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Magical Mystery Tour 2018 Day 1, 2 and 3

Hello Everyone! We are happy to once again share our travels with you over the next 12 days. Our theme this year is complements of the Beatles, so with out any further ado, we welcome you to the 2018 Magical Mystery Tour!

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We will follow the same guidelines as we have in years past.  If anything groovy catches your eye in these blogs, please email or text us and we will put you on the reserve list.  All items are first come first serve. I will also be posting pictures at least once a day on our Facebook page - Hands of Spirit.  Those are items that in general we won't be getting unless you text us quickly to get it for you.  Please message me at 720 352 3224, or email

Now let us take you away, take you away...

Karen and Bruce started their first day off in an exciting fashion.  They came across a new find of Amethyst. These are rather large piece and as you can see have multi terminations instead of one large termination. 

A nice close up of the new find of Amethyst from Brazil. Look at all those crystal faces. 

All you need is love...or rather if you saw this heart you may be in love!  We did not purchase the beauty, but we enjoy sharing some of the special pieces we see.

Karen focused on something in the background, but look at all of the geodes. The two orangish ones in front, for those that don't know, are actually heat treated Amethyst. People sell it as Citrine, but it is not true natural Citrine.  True natural Citrine will be a much more yellowish or golden color.  You will see some from old collection material in the Day 2 photos. It will also cost more than this heat treated Amethyst. 

Some of the tents not set up yet. Lots of work!

These two Quan Yin Carvings are more incredible pieces for you to enjoy.  Every year it is more difficult to find fine quality carvings like these. Sadly the younger generations are not learning the art of hand carving from the previous generation. 

Unfortunately our pictures often do not do the minerals justice. These fibrous Malachite pieces are some of the nicest quality we have seen in some time. They have great chatoyancy when rocked back and forth, especially under the sun. Some are really nice medium sizes, rather than the smaller ones we usually see. 

This was the only Green Lava Flow Obsidian from Columbia this year! All rough pieces, but Bruce may try to polish some. One of the olive green pieces has the largest air bubbles I have ever seen.  For those of you who have not seen this in the past from us, what you are looking at is Green Obsidian from Columbia. The black that you can hopefully see, is lava flow that was caught and frozen in time.  Many of the pieces also have air bubbles trapped in the Obsidian.

Last year we were able to find some Orange River Quartz.  This is a rather specialized form of Quartz that forms around the boarder of South Africa on the Orange River.  The inclusions come from red Hematite, hence the coloring. The hematite creates little phantoms in the Quartz points. 

Above the Quartz, we actually found Chalcedony animal carvings for all of you animal lovers out there. 

To end Day 1 on a great note, our big find and surprise of the day was procuring Koroite Opal after 4 years of it not producing. Again these are much better when you can seem them in person, and see the fire of the opal while moving the stone around. 

Day 2 was our coldest day, but from here on out, it is supposed to be in the mid 60's to high 70's! And by that we mean temperature not years even though we are on a Beatles theme ;)

I know all of our Chrysoprase lovers will be very excited with the above picture.  We did find more Chrysoprase wands, but look at these polished free form pieces!  They are great in the hand, very calming to rub. They could even be wire wrapped. As a reminder, Chrysoprase is a variety of Chalcedony, so you will have the qualities of both. 

Polished could we say no to these love stones??? Look at how large and gemmy they are! <3 <3 <3  Did you know: If you own Kunzite, keep it out of sunlight, especially direct sunlight.  This is one stone that will fade in the sun!

Now this is what natural Citrine with no heat treatment is supposed to look like!  Talk about excitement! Last year we found 4 large polished crystals of this Zambian Citrine.  It has basically been mined out for years with the exception of small crystals that are still found.  Pieces this large come from an old collection.  Though there were no more of the very large polished crystals, these are polished jumbos and wands.  The wands were actually crystals that probably had a lot of breakage, and so they turn them into a polished wand so they can still be used and enjoyed. We have a real weakness for Citrine, but especially Zambian Citrine.  I guess the good thing is that it is helps bring wealth, so not a bad one to have a lot of!

Our love for different forms of Amethyst, know no bounds. Brandberg Amethyst from Namibia is some of the best in the world.  It is known for its clarity, enhydro's (water bubbles) and having a mixture of Amethyst, Smoky Quartz and Clear Quartz in it.  A few years back, we found it being polished for the first time.  Normally it comes in specimen form (natural crystals). For those who love polished stones, these are right up your alley. They feel great in the hand!

This year we decided to invest in Larimar.  It only comes from the Dominican Republic.  IF YOU HAVE EVER WANTED A SPHERE OR EGG, NOW IS THE TIME TO PURCHASE IT!  We have been in this business for over 20 years, and have NEVER seen this quality at this low a price.  If you are interested in reserving one of these ocean delights, please message me with which letter egg or sphere you want, and I'll add your name to the reserve list. 

For your enjoyment: Moldavite faceted rondelle bead necklaces.

For your enjoyment: Ethiopian Opal polished rondelle bead necklaces. 

For your enjoyment: Sugilite polished rondelle bead necklaces.

For your enjoyment: Variscite Cabochons.

With any of the enjoyment photos, we can still get these items, so please message us if you are interested in acquiring one. 

Day 3

Karen loved this heart and wanted me to get a picture of it.  Light colored amethyst buds in agate from Uruguay. It was rather large. At least 14" wide. 

For those who know us, know that we don't usually carry skulls.  However, I could not pass this one up.  It is a very clear smoky Quartz/Citrine, but when you turn it on its side, an adorable kitty is curled over the back of the skull!  I turned to Luke and said, hey this is Leela when I die!"" Leela is our almost 15 year old adopted crossed eyed Siamese cat who sleeps above my head EVERY night protecting me. For those that love skulls and cats this is the piece for you! 

Oh are you all in for a treat!  I know these are hard to see but they are a mixture of polished flames many of which have a natural unpolished side! There is even a Tourmalinated Quartz one!

We purchased these three gem Apatites.  When we found them it was one of those take your breath away moments. I would love to make a stained glass window using these!

For your enjoyment: Faceted Lavender Amethyst.  Many have very subtle chevrons in them.  For a size reference the smallest one was about the size of a jumbo grape. 

For your enjoyment: Dark Amethyst.  Most of these are about the size of a normal grape. 

More stars!  These are so much fun!  I would love to buy 50 and hang them all over my ceiling.  The amethyst are especially lovely this year. 

Alright any guesses on what these candy like gems are??? Hint: they are all the same thing.

OK if you said Beryl then you are correct!  Starting with the green necklace they are Green Beryl Morganite Aquamarine and Heliodore. For those who don't know all of these stones are Beryl.  When the trace elements cause them to be different colors they become different varieties of Beryl.  Emerald is also a variety of Beryl.  If you are wondering why the Green Beryl is not being called Emerald it is because in order for it to qualify as Emerald it must be darker.

Some of you may have seen this one of a kind gem Lepidolite Shiva Lingam I posted on Facebook but for those of you who did not I thought you may want to see it.  If you do get a chance take a look at the video on FB it is pretty amazing.  We have never seen anything like this piece.  Beyond in love.

Also for those of you in states with snow or cold weather we thought you may like to see some flowers so you can look forward to spring! 

To end the third day we went to eat at on of our favorite restaurants.  On the way we were awed by the majestic mountains bathed in rose light while the sun set. 

OK hopefully you have enjoyed being taken least for a little bit. Stay tuned to your emails for notifications on our blog posts.  They will be coming out on the 26th 29th and most likely the 1st or 2nd of Feb. 

Stay groovy!

Karen Bruce Mirabai and Luke



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