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Around the World in 12 Days, Day 1, 2 & 3

 Hi Everyone!

Did you miss us and our adventures? If so, here is your fix for the next few weeks to come. 

As usual, Karen and Bruce drove down together.  This is their 20th year of adventures for them. Can you even believe it? As you can imagine, after 20 years, they are seasoned veterans. We are honored that many of you have known us this entire time. We are blessed to get to share these wonders with so many special people.   

This year, we are going to be continuing our real time buying and reserving that worked so well last year.   What is this and how does it work you ask?  It is pretty simple.  I will be posting items that are not necessarily something we will be bringing home, but that caught my eye.  I will post it on FB, Instagram, Twitter, and Tumbler if you have an account on any of those medias. If it catches your eye, please call me or text me asap.  720-352-3224.  I will give you size, weight, price and more pictures. If you decide you want it, we can do paypal, or cc to secure the item for you. We move quickly from place to place, so please act fast if you think you may want something.

The other option is to reserves items from these blogs.  I will be putting up a new blog every three days.  Many of the pictures in these blogs are of items that will be coming home with us. If you are interested in reserving one or more of the items, please email, text or call me and I will place your name on the reserve list.  This is first come first serve. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us. 

Alrighty, let the adventure begin!

 Karen, kicking off the road trip.  Look at that smile :)

Bruce, kicking back and relaxing while Karen does all the work...;)

And low and behold, look who came along for the ride! Inukshuk and Winston!  If you have not yet met these two famous world travelers, feel free to look on our FB or IG pages to see the story that ran during the month of December. 

Some of the pictures I post, we have not purchased, but thought you may still enjoy seeing. Black Tourmaline and Polished Clear Quartz Points.  Both of which we have at the Crystalline Temple.

These three are coming home with us.  Such bizarre, yet totally cool formations. They are iridescent, botryodal Geothite from Tharsis, Spain. The iridescence comes out better when they are rocked back and forth under light. A bit difficult to capture in a photo.


 Here are two higher end pieces that we did not get, but the colors were too good to pass up a show and tell for you.


For all my angel lovers out there, this is a 5" tall dark purple Amethyst. We don't usually find angels this large. 

The next few pictures are of some fantastic carvings of Lord Ganesha sculptures that will be coming back with us.  Again, if one of these interest you, please contact us.

This is a 5.25" Black Tourmaline Ganesh.

Have you ever seen so much Howlite in one spot? This Ganesh is 6.5" tall!

Rainbow Fluorite Ganesh with a light behind him. He is 5. 25" tall. We also have two smaller ones that are about 2" tall.  The picture is fighting with me and refuses to post upright though.  I did post a picture of the on FB if you would like to see them there.


Smaller Tiger Eye Ganesh with great chatoyancy.  This is another piece that is better seen in action.  Rocking it back and forth under light will show the chatoyant nature much better than a still picture.  This piece is 1.5" tall.

Three of the bluest Lapis Lazuli Ganeshas that we have seen. Great quality Lapis is so difficult to find. From tallest to shortest, these beauties are 2.5 2" 1.2"" tall. 

We had to share this green Aventurine three headed Ganesh though he is not coming home with us. So lovely. 

Lepidolite Elephants! Trunks up for good luck!  They are playing among some richly colored Puppurite crystals. Where are my purple people eater lovers?

And the last Ganesh a Gold Sheen Obsidian carving 5"" tall. A must see in the sun so that the sheen can show you the aventurescense crossing his entire front. 

Celestite geodes from Madagascar? Why yes of course how could we pass these gems up!

These pictures don't do these justice.  A must see in person to explore all the nooks and crannies. 


Large crystals not very common for Celestite.

Check out these Carnelian spheres!  What incredible designs.  Carnelian is one of those minerals that we can't get enough of.  Each piece is so unique with its patterns. Carnelian is a variety of Chalcedony.

Carnelian free form sculptures. Again super fantastic patterns!

Poly Chrome Jasper free forms.  Also a variety of Chalcedony.  You will have the properties of the Jasper as well as the Chalcedony. Two for one :)


Another Poly Chrome sculpture.  These are so artistic looking. 

We had to share these two pieces.  They were about 18"" tall!  We did not get the them but wow! I especially love the piece on the right.

A few other large sculptures that we wanted to share. 

Boxes of Amethyst points!  The amount of crystals and minerals that the Earth produces is mind boggling. 

A real treat! Drusy Chrysocolla has been minded out for many years.  Last year we found a flat that had come from Peru.  This year we found a flat that also includes Adacamite!  Officially these are drusy Quartz over Atacamite and a little bit of Chrysocolla from Peru. Inukshuck and Winston were the first to spot this great find.

Above are all of the piece available.  If you are not familiar with the word drusy it means very small crystals.  Imagine sugar being sprinkled all over a mineral that should give you an idea of what drusy is. These specimens will sparkle like crazy when rocked back and forth under a light. 

On day three Luke and I drove down to meet Karen and Bruce.  This was our morning my husband stuffing his face and me...

Kicking back like my Dad and enjoying the drive while writing this!

While Luke and I were driving Karen and Bruce were enjoying walking around and seeing the sites while people were setting up.  Look at these Emerald sculptures! 

What is so interesting about these sculptures is how the carvers were able to keep the integrity of the crystal shape.  These are actual crystals but their faces were polished to show the color better.

Super large Shiva Lingams like the one we have at the Crystalline Temple.  We scored on many different size Lingams that will be coming home with us. 

These next few picture are of Indian minerals also known as Zeolites.  They are often a combination of Apophyllite Heulandite Natrolite and Stilbite.  Make sure to see Karen standing next to one so you have an idea of the size these came in.

Apophyllite and Stilbite Geode.

Apophyllite and Stilbite super large geode. 

As you can see you could fit a few people in this baby!

Well this wraps up the first few days. Now that Luke and I have joined the real work begins. We will whip Karen and Bruce into shape :)  Stay tuned to the social medias as I plan on posting some very exciting finds for you over the next few days. 

Thank you for joining us on our adventures we love sharing with you!






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