The Science Behind the Metaphysical Qualities of Minerals

Students of the esoteric, who are learning about the world of minerals, understand from the books they read and their own inner knowledge that minerals provide subtle energies that can affect one on physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual levels. To those not so inclined, the idea that minerals might have metaphysical qualities may seem ridiculous.  

Crystals and minerals are often considered to be at the far end of the spectrum in regard to alternative healing, but times are changing. Forty years ago people laughed at grandmothers who ran into the garden to find an herb to heal a bug bite, and now we buy herbs in our big chain grocery stores to assist us with a cold. The gap between science and spirituality, healing and personal growth is narrowing, and this makes room for the crystalline world to unveil its many gifts to the opening minds of humanity.

For those who are still a bit resistant to this concept, there are some hard-core scientific principals that help to describe how minerals work in the healing realm. The first is PIEZOelectricity, which is energy or light that is released from a mineral after compression. The compression of a crystal produces a release of electrons. The re-absorption of those electrons produces light or electricity. This scientific principal is used in the communication industry. In crystal healing, hand pressure is frequently applied to a mineral thus using the principal of piezoelectricity.

You can prove that piezoelectricity is real by taking two nicely sized, preferably tabular (flat), quartz crystals into a totally dark room. Strike the crystals together with a sliding motion and sparks will fly!

The second principal is PYROelectricity, which is an electrified state resulting from changes in temperature. This creates a polarized state in the crystal. In the case of tourmaline, for example, one end will attract ashes while the other repels — somewhat like static electricity. In crystal healing, minerals are exposed to changes in temperature by contact with the body. These temperature changes thus activate the principal of pyroelectricity.

Lastly, consider that by definition each mineral contains a specific crystalline structure composed of specific atoms and chemical bonds. Every chemical bond has characteristic vibrational and rotational frequencies that are measurable on spectrophotometers. Karen feels that the metaphysical properties of a given mineral are in some way a translation of the vibrational and rotational bond frequencies. This is why different minerals, which have different atomic and crystalline structures, would provide different subtle properties.

Hopefully this information will provide support for those attracted to working with stones. For those on the more skeptical side (a very good quality to have in unfamiliar territory), this explanation may provide the needed structure to bridge objective and subjective realities.

- Karen Kuk-Nagle