Quan Yin Article

I have held Quan Yin, the Asian Goddess of compassion, mercy, and protection, close to my heart since the inception of Hands of Spirit in 1991.

On a day that was very special to me, my teacher handed me a carved statue of Quan Yin and suggested that I use her as my logo, which I did for 17 years before changing to the crystalline heart which you are familiar with now.

Quan Yin is a Bodhisattva (literally a Being of Enlightenment), who has foregone the bliss of Nirvana by vowing to save humanity from its own pain. The legend describes that Quan Yin was about to enter heaven, but paused on the threshold as the cries of the world reached her ears. Her vow to eliminate suffering and transform it to peace and harmony has made her one of the most celebrated Asian deities.

In the tradition of the Great White Brotherhood, Quan Yin is also known as an Ascended Master. She teaches unascended beings to balance their karma and fulfill their divine plan through loving service to life, the application of the violet flame of transmutation, and the science of the spoken Word.

According to Buddhist scriptures, one can invoke Quan Yin's assistance by simply calling her name. Quan Yin herself stated, "Any living being who calls my name or sees me will be free from all fear and danger. I will activate that being's spiritual awareness and maintain it forever." Like Ganesha in our previous Newsletter, Quan Yin is very approachable. Her devotees have implicit trust in her saving grace and healing powers. A simple call of her name for assistance, reminds us of the support of an accessible and loving mother. Besides using her name, devotees invoke Quan Yin's power and merciful intercession using the mantra, "Om Mani Padme Hum", which means "Hail to the Jewel in the Lotus!"

Quan Yin is frequently represented with various symbols: a white lotus symbolizing purity; a willow branch with which she sprinkles the divine nectar of life to either heal or bring fulfillment; a precious vase symbolizing the nectar of compassion and wisdom, a dove representing fecundity; a book or scroll of prayers held in her hand representing the dharma (righteous action/teachings) of Buddha; and a rosary adorning her neck which she uses to call upon the Buddha for succor.

When symbolized with a thousand arms/eyes, Quan Yin represents the omnipresent mother looking in all directions simultaneously, sensing the afflictions of humanity and extending her many arms to alleviate them with infinite expressions of her mercy.

Everyone can be a Quan Yin by accessing the rich compassion within our hearts. With our eyes and hands (like the thousand armed Quan Yin) we can support others, and with our compassion we can bring peace and tranquility to the earth. Imagine living in a world where your fellow beings evoke this essence! What an inspirational thought to support our dedication to our path.

I have collected Quan Yin statues carved out of different stones for many years, and as you may imagine, we are always searching to find beautiful deity in many types of stones. We really have outdone ourselves this year, as we have many exquisite carvings of Quan Yin. The faces are beautiful, which is often difficult to find. Please go to our website or stop by the Gallery to experience the essence of Quan Yin manifested through many types of stone and carving.

In the tradition of the Great White Brotherhood, QY is known as an Ascended Master who bears the office and title of "Goddess of Mercy" because she ensouls the God qualities of the law of mercy, compassion, and forgiveness. She had numerous embodiments prior to her ascension thousands of years ago and has taken the vow of the bodhisattva to teach the unascended children of God how to balance their karma and fulfill their divine plan by loving service to life and the application of the violet flame through the science of the spoken Word.