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Gemstone Enrichment Collection

Hands of Spirit Gemstone Enrichment Collection

Welcome to the Hands of Spirit Gemstone Enrichment Collection!  These beautiful pouch's of seven stones have been meticulously researched by Karen to enrich your life in specific areas of healing, self-growth, manifestation, and transformation. The stones in these pouch's have been cleansed and then programmed by Karen or Mirabai to best assist you with their stated purpose. Each pouch's overall feeling tone, as determined intuitively by Karen and Mirabai, is described on the attached card that you receive, along with the relevant properties gleaned from Melody'sLove is in the Earth, The Crystal and Mineral Encyclopedia.  Suggestions for use are also included, and please allow your intuition to guide you as you work with your pouch(s).

Brain Power Gemstone Pouch

The Brain Power Gemstone pouch ignites and synchronizes brain activity at a cellular and molecular level. 

Business Success Gemstone Pouch

The Business Success Gemstone Pouch entrains one in the integrous direction and methods of proceeding in business, covering all of one’s bases – dotting all the i’s and crossing all the t’s – while supporting multi-tasking.

Decision-Making Gemstone Pouch

The Decision-Making Gemstone Pouch generates a tube of Light directing a graceful, integrous unimpeded flow or movement toward the appropriate goal.

Depression-Free Gemstone Pouch

The Depression-Free Gemstone Pouch brings one back to the Self, creating Presence and deservedness to exist in dignity, while reminding one that all is well.

Fearless Gemstone Pouch

The Fearless Gemstone Pouch raises one above fear, allowing one to move forward in their choices and life.

Healing Gemstone Pouch

The Healing Gemstone Pouch provides a deep magical, ancient healing energy that moves to heal and generate awareness at the core of the disorder.

Health Gemstone Pouch

The Health Gemstone Pouch works directly and intimately on the body/auric field to keep it adjusted to a state of health.

Productivity Gemstone Pouch

The Productivity Gemstone Pouch generates a power-house energy, placing one into the starting blocks for a jump start on their chosen project.

Romantic Love Gemstone Pouch

The Romantic Love Gemstone Pouch embodies the essence of Eros (the god of love), that curvaceously flowing, sultry yet innocent, enchanting energy that entrances us with the one we love.

Self-Growth Gemstone Pouch

The Self-Growth Gemstone Pouch guides one through the darkness, directing one to a commitment to growth without deviation – a true “rubber to the road” energy.*

Self-Love Gemstone Pouch

The Self-Love Gemstone Pouch generates a gentle; yet penetrating and substantial state of nurturance and care, while subtlety protecting one from harm.*

Spinal Healing Gemstone Pouch

The Spinal Healing Gemstone Pouch gives the sense of the whole self, standing tall or erect, inclusive but beyond the physical body, producing an intense alertness and clarity.

Vitality Gemstone Pouch

The Vitality Gemstone Pouch creates an elegant state of stamina and flow of vitality, like a giant tree rooted to the abundant energy of Earth.