How to Select and Use a Pendulum Article

I want to offer some simple instructions on how to select and use a pendulum to answer yes/no questions. As with everything these days, on the super highway of information there are numerous books, websites, etc. dedicated to dowsing - the act of using a pendulum or other devices (divining rods) to answer yes/no questions or more traditionally to find water within the earth. I am going to keep it simple here and leave the remaining research to you!


First, look at the grouping of pendulums you have to choose from, and notice which one attracts you. If this is too vague read "How to Select a Stone" (make a link) first. Pick up the pendulum and follow these instructions.

•¨ Hold the pendulum in your dominant hand, the one you write with.

•¨ Hold your non-dominant hand palm up in a cupping shape in front of your solar plexus (about an inch below where your rib cage joins under your breasts).

•¨ Relax your shoulders and be steady, while you position the stone on the bottom of pendulum above your cupped hand.

•¨ Ask the pendulum to show you yes by saying "Show me yes". At this request the pendulum will begin to move, generally clockwise, but it could also be back and forth or counterclockwise. Do not let your cupped hand interfere with the movement. Note the movement of the pendulum.

•¨ Next ask the pendulum to show you no by saying "Show me no". Generally the movement is back and forth, but accept what you get, and note the movement of the pendulum.

•¨ Now that you know how the pendulum moves to answer yes/no, ask it some questions that you already know the answer to and make sure that some of the questions have affirmative answers and some have negative answers. For example, "My name is _______"; "Today is _______"; My mother's name is _______"; "I was born on _______".

•¨ When you feel comfortable with how the pendulum is working, ask it "Are you my pendulum?"

•¨ If the pendulum answers affirmatively then you're done. If not, try another pendulum that you are attracted to.

Once you are home with your new pendulum, continue working with it as above to become comfortable with its reliability. Please remember that a pendulum is simply a tool through which your consciousness flows, and has no special powers that are greater than the Divinity that you are! Have fun with your new skill.

-Karen Kuk-Nagle