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More New Mineral Specimens, Crystals and Animals

 Hello Everyone,

We are in full swing for the spring season.  We are about to set up for our third show of the year at the Denver Merchandise Mart.  It has been great seeing many of your faces at the past two shows.  

The following pictures are new crystals, minerals and carvings that we will have available to you at the Body, Mind Spirit Celebration, running March 17th through the 19th. We will also have many of the crystals from our previous blog as well. We look forward to seeing you there!

Large Apophyllite tops! Very rare to get them in this size. Normally they are smaller than a Hershey's Kiss. 

Red Zincite is the most coveted of all the Zincite colors.  We have a lovely selection of one museum quality large piece, not pictured, and some palm and thumbnail size specimens as well. It is interesting to hold one of these pieces and feel how dense the specimens are. 

We have four medium size pieces of Schalenblende.  Schalenblende is a mixture of Pyrite, Galena and Sphalerite. These pieces are so artistic in the way they form with unique banding. 

We have many new Onyx and Calcite carvings.  How adorable is this Meerkat!?

Calcite wands, hearts, dolphins, owls and bowls and of course, onyx Penguins. 

The brotherhood of bear council.  A very serious group to be sure. Representatives from all four corners as well as in-between, meet to discuss very important topics. 

Petrified sand dollars. 

We have this large Septarian Nodule Egg geode as well as a sphere.  Better in person when you can see how velvety the crystals look. 

We are very excited to share the following pictures as we have never been able to get Nuummite in many of these forms.   Above are 6 sided wands. This is all of the real Nuummite from Greenland. There is another form that come from India, but many collectors consider the Greenland material to be the truest form. 

Marble sized Nuummite spheres for all of you sphere collectors. 

Flat polished Nuummite.  Normally Nuummite does not polish very well, but most of the new pieces we have, have a very high polish to them. 

Preseli Stone Pyramids and Nuummite Pyramids.  The Nuummites do have flash, but it is hard to see from the top down. 

Very high quality Nuummite cabochons.  Look at that blue flash!

Labradorite Sculptures from Madagascar. 

I spoke about these very special crystals in an earlier blog.  These are Dumortierite in Quartz. The piece on the left shows the actual fibrous crystals. It can also form in phantoms like the piece on the right. 

This is a one of the larger specimens which help illustrate the contrast of brilliant blue and white. 

Another piece that displays fibrous crystals. 

This is the largest specimen we have.  It is a cluster of crystals with Dumortierite sprinkled throughout. 

Five phantom crystals!

Many brilliant specimens. Make sure to stop by to see them!

New angles, hard to see but we actually have four Opal Aura angles.  We have never had these before!

Finally found Moonstone, Black Tourmaline and Apatite spheres again.  Most have the legendary blue flash as you can see in the picture on the right. 

Nephrite Jade spheres, eggs and hearts.  And of course, the sweetest little Rhodonite bunny. 

Septarian Nodule spheres, Polychrome Jasper Palms tones, Carnelian spheres and eggs and a few pink Tourmaline in Quartz spheres. 

I posted a few of these Celestite pictures during our travels, but here are a few more with the correct colors. 

Some of the geodes have large crystals and some have small sparkling crystals. 

The cuties fish in the sea!  Rainbow Fluorite. 

There is a mineral called Hedenbergite that usually is included in Quartz. It comes from Russia, but the best and most coveted comes from Serifos, Greece.  It has been mined out for many years from the Greek location.  We have two of these very special specimens. Recently a new find of these crystals were found in Mongolia!  These are the 5 new crystals that we have.  They are also called Prase Quartz. 

More by popular demand, the new find of Amphibole Quartz from Brazil!  These next few pictures are some of my favorite.  They are close ups of the Amphiboles in the Quartz as well as some close ups of Rutile crystals in Quartz.

The piece on the left is Red and Gold Rutile, the piece on the right that looks like fur is white Amphiboles. 








Rutile with other inclusions. Are these not the most incredible pieces you have seen? Amazing treasures that are hidden in these crystals.

We hope you have enjoyed some of the new crystals.  We hope to see you this weekend at the Fair.  The weather looks like it will be beautiful. 

If you have any questions prior to this weekend, feel free to email us at





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