Who Are You?! Article

Who are you?!  Do you remember who you really are?!  I find myself so often throughout the day relating to who I think I am, or worse yet, who I'm supposed to be - most often defined by my societal and familial expectations past and present.  I need to remind myself, that I get more of what I concentrate upon.  During the moments when I shift my consciousness to the truth of who I really am, the sense of relief is enormous.  Everything lightens up, especially me.  There's a naturalness that boarders on profoundness, a lightness that links into joyfulness, and as you can imagine a lot more energy and fun.  This spiritual stuff is really practical in our daily lives.  I know you have all heard this over and over again in books, workshops, spiritual and religious training, etc.  What I hope is that the energy contained in this little paragraph will give you the spark you need to sit back, shift your focus, and experience who you really are.  Enjoy!


- Karen Kuk-Nagle