to get three very rare California borate minerals at  reasonable pricing from him.  The “Amazing Borate Trio” is comprised of  Colemanite, Inderite, and Tunnelite. I use the word amazing because  after perusing Melody’s Encyclopedia, I have found how they can be used  together for self-advancement.  Please know that these stones display a  myriad of other properties, but I will focus upon how I use them to  advance my consciousness.
In a nutshell, self-growth entails releasing what we don’t want and  creating what we do want.  More precisely and intimately it means  releasing what we don’t want within ourselves, and replacing it with who we choose to BE.  Obviously our outer reality will reflect these  processes, but the focus is always within us.  Self-growth involves  three steps:  1) processing, feeling, understanding, knowing, and  releasing what we want to change; 2) healing from what was uncovered in  step 1; 3) creating/manifesting what we desire.  The “Amazing Borate  Trio” assists us with each of these steps, and you’ll find that their  energy feels quite different than the silicates or quartz family.
Colemanite is used with Step 1, assisting one in “looking” at and  releasing what is not wanted within the self, while providing an  excellent energy for renewal.  Melody specifically states that  Colemanite “provides light to the darkness of one’s soul”.
Inderite assists with the healing in Step 2, as it allays anger,  banishes discouragement, assuages fear, and frees negative thought  patterns.  It is also a stone for the crown chakra. Its energy is over  the top, and will heal the pain brought up during step 1!  You will love it.
Tunnelite assists in the creation work of Step 3 since it provides a  nourishment of energy and love for the operations of mental creation.   The energy of this mineral clears the way for the creation to occur and  it also promotes creativity and achievement of one’s dreams.
With deepest gratitude to Mother Earth, it is my honor to have these  stones and this information available for you.  After working with them, I hope you will come to agree that they are in fact amazing.

-Karen Kuk-Nagle