To Do or To Be Article

Well, it feels like ages since I sat down to write to you all. I'm sure you can guess why it's been so long - BUSY, BUSY, BUSY!! I've added at least four new shows to my schedule this year, and every time I turn around, there are new minerals to inventory. Now add that to a private practice, crystal healing workshops, a family, continued self-growth work, and my soul screams, "Where's my time to BE!!!". Does this sound familiar? (Sorry to remind you of the "Busy Thing", but it's all my soul can come up with at this moment.)

The "Busy Thing" is a sign of our times. I was reading a Hindu comic-style book about the ten incarnations of Vishnu (the Preserver in the Hindu Trinity), nine of who have already been to the Earth. The last incarnation is Kalki, and he will come riding on a celestial horse to transform the SICK HURRY of Kali Yuga (the Iron Age which we are in presently). Can you believe it? The little book wrote it just that way! It sounds good to me. Divinity knows about the challenge of our Age, and is sending assistance.

I've been analyzing the "Busy Thing" for years. I have come to realize that we keep ourselves busy to make ourselves feel important. If we can say, I have this, that, and the other thing to do, well then, by God, we have some value. (Note the first paragraph. Don't you think I'm important?!) Try it on for size and see how it fits.

I'm sure most of you will agree that this way of finding self-value is a little old. So what's the way out? . . . . . . Follow our souls. Find your soul qualities and let your life be led by these. For example, gauge your life by how much gentleness, tenderness, love and joy you create, rather than by how many tasks you accomplish. Let me say that another way. Make your first priority creating love, joy, gentleness, beauty, or whatever your intrinsic soul quality is. Accomplishing things is secondary. Then your soul won't have to scream. Instead it will BE.

There's probably a part of you saying, "Are you crazy?". Trust. Try it for one day and you'll be amazed. This is simply a change in focus. By the way, things will get done. This practice may be a nice way of giving Kalki a hand in his work! And if you forget, just keep reading this over and over again. I know I will.

- Karen Kuk-Nagle