Conscious Will Article

I've just returned from Sedona with a valuable insight that I want to share with you. We were able to spend a bit of time at the Bell Rock electrical vortex and Cathedral Rock magnetic vortex. We charged some of our fabulous new dioptase at Cathedral Rock!

I then bought a book, Sedona: Power Spot, Vortex, and Medicine Wheel Guide by Richard Dannelley. Throughout the book Richard gives information about directing the Will. The Will is a powerful Spiritual force and can be defined as the energy created by a mental command. What this means, is that by giving an internal mental command for something to happen, the Will is invoked to produce results on the spiritual and physical planes. Simple!! The clarity of our intent and our ability to focus however, does affect this process.So why did this impact me so much? First of all, I've never heard the use of Will described exactly in this way, but more importantly, I have been directing my Will in this manner without being fully conscious of it!

My path has led me from the mental realm, into the spiritual; next I stepped into the arena of emotions, and now I've begun working more consciously with my physical body. I am taking Alexander Lessons (a marvelous and gentle bodywork) with Posie Green. How this works, is that Posie gives me an instruction about a change she envisions in a certain part of my body. Generally, I hadn't had a clue how to create what she was asking of me, but automatically I would mentally direct her instructions to my body. Seconds later, to my total amazement, Posie would be saying to me, "That's it, that's it, good!". This illustrates another important point about Will. It may be difficult to understand how Will actually manifests creation, but if we know how to direct Will and then observe the outcome we desire, who cares! So now I consciously know how to direct the Will, and so do you.

This leads me to a story about a student of spirituality asking her teacher how Divine Mother creates the infinite form of the Universe, from the all-pervading Light. The student is told that to her the analysis and method is important, but not so for Divine Mother. She just Wills and spontaneous creation follows. The understanding of this seems too vast for our brains, but at the level of consciousness of Divine Mother, it is all very easy. She Wills.

- Karen Kuk-Nagle