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22nd Annual Holiday Mineral & Jewelry Showing

 Dates: November 23 - 24, 2019
Time: 11 am - 5 pm
Location: 65 Betasso Road, Boulder, CO 80302

Nanci Van Fleet will be offering Spiritual Life Path or Past Life Readings!

Wouldn’t it be lovely to give Holiday gifts, to your loved ones (or yourself!), which provide energy medicine on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level? Crystals, minerals, and natural gemstone jewelry provide vibrations of spiritual significance that give us great support.  They are gifts that keep on giving!  We invite you to do your Holiday shopping in the peaceful beauty of our Crystalline Temple, gathering treasures that will provide the receiver with life enhancing energies. We have many fun and exciting stocking stuffer options, along with great gifts for co-workers and friends.

 Our Holiday Show will be set up from November 22nd – December 3rd.  On the actual Show dates, November 23rd and 24th,Nanci Van Fleet will be offering Spiritual Life Path or Past Life Readings! As always we will be providing refreshments – you can’t miss Mirabai’s famous Rice Crispie treats.  If you are unable to attend during the Show hours, please call and arrange another time that is convenient for you.  We look forward to enjoying a celebration of this special season with you.

 Nanci Van Fleet will be doing Spiritual Life Path or Past Life Reading during our Holiday Show!  You get to choose.  Nanci is a fourth generation psychic and medium who discovered her gifts 30 years ago.  She learned to read Tarot in the holistic-based city of Ashland, Oregon, and went on to become an ordained minister.  With over 25 years of professional experience, she has developed a large skill set.  She can help you find your Sacred Life Path, interpret dreams, explore past lives, and get in touch with your inner wisdom.  Specializing in love, relationships, and career, Nanci’s reading are gentle, loving, and delivered with a sense of humor.

 Nanci has a bright and light-hearted presence, which makes for a comfortable experience.  I chose for her to do a Spiritual Life Path Reading for me. She used a Tarot deck for this, and you are the one that selects which of 4 decks she will use.  You handle the cards so they become infused with your energy.  Then she lays the cards out in a modified Celtic Cross.  (FYI, if you don’t want Tarot in your session, Nanci does not use cards for the Past Life Readings.)

 Then the information begins to flow, as Nanci interprets what the cards mean in relationship to the location in the layout.  The cards and resultant information given by Nanci were an astonishingly accurate depiction of my situation.  I don’t have Tarot readings very often, so I still get a bit of a shock when a random arrangement of cards brings forth such synchronicity.  I believe Nanci’s talent has a lot to do with this.  The information given, also contained guidance on how to proceed on my Path, along with potential pitfalls of which to be aware, all of which fit like a glove.

 I would highly suggest bringing in your cell phone to record the session, or take notes, as you will receive a big bang for your buck from your session with Nanci.  Further listening and contemplation will be a benefit.   I keep returning to my notes as I work on the next steps on my Path!

 Nanci will be providing 20 minute sessions for $20 during our Show, which is well below her normal session rate.  Please call 303-541-9727 to guarantee yourself and/or a dear one to participate in one of these enlightening sessions!


Directions to Hands of Spirit’s Crystalline Temple

65 Betasso Road        Boulder, CO     303-541-9727

Take Highway 36 (turns into 28th St. in Boulder) or 93 (turns into Broadway in Boulder) to Canyon Blvd. (Highway 119).  Proceed west on Canyon.  At the corner of Broadway and Canyon, continue west on Canyon for 5 miles until you reach the Sugarloaf Rd. turnoff.  Turn right on Sugarloaf and proceed 1 mile to the first right turn which is Betasso Rd.  Take the 2nd left flat driveway, which is marked with a green arrow sign with 65 Betasso Road.  Proceed 0.1 mile and you will dead end into the Temple location, which is in the lower level of a taupe and green house.  Park in the pullout below the house, and enter at the lower level entrance. For additional parking, continue on Betasso Rd. until just before the road curves right and just after the mailboxes.  There is a large shoulder on the left with a lot of space to park.  You can also visit for more detailed directions to the Temple.  Please call if you have any questions.  We will have a parking attendant to assist you during the Show.