Experiencing Our Heart and Soul Article

Last Newsletter I discussed using intrinsic Soul qualities to better enjoy life and release ourselves from the "Busy Syndrome" of our culture. I had a client ask me how she could access her Soul qualities, and I want to share a brief methodology. Don't be put off by the simplicity of this exercise. Rather, try it daily for a few weeks and see the results.

First of all, we need a location before we can access our Soul qualities. The perfect location is our physical body, contrary to many spiritual disciplines which teach transcending the body. (Thank you very much but I'm already too far away from my body!) When we are trapped in the "Busy Syndrome" we often feel or say that we're doing so much that we are "ahead of ourselves". This can in fact be quite literal. Our energy bodies can be ahead of or above our physical bodies. Therefore the first step in accessing Soul qualities is to bring our energy back into our bodies, also called grounding.

This is accomplished by feeling everything the physical body is in contact with: the soles of the feet against the shoes or floor, the buttocks and back against the chair for example. Stopping and taking a few minutes to feel the body, creates the experience of more sensation, more energy movement. The mind stops and the body feels. This is the energetic portion of the exercise that gives us location.

The next step is more subtle and involves the chest, the location of the Heart and Soul of each person. Now bring your attention to your chest and allow yourself to feel the subtle presence there. This portion of the exercise is not as directive as the first. In the Heart space we allow. From this place of existence we receive a direct experience of our Soul qualities. Often tears will come to the eyes when we access this part of ourselves. It is quite a cherished experience. Continued practice allows us to live in Heart and Soul which is really the only thing worth having.

If you have difficulty with this exercise, it may be easier if you do it with someone who has access to this part of themselves. Then they can lead you to that part of yourself just by their very vibration. I would be happy to facilitate this experience of Heart and Soul should you need the assistance.

- Karen Kuk-Nagle