Ajoite and Papagoite Phantoms in Quartz October 29 2015

Ajoite and papagoite phantoms in quartz are some of our favorite rare minerals.  They are mined in the same location, Messina Mine, Transvaal, Republic of South Africa.  This mining area has been closed for some time, so the specimens currently available come from old collections.  On occasion both ajoite and papagoite can be found within one crystal, and pagagoite is even rarer than ajoite.  We frequently joke, that investing in these minerals, is better than investing in stock, as their prices continue to climb.

These minerals were both originally found in matrix (not quartz) in Ajo, Arizona, thus the name ajoite.  Papagoite was named for the Papago tribe that was indigenous to the mining area.  (This tribe’s name has since been changed to the Tohono O’odham.)  Ajoite phantoms are a dreamy turquoise-colored blue, while papagoite phantoms are a vibrant cerulean blue, both being quite lovely to behold.

I completely forgot that my deadline to write this blog was tomorrow. Like most everyone else on this planet, I had many other items on my “to do” list, so when I began writing this article, I was completely stressed.  I have been holding my favorite ajoite crystal during this process, and now to my amazement, I am feeling completely tranquilized – what a relief! 

As I read in Melody’s, Love is in the Earth Crystal and Mineral Encyclopedia; I understand the shift in my condition:

  • “Ajoite produces a melding between the heart chakra and the throat chakra and facilitates speaking that which is in one’s heart. This quality provides for a peacefulness within one’s emotional system and a joyful acceptance of one’s surroundings, circumstances, and environment.
  • “Ajoite acts to extract dysfunctional energy from within a body (or substance), and concurrently fills the empty space with pure loving energy.”
  • “Ajoite has also provided the proper reception frequency for the cellular structure of the body, allowing for transmission of the message of perfection from the ethereal body. It is a master healer . . . “

There are so many other properties of ajoite phantoms in quartz, but what I want to share with you most, is that these crystals can truly make you feel better!

I also have a very unusual papagoite crystal with me as well.  The papagoite inclusion, believe it or not, is in the shape of a figure 8, the infinity symbol!  As I look at Melody’s words I find:  “Papagoite emits a gentle and tranquilizing energy . . . “  Wow, that was the same word I used above for how I was feeling.  Looks like both my ajoite and papagoite have been supporting me and shifting my state of being.

I don’t want to go on forever about these two copper based minerals, but know that you can read more about them in the book mentioned above, and that we have some of them available for purchase at www.handsofspirit.com at affordable prices.  Hope you can experience their energies!