New Ceramics!

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New Spring Inventory at Hands of Spirit


We are back again with some new and wonderful goodies for your viewing pleasure.  We will be setting up at the Denver Merchandise Mart on June 9th for the International Gem and Jewelry show from June 10th through the 12th.  We hope to see you all there for some almost summer fun.  We will be bringing some of these new items with us.

Featured below:

We have many colorful new pieces of rainbow Fluorite.  The two large flat slices and two crystals have sold, but we have animals, spheres, bowls, free forms, obelisks and others available with great colors and banding. We also have some long polished quartz points, polished eggs, and bowls.

Here is a raspberry colored rainbow Fluorite bowl that is quit taking. 

You can see the chevron banding in this free form piece of Fluorite when it is held up to the light.

Large pieces of Kyanite from Brazil, an all-time favorite for many people.

Adorable Celestite heart!

How cute are these little guys. They grew as Marcasite crystals on the bottom of the ocean floor, later they became a pseudomorph of Hematite after Marcasite. They come from Egypt. 

Mined out natural Citrine crystals from Zimbabwe.  A favorite of ours when we can get them. 

We have never seen tumbled Brandberg Amethyst until now!!!  Can't get enough of these yummy babies.  We have large ones available as well.

Kingman Mine, AZ, Turquoise cabs for all you Turquoise lovers. 

We had these at our Open House in April, but I had not shared them in a blog yet.  These are new for us.  They are called Pyrolusite.  The crystals look velvety in many cases.  Rich black colors rimmed with a gunmetal gray. Melody writes about Pyrolusite and velvet Pyrolusite, so these will hold the properties for both. 

Nice green Gaspeite.  This mineral used to be rather common, but it has now been mined out for a few years and is difficult to come by.  It is mainly used in southwestern style jewelry and pairs nicely with Turquoise.

Lots of new Bumblebee Jasper jumbos and a few spheres. Great colors and designs in these special pieces that are comprised of 42 different minerals and come from the Volcano's of Indonesia. 

Can't forget our animals!  We found a large Beluga wale made out of Onxy, as well as a brown bear.  The two blue bears are the rare Argentinian Blue Calcite.

Black Onyx cats, orange Calcite hearts and Yin Yang candle holders.  Lots of fun!

Very special hearts carved out of Blue Calcite from Argentina.

Hard to see how pretty these Aquamarine pendants are, but they have good clarity and a soft blue coloring in person.

Rare Heulandite from India.  These guys grew into fun formations that are so unique looking. 

One of my personal favorites, Ruby in Granite. I can't get enough of these. 

Super excited about these geode hearts with a high polish. Such sparkle!  Also, Chrysocolla eggs and spheres with nice polish and luster. 

A few Chalcopyrite pieces and Angelite as well.  More smaller Pyrite hearts. 

Mangano Calcite hearts, eggs, spheres and pink Opal eggs like we have never seen in our lives!  Absolutely amazing!!!

Rare, Lazulite on matrix.  This is one of those minerals that we rarely have, and if we do, it tends to be pretty expensive.  These are more affordable specimens than we have seen before.

Shiny Galena!  Great silver pieces with cube crystal formations. 

These cabochons are a very special treat,  4 Dioptase cabochons.  When a light is shown behind them, sections of them glow the brilliant green that Dioptase is so well known for.  The center cab is Azurite with Chrysocolla. So artsy! 

Octahedrons from Illinois.  Deep purple colors and clean shapes.  

I adore this specimen.  It is from Milpillas, MX.  Azurite on Chrysocolla. The Azurite looks like it is sprinkled across the Chrysocolla, with high luster. 

This box has great colors.  Large gemmy pieces of greenish yellow Apatite crystals. Make sure to see these! Deep dark pink Cobalto Calcite from Zaire, a large piece of Adamite and some dark purple Fluorite. 

Last but not least, one of my all time favorites, Vanadinite, some with Barite.  Love the luster, color and crystal formation on these babies!

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