New Ceramics!

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More New Minerals & Crystals at Hands of Spirit!

Hello all of you rock enthusiasts! I hope you are ready for a boat load of pictures.  We have been busy with show season, however we are doing our best to find time to inventory our new collection for your hungry eyes and our Annual Spring Open House, April 2nd and 3rd 2016. We are looking forward to seeing more of you as our shows continue this spring.  Stay tuned to your emails for reminders of upcoming shows. 

This first goody we have to share with you, hails from Peru.  It is an Epidot spray. We have not had these for many years because they had not been available.  Apparently a new pocket was found and we were thrilled to be able to share it with you again! As you can see, the crystals are a dark green with high luster.  They look similar to green Tourmaline actually, but much more affordable.

Here we have some Bulgarian Mixed Minerals as well as some Red Quartz with Hematite Inclusions. 

One of our best finds this year was large Pietersite jumbo polished stones.  Look at the chatoyancy on these babies!

 Another special find includes these two pieces of mined out Aquamarine from Namibia.  The piece on the left has sold, but the larger crystal is available.

Though we love specimens, we have a huge love of large polished free forms.  This box includes the jumbo Pietersites, Vonsen Blue Jade, and Stichtite (some of the best color we have seen).

We have re-stocked our selection of massage wands as well.  This photo shows Lepidolite, Blue Lace Agate, Charoite and Chrysoprase.

 This photo shows K2 Jasper, Auralite 23, more Chrysoprase and Black Tourmaline.

The wands in this picture are Rose Quartz, Chalcedony, Red Tiger's Eye, Nephrite, Vonsen Blue Jade, and Presili Stone.

More Chrysoprase!  Such a variety of colors and patterns.

Just like the jackpot we hit with Pietersite, we also hit the Charoite jackpot this year.  As many of  you know, it is difficult to find good quality and prices keep going up as with so many stones.  We were thrilled to find these lovely pieces.  There are also some fun free forms of Rhodochrosite and Psilomelane with Agate (Merlinite). 

I can't express how much fun we had selecting all of these polished beauties.  We were all squealing and grabbing like little kids.  This picture features Brandberg polished crystals, normally we only find these in natural crystals. There are also Chrysocolla/Shattuckite jumbos, K2 Jasper and Aragonite Eggs!

 Stunning Sodalite, so artistic!

 This beautiful combination is Sugilite, Richterite, and Bustamite.

 Another lovely piece of Sugilite with Manganese.

A close up of Psilomelane with Agate (Merlinite). 

 A close up of Charoite so you can see the chatoyancy and pattern. 

The next photos are some of the new jewelry we have to share with you.

Larimar Pendants.

 Larimar Earrings

Chakra Amethyst Pendant, Lapis Lazuli  and Azurite Crystal Pendants (dark in the photo, but very blue in person)

Amethyst, Chevron Amethyst, and Natural Citrine pendants.

Sunstone and Orbicular Ocean Jasper Pendants.

Turquoise, Ammonites and Labradorite Pendants.

Moonstone, and Chrysoprase pendants.

Chrysoprase, Rhodochrosite, Ammonite and Moonstone earrings as well as one large Pietersite pendant.

Shattuckite/Chrysocolla pendants and earrings. 

Large shimmering Chalcedony Roses, these are a must see in the sun.  It is difficult to capture the sparkle in a photo.

Auralite 23.  Some with red caps which is a Hematite inclusion while some have no red, but have Prasiolite (green amethyst). These strong healing crystals are made up of 23 different minerals and come from a specific mine in Canada.  These are an item you want to be careful with when buying from vendors you do not know or trust.  Some people are charging a premium as they are not getting them direct from the mine, or because Auralite 23 has been written about so much and they want to take advantage of how popular the crystal is.  Other people are calling chevron-like rough Amethyst, as Auralite 23 and charging a fortune, when it really is not Auralite 23.  Just a word of caution to keep you aware.

Brilliant yellow Danburite polished tumbleds. 

Sapphires from two different locations.  The top row of lighter pieces come from Tanzania, the bottom row actually come from Idaho!

These very artistic spheres are Pinolith. The white crystal are Magnesite and the black is Dolomite. 

Que Sera wands and hearts.

I don't have words to express how truly awesome these three pieces are.  The inclusions are breathtaking.  Make sure to see these in person if you can!

Here is the entire grouping of new Phantom Quartz, Chlorite in Quartz and other included Quartz. Again, these are something to see in person.  The inside of these are like mini worlds. They take on so much new life and depth. 

Clear Quartz, and one Chlorite in Quart Obelisks. 

Another jack pot this year was Golden Healers. High luster, and beautiful colors and formations!

This is the largest cluster. 

Look at the cross on the end as well as the cave!

Some of the larger clusters. 

Close up of the largest cluster. 

I hope you have enjoyed!  There is still more to come, but you will be able to see a selection of all this at the upcoming Metaphysical Fair as well as our Annual Spring Open House! 

As always, if you have any questions, or pieces that catch your eye, please feel free to leave a comment here and I will get back to you, or email me at







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