Testimonials - Crystal Healing Workshop

I am so very grateful for the Melody Workshop weekend! What an amazing weekend sparkling with astounding knowledge, self-growth & renewal! My body vibes bright & my heart sings after time in the Temple, making new friends, connecting with you. What a powerful experience! I look forward to continued connection and scheduling a time to see you on my next trip to CO next year! Erin S., VA

I wanted to thank you for such a great Workshop. You are a wonderful teacher and all the experience of doing the Layouts and Chakra Balancing taught me a lot. While everyone else is teaching through online classes, you are one of the only ones who teach through hands-on. I’ll be calling you soon. I still have more healing to do.  Sandy S., IL

I can't even begin to tell you how much I got from your course, I'm still processing. You are a fabulous teacher Karen, thank you so much for sharing what you know. I really appreciate it.  Anita K., Ontario, Canada

I wanted to thank you for a very enriching and useful Workshop. I think it went extremely well. People were great participants and I learned a lot.  Sarah D., Thornton, CO

I just wanted to thank you again for the last three days during the Workshop. I really enjoyed the class and learned so much! I am very anxious to try the arrays.  Michele S., Denver, CO

Thank you for opening your home and hearts to me (and the rest of our group) for this incredible growth and mind/spirit expanding experience. Karen and Bruce thanks for all you both did to make this accomplishment possible!!! Looking forward to seeing you again soon. I can’t wait to bring my husband to visit your “Crystalline Temple”!  Christy K., Superior, CO

The Crystal (Healing) workshop has really increased the flow of energy through me.  I want to thank you for opening up that channel to such an extent.  The best part about spiritual and personal growth is as you say "the profoundness of it all".  We never really know all that awaits us until we open to all that is there.  Thank you so much!  Andrea P., Cheyenne, WY

Thanks so much for everything. I'm so excited to start using crystals in my practice!  You and your workshop are amazing. I can't tell you how grateful I am to have been a part of it.  Kristen N., Denver, CO

 Thanks again for everything, the (Crystal Healing) class was enriching in SO many ways!  Laurie N., Salt Lake City, UT

I wanted to thank each you for making the crystal workshop such a wonderful experience.  I greatly appreciate your time, energy, wisdom and sharing.  Devona R., Denver, CO

Karen, I understand a little better why my guides wanted me to learn with you. I felt wonderfully at ease around you. The class energy shared this joy and I have made some new friends. Your spirit is very beautiful and greatly adds to the energy of the universe.   Training with you was one of the best things I have ever done. The feelings from working on myself are absolutely intoxicating and look forward to sharing with others. Until we meet again.  Rodney L., Ontario, Canada

 Karen's Crystal Healing Workshop offers a clear, clean-cut introductory class to begin your relationship with healing crystals and gemstones. She keeps it rooted in one's own commitment and clarity.  Therefore, the work stays grounded in the techniques. This class offers an invitation to open to your intuitive state of listening, receiving and giving through the language of subtle energy.  Colleen V., Boulder, CO

The Crystal (Healing) workshop has really increased the flow of energy through me. I want to thank you for opening up that channel to such an extent. The best part about spiritual and personal growth is as you say "the profoundness of it all". We never really know all that awaits us until we open to all that is there. Thank you so much! Andrea P., Cheyenne, WY

Thanks again for everything, the (Crystal Healing) class was enriching in SO many ways! Laurie N., Salt Lake City, UT

The (Crystal Healing) class was a wonderful experience. It has made my Healing Touch work a bit dull by comparison!!!

Jana C., Yukon, OK

I just wanted to thank you for the (Crystal Healing) Workshop last weekend. It was a wonderful experience for me and I am looking forward to doing the work. I really do feel lighter and able to move forward with my practice.

Laura E., Lakewood, CO

Thanks so much Karen. I truly enjoyed the (Crystal Healing) class, and you as well. You are very REAL. You are wise, but not pretentious. You don't flaunt your knowledge like many other teachers do. Thank you for being human, but still aspiring to the highest level!

Camille P., Denver, CO

What can I possibly even begin to say? Spending the weekend with all of you for the (Crystal Healing) Workshop was truly life altering. Thank you so much for creating such a healing and supportive environment. It was one of the most enchanting weekends of my life and I just want you all to know how much I appreciate you for providing the space for so much growth to occur.

Carmen N., Pacific Palisades, CA

The (Crystal Healing) Workshop was like coming home to some very dear friends whom I had sorely missed without being aware of it. You helped me return something to myself of deep significance. I had resisted doing . . . . anything having to do with crystals for a long time – there was woundedness involved that I wasn’t really aware of. I was able to work through this during our sessions (in the workshop) and unleash my love of the crystals fully. I realize now I have worked with crystals for many lifetimes and this knowledge is returning thanks to our work together. The other women at the workshop also seemed familiar – it was a great group. I really enjoyed it. Thanks from the bottom of my heart. Reina R., Boulder, CO

Can’t tell you how much I loved your class. Barbara B., Colorado Springs, CO

I found the Crystology Workshop to be wonderful. I did not know what to expect from the courses or the people attending, but I was very pleasantly surprised. The information presented was useful and powerful. The people were easy for me, an oddball in my own right, to connect with. By educating people to practice Crystology and making the crystals available to the public, at what seem to be reasonable prices, you are doing God's work. I wish to thank you . . . for your consideration during the stress I was going through. I certainly needed some support. Patty J., Gunnison, CO

The (Crystal Healing) Workshop was a gift of inspiration, confirmations, clarity, support, friendship, guidance, light, and love! Thank you! Ilsie G., Carlsbad, CA

The (Crystal Healing) Workshop provided an opportunity to explore the potential healing aspects of my life and focused those abilities rather intensely through the crystals. My interest in stones from childhood to the present now has a focused purpose and tool for healing in my world. Colleen C., Conifer, CO

The (Crystal Healing) Workshop helped me open myself to new possibilities as a healing facilitator via crystal healing, and more importantly has helped, and is continuing to help me bring up old patterns to work on and to clear. Your words of wisdom rang true for me . . . that we can only take others as far as we have gone ourselves. I learned so much. Practicing the various arrays on each other (during the workshop) helped make me aware of the power of crystal healing. Also, I really appreciate your time, experience, and generous spirit that you bring into facilitating this workshop. Thank you so much! Sherry S., Louisville, CO

I have done 4 Sessions (that you taught us in the Crystal Healing Workshops). Feedback was that it was so much better than EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) because it was calming as well as productive. I feel very comfortable doing the sessions and have been drawn to using some of my own crystals. I look forward to doing more of this work and realize Humans will be involved as well as Horses. Gloria, P., Utah

I wanted to thank you for a wonderful experience in your Crystal Healing Workshop. It was amazing! . . . What a great and beautiful place you and Bruce have created. I’m loving the crystals and rocks from Hands of Spirit. Judy M., Woodinville, WA

Thank you for being such a gracious host and for opening your home to us so that we might enjoy such a unique and powerful workshop. We could not have asked for nor imagined a more beautiful setting. Douglas A. Longmont, CO

Thank you so much for such useful positive information. I will use these tools throughout the rest of my life. You’re an amazing woman and I feel very blessed to have had the privilege of taking your (Crystal Healing) Workshop. Kim R., McKinleyville, CA

Thank you for the blessings and grace that you brought to this (Crystal Healing) Workshop – wouldn’t have missed it for the world. Kathleen J., Quincy, MA

I feel so fortunate to have gained such a positive experience (from the Crystal Healing Workshop). It has been an honor. Thank you for your time and knowledge. This will stay with me forever. Amber W., McKinleyville, CA

Thank you for the knowledge, tools and most of all, energy that you shared (in the Crystal Healing Workshop). Sciandra M., MCKinleyville, CA

You are an amazing “soul”. Thanks is only the beginning of what I feel. Marla K. Sebastopol, CA

Thank you for this (Crystal Healing Workshop) information. You are a wonderful teacher. I am so grateful!!! Caroline S., Trinidad, CA

I am blessed you have come to share all this great knowledge (in the Crystal Healing Workshop) and unlock our potentials! Bethany B., Eureka, CA

Bless! We will carry this information (from the Crystal Healing Workshop) forever. Thanks for your help! Amanda C., Arcata, CA

Thank you for such a profound learning and healing experience. The repercussions are on-going. I will be in touch soon and I think fond thoughts of you often. Thanks again! Wendell P., Fort Collins, CO

I was clearly drawn to take the course in “crystal healing”. Karen’s energy is so loving and magnetic and Melody’s vast intuition with the mineral kingdom made the opportunity to learn under these two knowledgeable women irresistible. Having already experienced and regularly practicing “vibrational healing” work in my life; I was extremely enthusiastic to be able to implement the use of crystals more skillfully in my sessions. I was totally unprepared for what a tremendous difference that they can make!

During the class hands-on array work, I was able to experience much deeper connections to my inner self, accessing answers and releasing hidden belief systems that I have been unable so far to uncover using other modalities. The gentle, yet powerful energy that exists in Karen’s home is a perfect atmosphere for this powerful kind of balancing and healing, and greatly facilitates the acceleration of learning and safely moving into greater awareness.

I highly recommend this coursework to any and all that are drawn to it. There truly is “Love in the Earth” and it is waiting to be tapped into for our greater growth and understanding. I am sincerely grateful that Karen offers this course and does so with such clarity and generosity. Taunya B., Fort Collins, CO