Self Mastery Training

Self-Mastery Training: The Roadmap to Conscious Growth

Your inner world is the initiator of your physical creations, whether it involves health, emotional well-being, abundance, career, romance, and partnership, ad infinitum. We often attempt to move from point A to point B in our life without acknowledging the immense creative power of our inner world. This occurs because 1) most people were never given the information that creation begins from within and 2) those who do know this, do not have the required knowledge and skills to navigate the terrain. Traversing the inner world is definitely not like going from one physical location to another in your vehicle, as there clearly are maps for such travels. Unless we were born to very wise parents, we rarely come into our lives with an owner’s manual or roadmap for our inner journey,

Karen has spent her life learning to traverse her inner world, and now is at a place where she can offer this wisdom, healing, and self-advancement to others. She can, over time, impart the roadmap for a truly spiritual human life, which is ever growing and expanding. This path never ends.

If you’ve ever wondered how to traverse your inner terrain and create all that you desire, then this is the path for you. Self-Mastery Training is a roadmap to direct spiritual growth. Sessions can be conducted in person or on the phone, and are designed for those who have the courage and desire to be who they really are. Karen will spontaneously and creatively work with your life issues and temperament to navigate and heal deep seated and limiting emotional patterns. Concurrently she will convey the methods, techniques, understandings, and consciousness that is necessary for you to use this roadmap in your life with gradually increasing competency. Beyond healing, Self-Mastery and pure Consciousness are the goals. The fee for these sessions is $120/hour. Feel free to contact Karen with any question you might have about this work.