Summer Solstice June 20 2015

The summer solstice is the day that marks the onset of summer, and is the longest day of the year, being June 21 in the northern hemisphere this year.

 Maechelle Small Wright, an expert on co-creative science, feels that the summer solstice is the time for celebrating the result of the whole cyclical process of nature.  The devic patterns are fully fused into form, with the active assistance of nature spirits and humans.  It is the celebration of the coming together of all levels of creation, experienced as a celebration of joy, sunshine, and laughter throughout all the realms of nature.

 On an even more esoteric level, we can consider the summer solstice as symbolizing the enlightened state of consciousness.  This then is a special time to celebrate the very Light of Consciousness within each human being.  With the presence of so much physical light from the sun, it affords the perfect opportunity to awaken to higher levels of consciousness, and dissipate darkness simply by bringing in the Light.

 Our mountain community celebrates the summer solstice on special land at the base of the of Sugarloaf Mountain.  We partake in fabulous food, drink, music, and good company.  

 Another way, we mark and celebrate the solstices and equinoxes, is by meditating with a group of friends to do Earth Healings using our crystals and stones.  We work individually, as we are not physically together, but we can always feel the support of those in the group.  Please take a look at the video below, and you will see the crystal array that I was guided to use for this summer solstice.


Please feel free to join into our circle during these special times of year to celebrate and bring peace to our planet.