Instagram Live Sales

Never attended a Live Sale on Instagram? Here is all you need to know!

1. If you don't have an Instagram account, download the Application on your smart phone and set up an account. 
2. Once your account is set up, search for the @handsofspirit account and follow us. 
3. Hands of Spirit advertises our upcoming Live Sale date in our bio on our Instagram page. You can also see the upcoming dates on the front page of our website. 
4. The day before the Live Sale, Hands of Spirit will post a count down notification in our Stories that can be turned on as a reminder by our followers.
5. On the day of the Live Sale, Hands of Spirit will post the rules that are posted below in our story as well.
6. To join when we go Live, you can go to our IG page and click on our logo. It should have a pulsating black ring around it. Once you click, it will join the Live Sale. 
7. You can also join our Live by going to your feed and seeing the stories posted at the top. Usually anyone going Live, is the first story posted. Click on it and you can join this way as well.
8. Once you have joined the Live, you can use the texting option to make claims, ask questions and leave comments.
Please see the rules below for the additional details.
We use our website to invoice. PLEASE USE PAYPAL AT CHECKOUT.
1. Please direct message us with:
 -What state you are in
 -If you would like insurance added 
2. Comment COD # to claim, for example: D23. ( You may not claim the item until the code # & price are stated. The item will go to the 1st person we see on our screen)
3. ONCE CLAIMED, THE ITEM CANNOT BE PUT BACK. This is a contract of trust between you and us. Those who don't honor their claims will be blocked.

4. Payment is due within 24 hrs. of receiving the invoice. 

5. Shipping costs start at $4 and go up from there depending on weight and if you would like insurance. International shipping welcome. 🌟

6. All special requests MUST be made before 12pm MDT Sunday. We ship to the address associated with PAYPAL, NO EXCEPTIONS. 

7. Invoices are sent Monday after the Live.