Dioptase Article

"This is one of our favorite minerals and we often refer to the color as “better than emerald”. It is a copper silicate that is rather rare, and is mined mostly in southwest Africa and Russia. On occasion, you’ll see a piece from Arizona but the crystals are much smaller, usually almost a druse. Since dioptase is rare, it can be quite expensive, especially when the crystals are large and sparkly.

Whether conscious or unconscious, the desire of humanity is to connect with our True Self. We often seek this connection from outside of ourselves through our relationships. Since the purpose of external relationships is to guide us to the perfect relationship within ourselves, we may experience heartbreak as a way of reminding us where to find the True Relationship - that is within ourselves. Intellectually this may seem simple, but emotionally one can create huge barriers to separate from these hurts. This is where dioptase can benefit us. Katrina Raphaell states that “dioptase will courageously cross the threshold of the heart’s natural protective shield and dissolve the defenses that serve to inhibit vulnerability.” Then a deep healing can occur renewing love’s power to heal any wound while allowing one to learn the lesson of the relationship. We are ultimately guided back to the love and fulfillment within the Self, and of course, once we have ourselves our external relationships come into balance. I met a healer at a show recently, and she told me that she loves to use dioptase during her sessions because it does all the work for her!
Melody refers to dioptase as “one of the best healing stones of the age”. This is one of the broadest statements I’ve seen made by Melody. She concurs with Katrina stating that dioptase can be used to relieve pain and “things” that hurt in general. It also produces a natural calming energy and furthers spiritual attunement. It is beneficial in eliminating “lack” and allows one to realize the magnitude of ones personal resources while utilizing ones capabilities to the fullest. “Living in the moment” is also the energy of this lovely mineral.
This is just the tip of the iceberg regarding dioptase. I hope you can experience it for yourself, and feel all the wonders it has to offer.
-Karen Kuk-Nagle