Fulgarite Article

Fulgurite is a naturally occurring glass tube formed by lightening striking sand or rock. The color gener
ally ranges from white to black - like sand colors - since it is fused sand or quartz. It's not what I would call a "pretty rock", but the thought of it being formed by a lightening strike is quite electrifying! Due to its tubular structure, Melody uses it as an alternative to Faden quartz in some of her crystals arrays (see Love is in the Earth - Laying on of Stones). The tubular structure of the Fulgurite allows for a clear transmission of information. This is one of its key properties: enhancing communication on the physical plane, and strengthening connections with other worlds and beings in those worlds. Both Faden quartz and Fulgurite are relatively rare, so it's good to know that they can both be used as the primary tool in Melody's crystal arrays. When you can't procure one, you can use the other.

Fulgurite can be used to assist one in alleviating distractions and providing for intensified concentration. It seems to be as focused as a lightening strike. I experience this concentration at what Katrina Raphaell terms the causal chakra, at the top of the back of my head, with a channel opening through my spine and down to my base chakra. This produces a very grounded focus for me and a clear opening to receive information. With this increase in concentration, one is able to make predictions of the future and experience clairaudience. Try it, it really works! Fulgurite and other naturally occurring glasses will also align the energy centers of the physical and ethereal bodies and balance the nervous system of these bodies as well. Physically it can be used for treatment of disorders of the ear, nose, throat, intestinal walls, alimentary canal, and esophagus. It appears to assist parts of the body that are tubular in nature.

A customer passed a very sweet ritual on to me one day when we were discussing the uses of Fulgurite. She told me to hold a piece of Fulgurite during prayer or affirmation, and at the completion, to blow through the Fulgurite to send the prayers/affirmations out to the Universe.

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- Karen Kuk-Nagle