Herkimer Diamonds

Oh, those double terminated sparkling creations of quartz!

These crystals can be found from very small to quite large sizes, and in single crystals as well as in beautiful cluster configurations. Generally, the smaller the crystal, the higher the clarity and dazzling shine. An interesting fact is that herkimer diamonds do not twin like standard quartz. What this means is that when a cluster is mined, it generally falls into individual pieces once it’s taken out of the pocket. Then the miner painstaking pieces the herkimer puzzle back together using jeweler’s epoxy. There are a few specimens that remain intact and they are generally referred to as “natural”.Yes quartz, but the smaller specimens truly shine like diamonds. Herkimer diamonds primarily are mined in Herkimer, NY, but quartz of this configuration can also be found in Mexico, Spain, Tanzania, and China. The folks from New York boast that their “diamonds” are about half a point harder (on the Moh’s Hardness Scale) than material from other locales.

In regard to the properties of herkimer diamonds, Katrina Raphaell states that they exude brilliance and dazzling happiness. Carrying one in your pocket can give an extra boost of energy. Sleeping with a “diamond” under your pillow can initiate conscious out-of-body experiences and assist one in remembering dreams. Both Katrina and Melody have found that this stone dissolves tension or congestion in our auric and physical bodies.

Melody further states that herkimer diamonds assist one to “Be” and assists in the recognition of the essential Being within. This allows one to realize that there is “nothing to become”. She also refers to herkimer diamonds as the “attunement stone”. It can be used to attune oneself with another person, environment, or activity.

This attunement quality is one that I have been unaware of, but I just realized that I have a wonderful story that exemplifies it. A few years ago, I bought a beautiful and unusual herkimer diamond cluster that looked just like a cat’s paw. It had a central stone with three others growing out of it. My intention was to sell this crystal, but our daughter, Mira, begged me not to do so. Well despite her protest, I priced the crystal for sale. A few months passed and to our great sadness, we find that our cat of 16 years is dying of kidney failure. We love and care for her to the very end, and she dies on our bed on Christmas Eve. It is quite a process for our family. On the evening of her death, I remember the “paw” herkimer diamond that is still in my inventory. I sit with the “paw”, and realize the significance of its configuration. The central stone represents our beloved pet, surrounded and bonded to the three members of our family, who are represented by the 3 surrounding crystals. I then understand the source of my daughter’s strong feelings, and give thanks that the stone remained with us. I wrap the stone up, and place it under the Christmas tree with a note describing my understanding. This gives us all great comfort in our cat’s passing. It brings tears to my eyes now, many years later, remembering this experience and realizing that a part of me already knew that the herkimer diamond is the “attunement stone”.

- Karen Kuk-Nagle