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Around the World in 12 Days, Days 4, 5 & 6

Hello All,

We are well under way on our travels around the world. I am so excited to share with you some really spectacular items in this blog.  Items that we have not carried before, with outstanding quality.  The blog is a little long as there is so much to see, but you won't want to miss the end! I will be presenting our fabulous new line of one of a kind hand carvings that you won't want to miss!

As always, if you see something you like, please either email us at or you can contact me via text at 720 352 3224.  Make sure to stay tuned to FB, Instagram and Twitter during the day for real time buying. I post items every day as I come across them.

 Now, let the fun begin!

The wands above are the same wand, front and back.  They are Larimar from the Dominican Republic.  We have never had Larimar wands before.  We also have a 3rd wand that is shown in a few pictures below.  The wand on the right is sold, but the wand on the left is available. These are great for massage, healing and reiki work, or just nice to hold!

Larimar Angel! Wowee! This gem has sold, but we can get others if anyone is interested.

Talk about some real treats!  I cannot wait to get these back to Colorado for you all to see. Lets start from the left to the right.  The pink stones are Namibian Kunzite beads! You can wear them as a pendant.  Normally Kunzite comes from Afghanistan, these are darker pink, more opaque and a bit chatoyan than the Afghani material. The yellow is Bumblebee Jasper.  These make great sphere holders, or could be used for pendants.  We also will have Bumblebee Jasper beads like the Kunzites.  The deep purple color you are seeing is old rough of Charoite from about 5 years ago. This quality is beyond impossible to find now.  These are something that you will want to get your paws on if you are a Charoite lover. They are beads as well, just like Kunzite.  There are also a few Sugilite, Sodalite and Copper Mix Mineral beads in here.  The 3rd Larimar wand is at the top along with a great sphere and egg.

Here are two nice sized Larimar tumbled stones. Yum yum.

Check out this beauty.  AAA grade in sterling silver.  Rather large and beyond mouthwatering. 

Large slices of Watermelon Tourmaline, Larimar Pendants and Rhodochrosite Pendants.  And...look at this next picture.

This pendant is a one of a kind, perfect Watermelon Tourmaline shaped just like a heart! It is the only one and we were able to snatch it up!  This is a must see!

Where are my Tanzanite and Beryl lovers?  These gem necklaces are a mix of faceted rondelle beads in Tanzanite and Beryl (Aquamarine, Morganite and Heliodor) as well as polished Beryl Rondelle beads (Aquamarine and Morganite).

For those of you who love skulls, we had to share.  We did not get any of these, but if you are interested, please let us know and we can get you one.  Same goes for the dragon head below.

Are you looking for the perfect new lamp? Well here it is! A large sphere shaped light made of Rainbow Fluorite.  We did not get this piece either, but had to share.  If you are interested, let us know and we will do our best to get it for you.  It runs $698.

I am thrilled to share with you a great lot of polished Branberg Amethyst jumbo tumbleds.  Their color is the best of the best.  The Citrine will be explained a bit further down.

This is the largest of the Brandbergs.  We can't get enough of them!

Another pretty picture to share.  The is a very large geode with quartz crystals growing out of it.

Massage anyone? Mookaite, Tigers Eye brown and red and some Zambian Citrine polished crystals. Marvelous colors on the Mookaite.

We have four large, rare, golden lovelies and a few small pieces in the photos above. They are Zambian polished Citrine crystals with no heat treatment!  The four large ones are one of a kind.  We were informed that they just don't exist and to get all that we could, so we did! 

I personally fell in love with this piece.  It is a large AB grade sugilite that weighs 236g.  It is a show special of $298. Normally a piece like this would go for quite a bit more.

End of day 4! Look at this striking sunset.

Amphibole Quartz from Brazil was a new find this past fall.  They flew off the table so quickly that we had to make sure to get more!  Look at this honeycomb patterning!

Amethyst geode sphere.  Love these.  They can be rather expensive, but if you pick them right, they are well worth it. 

Amethyst geode points with agate backing.  These also can be expensive, but so pretty.

The King of the Jungle.  8" long and 4" tall Malachite Lion from the famous carver, Chata.  He has stopped carving and has passed along his teachings to a younger generation, but occasionally he still passes on some of his artwork.  This was the only piece of his that we could get this year. Absolutely magnificent.

Another angle of the King!

Had to share these opal strands sitting in the sun with all of their rainbow colors. 

For those of you who love phantoms, this is the best of the best.  So you have an idea of the quality of this Quartz, this pieces weighs over 1,300gm and goes for $2/gm!

Some of you may have seen Dumortierite from Peru in dark opaque spheres or other polished shape.  There is however a much more expensive form of it from Brazil.  It grows in Quartz and creates amazing little star bursts in the best quality.  We carry of few of these.  A new pocket was recently found, and though the quality is not as high, it allows a much more affordable option!  It looks very similar to Papagoite actually.  If the energy of this stone interests you, these are a must have!

Look at this piece! Wisdom of all the ages is held deep in this cathedral of Smoky Citrine. We all fell in love the moment we saw it. On the right, a close up of the cathedral. You will want to see this crystal in the sun.

Very excited to have these again! Banded Obsidian.  We had small hearts a few years back, but never saw it again until now.

Does it get any cuter than this little sea lion pocking her head above the frothy sea?  We have two sea lions and two dolphins, only $24 each! They are made of Rainbow Fluorite.

This has to be my favorite piece so far.  This is a real treat, and beyond rare.  We actually met the man who found this material in 1985.  It was actually declared a new gem variety in 1989 by the Gemological Institute of America!  It is called Rainbow Lattice Sunstone. The iridescent colored you are seeing is the phenomenon that makes this so outstanding.  And the fact that it is beyond rare to find Sunstone and Moonstone in combination.  Rainbow Lattice Sunstone is made up of about 75% Moonstone and 25% Sunstone. This was the prized piece.  If anyone is interested in this material, please let me know asap and I will work with you to find a beautiful one for your collection.  Pieces start off at around $100.

While we have been traveling around, Inukshuk and Winston have been jumping all over as well.  They visited Elestial Smoky Quartz in Brazil, Amber in Columbia and Pyrite w/ Galina in Peru!

Beware the abnormally large lizards!

Sugilte, Richterite and Bustamite sphere! 

Large Himalayan Quartz cluster.  This picture does not do it justice. This quartz is super high clarity with flecks of Hematite that glitter like stars.  The other little sweetie is a Orange River Quartz with phantoms.

This is a perfect example of what happens when trying to get first picks, if you are not careful, you may lose your head!

When we say we barrel dive for our minerals, we mean it!  Not the best capture of Luke, but he looked like a duck all day today with his hind end in the air and his head down in a barrel.  To the right you will see his reward.  Gem Rhodonite! If I'm not mistaken, the large piece was around 4 or 5 lbs.

We can't wait to bring some of these luscious treasures back for you! Vivianite nodules that have been partially polished! Ohhh you are in for a treat! Reserve yours asap as they go fast!  

Now this was a big score!  Can you see the small glints that look like metal?  These are Pyrite disks in Quartz!  This is a polished flame shape.  I was able to find this flame and two cabochons.  Once cab is spoken for, but the flame and other cab are available. 

Vanadinite!!! One of my absolute favorites.  We will be bringing about 15 of these sparkling specimens back. 

AND now, I am beyond excited to introduce you to our new line of one of a kind, hand carved birds!  These are some of the most beautifully detailed carvings that exist. In the pictures below, I will explain what each bird is and what it is sitting on.

For all of you who love Harry Potter, this is Hedwig. He is a white onyx owl sitting on gemmy Indocolite and green Tourmaline.  The picture of these do not do them justice. Especially the Tourmaline.

Here we have a Ruby and Kyanite Humming Bird on an Amethyst flower.

Rare Blue Calcite from Argentina on Pink Tourmaline.

Rare Rainbow Fluorite from Argentina Parrot on Amethyst

Rainbow Fluorite from China Humming bird on Cleavelandite

Rare Rainbow Fluorite from Argentina parrots on Amethyst cluster. 

Rare blue Calcite from Argentina on pink and green Tourmaline.  These  are something you really should see in person.  If one catches your eye, let us know.

The next few birds are for your enjoyment.  We did not get them.  This falcon is carved out of Ruby and is one of the most beautiful things I have seen which is saying a lot.  This bird would be around $15,000!

Three playful hummingbirds in Chalcedony!

An adorable family of Smoky Quartz and Onyx Penguins. 

Drop dead gorgeous flamingo in Rhodochrosite on the best Brazilian clear Quartz.

That wraps it up for these past few days.  Thank you for following along.  We hope you have enjoyed following us.  Stay tuned for more to come!

Signing off,


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