The Self-Love Crystal Healing Array April 10 2015

Self-love is more valuable than the largest mansion or the slickest sports car.  In fact, it is one of the most valuable “things” that exists.  It is searched for high and low, and its so called substitutes come in a myriad of forms, though never satisfying the need that the true treasure brings.

 Unfortunately, if you don’t have self-love, it is very difficult to admit, no substitute will ever work, and it seems near impossible to create for yourself. This may be very confusing to the mind searching for it, but a very good reason for this exists that explains the elusiveness of this treasure. We are incapable of generating self-love, to the degree that love was not displayed by our care-takers and circumstances when we were young.  How can we even know what it is?!  How can we model something within ourselves we have no experience of ever receiving?  Self-love now however, is our own responsibility as adults, and can be attained.

 Thank goodness modalities have been created by brilliant loving minds that want to reach out to the people of world and heal their pain.  This is one of the key goals of Crystal Healing, and Melody created a specific array to help us do what may have once seemed impossible.  It is called the Self-Love Array, and you can see it pictured here.

 This is a way to begin learning how to generate self-love in our life.  Just looking at the array generates a warm feeling in our hearts, and getting within it helps us to feel the nurturing and support we have been seeking.  I invite you to locate a Crystal Healing Practitioner in your area, or come to a Crystal Healing Workshop so you can learn this incredible healing modality for yourself.

 When we have self-love, we are so rich in our inner world that we take only what we need, and we give back by radiating our love to everything around us. Thus we conserve the resources of the earth, model love so others can follow in our footsteps, and so heal the earth.

Click the link here to watch the video on the array.